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Found 1 result

  1. Update: The LAN was awesome and always re-ignites my passion for real competitive gaming. We attempted to stream but both of us are rather new and had issues with the stream lagging and looking very pixelated. We apologize, but we were able to cap a bunch of the games. Only 10 of them are uploaded, but there should be about 30 captured. We ran 2v2's all night, and switched up partners each series. First series = Gazzo + Teapot vs Dr. Fun + Undertaker Second series = Gazzo + Undertaker vs Dr. Fun + Teapot Third series = Gazzo + Dr. Fun vs Teapot + Undertaker Fourth series = Gazzo + Tone (Gazzo's cousin) vs. Dr Fun + Undertaker Undertaker played all night with a blank name, where Dr. Fun went under Right and John Mclaine. It was 5:30 and I had work at 8 so I left after the 3rd series. Gazzo and Dr Fun are partners but are splitting up so we can get some balanced games in. These guys are good players just not known in the community, but for those who are familiar with other names, Gazzo carried Puckett through a series vs Hanz and Pistol and won. None of the footage is on twitch, but uploaded to Gazzo's youtube, which has mot here. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI1oZxF2x-bPCmHYUTmJASQ/videos Spoiler = I get my ass kicked. For some reason I am able to hold it down on Battle Creek more so than the other maps (because it's rather simple) but struggle with priz, damnation, and sometimes on derelict. If it's a match in which I'm playing with Gazzo, I'm bottom screen and he's top screen. He should be top screen for the entire duration except maybe switching off with Dr Fun. Things to look for : Watch Gazzo control the weapons and utilize his knowledge of nade tricks to obtain power ups/weapons from disadvantageous positions. The high lethality of grenades, and how much I die to them. Look for one player to die, and watch how the player who is alive positions themselves. Most players know spawns are proximity based, and there are random spawns as well, but there are tons of locations on derelict and priz in which you can force your teammate to spawn level 2. Look for how the pace changes and we switch of establishing control, especially in derelict and CO How to obtain weapons when both teams are timing them and fighting for them Anytime someone picks up camo, how they control it. (lots of burning camo though) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMUI2fcWHTA The first one showcase a lot of what I say. Top screen is Gazzo, I'm bottom screen. 1:00 watch me save OS. 3:00 watch Gazzo nade rockets and camo to himself from bottom mid. 3:15 anytime we stand under a light in a corner and jump we are trying to force a top spawn. 4:50 a double snipe which isn't too amazing but the only good clip I got on footage. 5:45 Gazzo gets two perfect TSK's for a double. Visually it doesn't seem amazing but it's fucking amazing. 6:50 double melee. I had two throughout the series on camo 7:02 how to deal with an enemy who just picked up OS 7:25 Gazzo does an amazing job controlling everything. No scope headshotted someone through port. 8:40 I think crouching saved me from dying from that rocket http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5xmuQG4Q_M I'll do a mark up for this later. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-hJW5ya_3E I included this one because I don't get destroyed in BC. There's more to look for and pick up on. I don't know as much as the rest of those at the LAN, but even they learn something new. Gazzo for example learned how to nade camo and rockets down to himself on derelict.
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