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Found 2 results

  1. There are many, many hardworking Halo commentators on YouTube. Sometimes I think that they don't get enough recognition for the great content they pump out. So here's my plan: Every so often, I'll write about one of my favorite Halo commentators. I'll post one of their videos as a little taste of what they have to offer. If you enjoy the video, liking it would be appreciated. If you didn't enjoy it, feel free to leave some constructive criticism on what they can do better. And if you think you might enjoy watching their videos in the future, by all means, subscribe as I have. - - - - - - - Today we're starting off with a very practiced uploader, BBKdragoon. BBK specializes in what he calls "Replay Reviews." He'll watch someone's PoV from any number of playlists, usually Team Throwdown, Infinity Slayer, or Rumble Pit, critiquing the players decision-making, positioning, and overall playstyle. Not all of us are perfect at Halo. In fact, no one is. The difference between a pro and a casual player is that the pro wants to improve. Dragoon can help you do just that; even if it's not your replay being shown, trust me, you can learn a lot from others' mistakes. And without further ado, the showcase: - - - - - - Here's a shorter video with five simple ways to improve: - - - - - - - I love how Dragoon combines helpful tips with a bit of humor (more like ridiculousness). If you enjoyed the content, you can subscribe here: youtube.com/user/bbkdragoon - - - I'll be back soon with more YouTube Shoutouts!
  2. Video commentary made by @AjayeMeeks http://youtu.be/dmr7crHxIq8 Leave feedback please
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