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Found 17 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD7ujGZ9hfg Here is an overview on the new forge, will be showcasing maps and making so of my own, plus weapon and map breakdowns. Enjoy, also what do you guys think about the new halo 2 forge?
  2. This is an unfinished map I'd like some feedback on. draft overview middle bridge viewed from one base top mid looking towards the cave older version of top-mid view of top-mid from cave balcony one side spawn looking at top-mid and the path beneath it the tunnel under the bridge with the base door and a jump up visible bottom mid with path towards bottom cave bottom cave tunnel with proposed sniper cave balcony cave side spawn with eventual path into the side of the base outer tower with path partially built This was a 2-8 player slayer and objective map with a promethean/forerunner palette. Its design spanned a year and the aim was to provide both a visually appealing and fast-paced gameplay experience. With the help of forgers @@RipShaDe 41, @@SilentRaine and @@Eshkii, we iterated on the basic design to draw closer to that goal. However, fearing that I'd fall short of that goal, I suspended it. Since it's unfinished, you can clearly see various paths missing. The main layout consists of two overlapping Y paths with intersecting routes that connect the spawn hives and jump ups at the verticies. It's almost taking Halo 3's Narrows and bending it inwards, but here there are more counter sightlines and jumps. Most of the aesthetics are functioning as cover, callouts, jumps or LOS blockers for spawns, but I made sure not to commit to any of them if it compromised the overall design. Nevertheless, it reached a point where I was unsure if the layout was even going to be good. I didn't feel as though the bases were interesting enough or if there was any particular area I'd want to vie for during Slayer. I also was very conscious of any potential spawning issues. What do you guys think? Is it worth building for Halo 2 Anniversary, or does the current design need more work?
  3. It was said that the Great Anvils held a lot of secrets. I do believe we stumbled upon one. After reporting the discovery to HQ, Commander Mirage received orders to set up a base by the doors. This was a mistake. Now, I'm in charge and she is nowhere to be found. _______________________________________________________________ I haven't made a 1v1 map in a while. Figured it's time for another. That's how Mirage came to life. Mirage is asymmetric and is built on the lovely Forge Island. Mirage boasts great aesthetics which I'm very proud of. Her smooth curves and tasteful textures make her a pleasant sight to the eyes. You can feel like you're in actual place instead of just some random arena. I really tried to make her believable. I do hope I succeeded. I also thought about where I was going to build her and I think I hit the sweet spot. The windows are placed in a way where they actually show Forge Island's great scenery instead of an empty grassland. I also placed the map in an area where the sun hits it just right. Power weapons/powerups Sniper Rifle - 0 spare clips - 90s respawn Speed Boost - 120s respawn But enough about aesthetics. Let's talk gameplay. The map is very fast paced. Due to it's size, there are few moments where players spend a lot of time just trying to find each other. The map also blends long and short sightlines together very nicely. In the outskirts of the map, players are given long sightlines while the building in the middle provides plenty of CQC action. Mirage seems like it's gameplay would be donut-ish but this isn't the case. Fights happen everywhere and not just in the outskirts. This is because of the way the middle building is merged with the edges. It's a very quick way to get from one side of the map to the other and is also fairly protected. Players spawn with their own advantages at the start of a game. Starting Blue team spawns closer to the Speed Boost while starting Red team spawns closer to the sniper. This trade off works for the map because the person with Speed Boost is given enough movement options which will allow him to get closer to the sniper safely and engage in a more favorable situation. Not to mention he's harder to hit because of Speed Boost. As for the guy with the sniper, he is given plenty of long sightlines to work with. Dat teleporter doe. This teleporter design was drawn from Dax's Ciela The teleporter is quite useful in this map. It can be used as a means to escape. However, a smart player would be able to cut off the player escaping when he comes out of the receiver. Dem curves Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-5k3xQO31I
  4. Magma Forged by The Fated Fire 2-4 Players Energy bridges, switches, and burning hot liquids.
  5. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/basketskate3/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=a1b71c05-dbee-4a72-93f3-640b570b2110 She's a 2v2 I forged for the recent contest. To those that played the original Ugly, I made changes: • Cleaned the design up • The sniper rifle now spawns where the suppressor original spawned • Suppressor was moved to the bottom lift rooms • Removed the tunnel in the lower bases and instead made it a connections between the new sniper spawn and bottom mid. • Incorporated a window connection between the upper bases and what was suppressor spawn. • Lowered the central bridge to open LoS between the two side rooms. • Replaced needler with Plasma Pistol • Replaced the original railgun with an overshield • Replaced speed boost with an assault rifle • Couple other weapon changes I was thinking of adding a connection between the bottom lift room and the top of the new sniper spawn. Not sure, though. Feedback is appreciated as always.
  6. RipShade41 and I have an idea for a Forerunner structure surrounded by and built into terrain. We'd like this to work for 4-8 player Slayer and Objective modes, but are missing an unconventional idea to help compliment the aesthetic. Below is one of many blueprints I threw together to show the kind of terrain/callout system I'd be interested in using, but any and all of this can and will change based on gameplay in Halo 4 and in Halo 5 if we can bring the concept to that editor. DISCLAIMER: Sizes are only approximations of scale. DISCLAIMER 2: Design is outdated. Will update momentarily. Again, these are rough drafts and are subject to change. Any feedback or ideas that you can offer to make it better are appreciated!
  7. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/78aad638-49cd-4503-8b66-d78adf91554f Hey boys and girls. I'm back again to present my brand new 2v2 map, Bloodstone. Yes, I chose an English name this time. It is asymmetric, built on the sexy Ravine canvas, and has a lot of good, long sightlines. The map also has a lot of skill jumps to help players traverse areas faster. Bloodstone is inspired by Edifice and Angst. Two of my favorite forge maps in Halo 4. There are a total of 5 atriums. The middle, Blue, Red, Gold, and Cyan. A sniper rifle spawns in the middle on top of a rock. The middle rock is a very important part of the map as it connects a lot of the jumps through the middle atrium and blocks the sightlines quite well at the bottom. The idea behind Bloodstone is to allow players to travel the map faster through jumping which is why this map has so many trick jumps. Some of these jumps are hard to make but can be very beneficial if executed properly. The weapons in the map are the Sniper Rifle and the Sticky Detonator. The sniper is extremely powerful in the map because of the long sightlines. It has 1 spare clip and respawns every 120 seconds. It spawns on top of the middle rock. The sticky detonator, on the other hand, spawns at Gold 2 minutes into the game. I gave it 1 spare clip because it's not as powerful as the sniper in the map but can still be deadly if in the right hands. Spread the meta
  8. This is just a teaser for my upcoming "Reclaimer Map Pack" featuring the maps Vitality, Fracture, and Diocese. All three maps are heavily Forerunner themed, and inspired by Halo CE campaign and multiplayer settings. Vitality Vitality is a remake of my Halo 3 Bungie Favorites map, Frailty. Located on the largest of Forge Island's anvils, Vitality has a scope and scale that handily dwarfs it's predecessor. Diocese Diocese was inspired from a single hallway, from a brief section of CE's campaign (also reappearing at the end of Halo 3). I, for some odd reason, felt compelled to integrate that scene into a map, and I'm pretty confident I succeeded. Diocese is influenced by campaign, and maps like Hang 'em High, and Damnation. While Diocese doesn't have any specific layouts or structures lifted from those maps, it does have multiple layers and lots of vertical elements that mirror it's source material. So that's the preview in a nutshell. Some fo the recent screenshots for Diocese didn't show up, and I didn't have time to take more to show off Red and Green areas. The maps are up on my fileshare right now, so feel free to give them a look over (better still, run some customs!) and let me know what you think. I'll be updating the maps as feedback comes in, and I'll make an official release when everything is set in stone. Thanks everyone!
  9. Hey guys. I'm proud to present my first competitive map on Impact. I made this because I wanted to challenge myself. I keep hearing people saying that Impact is the hardest canvas to forge a map on because of the frequent framerate and lighting issues. I'm quite glad that I didn't experience those issues in the few tests I ran on this map. This map is asymmetric and has only two bases. This map is still in its beta phase so nothing is permanent. A lot in this map are still subject to change. Download link to map beta: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/988b41e3-ca99-48e9-8d64-edf9dc8780ba Weapons - Rocket Launcher - Sticky Detonator - Sniper Rifle __________________________________ SCREENSHOTS
  10. Rock Hard Forged by Hahkarazy and SitriStahl Fileshare This is a Chill Out inspired symmetrical map designed for 2v2 gameplay. Gametypes: Slayer Hill Extraction Ricochet Weapons: Rockets (2mins) Sniper (90s) Light Rifle x2 Storm Rifle x2 BR x2 Magnum x2 Frags x4 Plasmas x4 Pulse Nades x2 Boltshot Carbine Screenshots:
  11. Silex is a symmetric map built for 4v4. In the few tests I ran on this map, it played pretty well. But it's still a work in progress so a lot of things are subject to change. There are two bases for each team in the map, a center structure, and a small base for sword spawn. The Rocket Launcher spawns in the center and is quite a task to acquire at the start of the match. This is because players will be flowing to the center at the beginning to create a firefight for the rockets. Link to map beta: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/f6a08446-50b2-4a0e-9a38-666c0e032e85 Weapons - Rocket Launcher - Sniper Rifle - Energy Sword __________________________ SCREENSHOTS
  12. Axial v4.3 [bETA] An original map forged and designed by Resivore aka Res. Supported game types include Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill. 4v4 recommended. DOWNLOAD AXIAL V4.3 Introduction A map that I had initially been too afraid to release has flourished into something I am genuinely proud of. Featuring intense CTF game play and fast paced slayer, Axial is a blast to play on. I feel it's official release is looming... Weapons 1x Rail Gun - 120s @ Bottom Green 1x Sniper Rifle - 120s @ Bottom Gold 1x Overshield - 120s @ Top Middle 4x Battle Rifle @ Red + Blue Pillars 2x Covenant Carbine @ Red + Blue Base 1x DMR @ Top Green 1x Light Rifle @ Top Gold Screenshots Note: Click to enlarge. Overviews. Bases. Gold. Green. Any and all feedback is appreciated!
  13. Note 1: @Mods: Please lock or delete the thread for Antagonist. Note 2: Koffing and Weezing are the same map. Name after pokemon because I give no fuck anymore. Though of course, there's a chance I'll change the name prior to official release. Hello folks! This map you're about to see is a quake-styled room based map that I have pursued for a long time. It has an extensive forge history, as it began in the depths (I mean joys) of ZB Halo Reach. However, I have gone through major aesthetic changes as well as some crucial layout / weapon changes. To this day, it has made it to Forge Island, despite my hate for the palette, because the aesthetics were busy and created frame-rate on Impact. I am happy with how it turned out now; the map/weapon layout, the aesthetics, and the exhaustion of Meta. I have two variants of this map. Koffing is set up for 2v2, and the evolved form Weezing is set up for 4v4. The variants are different in terms of the rocket launcher and the spawn system. 4v4 is currently a stretch, but I am hoping for it to become reality. Regardless, both variants should support Slayer and Extraction. Weapon set: Rocket Launcher (2v2 - 149s ; 0 clip ; Not at start / 4v4 - 149 or 179s ; 1 clip ; At start) spawns in gold Sniper Rifle (119s ; 1 clip) spawns in blue. *Nade-able off its platform* Concussion Rifle (89s ; 1 clip) spawns in green *Nade-able off its platform* Shotgun (59s ; 0 Clip) spawns at very bottom towards purple. Overshield (120s; Initial ordnance) spawns above Red window (unfortunately I don't have a screen for it) Speed boost (90s; Initial Ordnance) spawns bottom blue ***Remember, it's camo for the cooler gametypes.*** And now, screenshots: Main Atrium Blue Room Sniper spawns on the hoop. There are 3 ways to get it: 1) Jump from above, which Purple's tele can take you there. 2) Nade it down at a good angle. 3) At the beginning of the game, get your teammate to stay and jump off his head to get it. Also, Speedboost currently spawns on a toilet. Green Room Credits to 'The Fated Fire' for the idea for an ocean/mountain view. Gold Room Rockets spawn before the Gold Meta Red Room OUTDATED SCREENSHOT: That railing has changed to a more normal railing that connects above red window. Tyrant was fed up (but not really) because the ring looked too much like a donut. Lastly, Purple Hall I agree, there's too much "white-on-white" going on with the window. Also, the pathway on the outside leads to the main teleporter. ------------------------------------------------------- Download Koffing vb Download Weezing vb That is the map everybody. I have put a lot of hard work into a design I became really passionate of (I mean, I used a palette I dreaded so much for the sake of the map's performance). I am undoubtedly open to feedback, whether the spawning is still a mess for 4v4, an area is overpowered, weapons don't spawn fast enough, etc. etc. Just let me know your thoughts on the map. P.S.: I am considering a 1v1 version if the map shows potential for it. But when that happens, the names will be Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff, respectively. #Pokemeta
  14. Res


    SWAY [bETA] Download Sway - - - [TymeLapse Edition - Bottom] [Resivore Edition - Top] An original map designed by TymeLapse and forged by TymeLapse / Resivore. Supported game types include Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, Extraction, King of the Hill, and Oddball (TymeLapse version only). So... What is going on here? Why are there two? Due to my complete inability to co-forge, and my thorough distaste for his original version's object usage and lighting glitch, I sought permission to reforge Sway as I'd initially seen it. Inspired by the changes I'd made, specifically to top mid, TymeLapse decided to update his original version as well, with a goal of eliminating the lighting glitch from his unreleased version. Hence why there are two. Which one do we download, then? We urge you to download both and tell us what you think. Originally the plan was to hide which version belonged to who to avoid bias, but I deemed it unnecessary seeing that the forge styles are so obviously different (and anyone who has seen how I forge would know that the idiot using Cyan instead of Blue is me). So again, we ask you to set all prior feelings of the forger aside and look at the map for what it is, and deem which version you prefer with no prejudices in mind. Any big differences? The biggest structural change between the two versions is definitely the lack of bridges from red / blue base to top mid in my version. The elimination of this hard route not only halts the cries of "REDEMPTION!", but reduces the ease of a flag run, taking top mid from a difficult run to an impossible run. However, the map still features a Simplex-esque sprint jump to top mid, so the route still exists, just not for the flag runner. The other differences are in the weapon layout: TymeLapse's version spawns two 1-clip sniper rifles at either neutral base with an OS spawning bottom mid whilst my version only spawns a rocket launcher in the middle, as I was uncomfortable with the ideas of snipers on this map, no matter the clip size. Cool story, bro. Where are the pictures? Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know you don't care about the paragraphs you just want to see what it looks like. I got you. [TymeLapse version on left] [Resivore version on right] Thanks! Any and all feedback is appreciated!
  15. Carbon (v1) By DG Intensity Carbon is an asymmetrical map designed for 2v2 and potentially 4v4 gameplay as well as FFA. Carbon has tons of jump ups to different areas of the map as well as a teleporter that brings you to one of the tallest areas on the map. This map is aesthetically pleasing while still delivering a nice and balanced 2v2 match. Each team has their own base that are somewhat symmetrical as well as a power position. The main power position on the map is the sniper spawn, it is the tallest area on the map and has the largest field of view but is also quite vulnerable. While this map is noticeably asymmetrical each side has asymmetrical traits which makes this map very easy to learn. Carbon is set up for every gametype excluding extraction, flood and dominion but has only been tested with a small FFA and a 2v2 both of which played well. It has yet to be played with 4v4 or any objective gametype so I can't recommend a specific gametype yet. DL: Carbon v1: http://www.halowaypo...08-60e846dcc4c1 Carbon FFA (same but without power weapons): http://www.halowaypo...36-e7bd4b2f5dc4 Weapons on Map: Battle Rifle x5 DMR x2 Sniper x1 (excluding FFA version) Overshield x1 (excluding FFA version) Frag Grenade x4 Needler x1 Boltshot x1 Screenshots: Thanks for checking out the post, any all feedback/ concerns etc. is appreciated.
  16. Rubble [beta] Forged by Hahkarazy and SitriStahl Gametypes: Team Slayer CTF Extraction Weapons: Rocket Launcher Sniper Rifle x2 Light Rifle x2 DMR x2 Carbine x2 BR x2 Surpressor x2 Needler x2 Plasmas x4 Frags x4 Screenshots: Map Download
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