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Found 6 results

  1. Have team of 3 looking for 4th to attend AGL 10 if anyone can make it and would like to run so Throwdown and customs HMU GT: XxGuysmileyxX
  2. Hello, I'm looking for players who use mics, are competitive, communicate and play often. I am frustrated with going into games with people that don't have mics and play like noobs. I'm an average player, I'm looking to improve the skills i posses and hoping to eventually compete in tournaments. So if you're a veteran and feel like taking someone under your wing or another player like me and wanna grow together, add me on live. GT: Rezenmaster Thank you for considering it.
  3. Hey Guys! I've always been interested in playing Halo competitively, but I have never found a Team that compliments my playing style but are also skilled players. I have attached some footage of some decent gameplay so feel free to check it out and see what you think! In case any one wants to know, I'm 17 years old in the East-Central Illinois Area. Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ58usKkwTo Contact me on Xbox, My GT is JackFrost or just comment on the thread Thanks!
  4. How does CSR register wins in Throwdown if people quit out before the end of the game? Does CSR count it as a win? or does it count it as a neutral game? I ask this only because someone online was trying to tell me that it does not actually count it as a game. Can anyone help with this topic? Thank you much!
  5. Hello everyone, just a reminder that ACL (the equivelant of AGL for Australians/New Zealanders) is holding their fourth online round. This is for those of you who are in Australia/New Zealand ... or not. It's a competitive online tournament featuring the best players over in Australia and New Zealand. Support this online round, as the last one didn't do too well regarding the number of those participating. Official thread on their forums: http://www.aclpro.co...124?do=findComment&comment=262124 Hope you guys can get a quick team together and show the competitive side of this game some love! I'll be a F/A for this so if anyone needs a fourth, hit me up by commenting on here or PMing me. More details can be found on the link above.
  6. Looking for Players to Start a Team Throwdown Team. Just Cant play this game and have fun anymore without a team, XBL GT: iSniper4Hire.
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