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Found 3 results

  1. Warning: I was really loud in this video headphone user beware http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LsoJGRP5-Q Some ideas on how 343 could keep people playing for weeks (For casuals and competitive players)
  2. Choose 5 things that you think are most important that will make Halo 5, not only a great "eSports" title, but an overall great game. Here are mine. 1. One loadout for all players. No more custom classes. 2. AA's removed. Equipment added back in as map pickups. 3. Symmetrical/Asymmetrical maps with ACTUAL power positions. 4. More/better custom games options than we've ever had in Reach or 3. 5. DMR as the one utility weapon. haha kidding. Of course I had to throw in Spectator Mode. Debate, have fun, and keep it clean.
  3. What are peoples thoughts on Twitch teaming up with Xbox one? Do we think it will kill the live streaming community due to a new Halo in 2014? (To many people streaming not enough viewers) Or only invoke more people to play and stream? I think that a lot of good players and good commentators might get lost in the fray of people starting to stream, however i think it will get a lot more people into the community. Do you think there will be a cost? Would you have to be turbo?
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