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Found 1 result

  1. First off, before you dismiss another game as trying to compete as "the next halo", you have to realize the studio who is making this claim has hired the lead developer who MADE Halo CE. This is the same developer who LEFT production of Halo 2 to work on Shadowrun for roughly 5 years because he wanted to focus on creating a highly competitive FPS title... so keep that in mind. I'll try to keep this thread updated with whatever information I can find out about Black Tusk Studio's new IP title. Unfortunately the teaser at E3 didn't do it any justice in terms of telling us anything about the game, but I'm sure we'll find out more in the future. I can do my fair share of speculating, and have been following black tusk's movement as close as I can in these past few months, however they're keeping things quite the secret. For now, I'll post the teaser video as well as some speculation I had and have had over the course of the announcement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DXsJdTJQIFA While the teaser tells us nothing, two things stand out in my mind. They're also HUGE assumptions. First is the uniforms of the man in the video reminds me slightly of the RNA corporation from Shadowrun. Second, is the pistol that they show. John's had a thing about creating powerful and utility pistols that come with a degree of difficulty. In both titles he made the weapon have an ability to be a hold out weapon, although the effect in shadowrun comes with tech skills and pacing. Third speculation comes from reading online reports of them not being able to showcase more because of a lot of difficulties they've had in creating the game. Shadowrun was in a similar position because of the difficulties they had in multiple areas.. balance of weapons/skills etc... but mostly the use of teleport. Being able to teleport smoothly was extremely difficult to code and it created frustration when developing levels, since teleport can be used through walls floors objects and ceilings. I'm very much hoping that we see true successor to the Shadowrun FPS, although they won't be able to use the name shadowrun, which is a good thing. Like I said, HUGE speculation... but I'm looking forward to what a studio with a ridiculous amount of money can do when they have John as a lead developer.
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