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Found 4 results

  1. I remember seeing one of these on MLG and thought I'd give it a try over here. So feel free to post any Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Screamo or Alt bands you enjoy. I'll start by making a list of some of the ones I enjoy, incase you haven't heard them, and post up some vids of my favourites. Bands - Thursday Dance Gavin Dance Emarosa Tides of Man Circa Survive A Lot Like Birds Miss May I Outline in Color Blood Brothers In Fear and Faith Of Machines Chiodos Of Mice & Men Stolas Hail the Sun At the Drive-In The Mars Volta Hrvrd Sparta The Word Alive Bring Me the Horizon Letlive Glassjaw The Amity Affliction Solo artists worth checking out - Jonny Craig Anthony Green Kurt Travis Tilian Pearson Craig Owens Dylan Anderson Tyler Carter Videos -
  2. VODE

    Metal Thread

    Any Metalheads in here? Since their new album just came out today here's some good old Children of Bodom... Feel free to post your favorite bands/songs here! /m/
  3. Post your best montage song links/titles in the comments
  4. I know there is a music thread, but I felt there should be a specific thread for people to share their own creations and give feedback and tips. Share your Soundcloud, YouTube, FaceBook, or whatever site you use to upload your tunes to teh webz. All types of music are welcome! I recently began experimenting with all types of electronic music including electro house, moombahton, and drum and bass in Apple Logic Pro 9. I hope to start collaborating with some of my friends who rap soon to get familiar with recording and mixing vocals. Please keep in mind, I am a beginner so don't rip on me too hard. :P Here is my most recent song, a Drum and Bass tune called "Impulse." Let me know what you think! Follow me if you want, I'll follow back! https://soundcloud.com/triiken/triken-impulse-original-mix
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