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Found 1 result

  1. Would anyone else like to see the return of an anti-shield, niche plasma weapon to counter overshield/provide supporting fire? Halo 4 doesn't actually have any traditional plasma weapons beyond the weak plasma pistol, even though plasma weapons have the ability to add extra depth to the game. They add more dynamics to picking up overshield and allow for good team-based shooting without forcing a long kill time on the primary precision weapon. I envision such a weapon to be very similar to the CE plasma rifle, with a fast projectile velocity, scaling damage with more successive shots, and the ability to stun targets. By tapping the trigger, a player would be able to fire a steady stream of bolts without ever overheating at about 240 RPM. This mode would be ideal for supporting team members, damaging shields and slowing an enemy's strafe down. However, a player could also hold down the trigger to increase the ROF though he would have to let the weapon cool down. Three shots to take down shields if all hit simultaneously.
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