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Found 1 result

  1. So I decided to be the one to make it. Post your Halo 5 wishlist here this counts as videos or just Plain old post. Competitive Wishlist -Spectator mode -4sk BR -Hitscan Br with no spread -Better Symmetrical maps -Dev Support -No Sprint -No armor Abilities (Maybe on map) -No Ordinance -Custom Game Browser -Less aim assist on Br -The return of the amazing Ghandi Hop -The ability to mod the game anyway we want -Competitive Ranking System Casual Wishlist -Better Theater -Old Infection -Custom Game Browser -Better Forge so we can make fun maps like Halo 4 -More options -The ability to have sprint and armor abilities (CUSTOMS ONLY NOT MATCHMAKING) -Fun Matchmaking -All the old gametypes be brought back And finally since I started on the waypoint forums THE SPACE MOP OF DOOM
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