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Found 4 results

  1. Sup! I'm here because I love the competitive halo community even though I'm not particularly skilled at halo. Just here to talk about all things Halo!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-iC-irllqY I post here pretty often but haven't really introduced myself. HAI I'm BriteeyeZ, heir to the Iron Throne and the true dovahkiin. Faas me ahrk wruth SosseDov! But seriously, I've been spending way too much time lately shouting people into cheese wheels and squealing over Game of Thrones. I like Halo, thrift stores, loud rap music, games that allow me to make arsehole choices and pizza. Love me. -BriteeyeZ
  3. Hello to everyone here at Beyond! As you might have guessed my name is Adam (also known as Az) and I hail from the highlands of the mighty Scotland. I've been involved with the European scene and attending events since 2010. Currently still attending European Gaming League and Insomnia events as well as being a part of Europe's biggest talk show similar to the American Halo Council, named Back 2 Basics. But I'm not here to dribble or promote I'm here to introduce myself properly. I'm 24 years of age and despite what stereotype you may place me as I'm far from ginger but yes I have worn a kilt in my time. I come from the European forum known as TopMid and I thought there's no harm in branching out since I know the scene is far from the glory days it once was. I currently reside in the town of Glasgow. I drive a beautiful BMW and I have a beard. I've also spoken to several Americans in my time. P33PINGTOM and Matt Excels being a few. Not to mention I managed to talk away to Ninja when he was drunk over here in the UK. So I'm in no way out of the loop in terms of what's going on your side of the planet Halo wise. Hopefully get more active on this site and see what it has to offer. I'm a big social networking type so if you feel like it give me a follow on Twitter and I'll be sure to return the favour. During my time here I'd like to get more involved with this scene. So as we say. In a bit!
  4. Hello everyone my name is Evil Cupcake v2 but you can call me cupcake. I'm a proud member of the amazing gaming community called Readyuplive. I've heard about this site on a twitter post and with my curiosity i decided to give it a look. In surprise i've noticed the site provides a lot of useful gaming info as well as some of the best livestreams from amazing competitive gamers. I hope i can enjoy my stay here on Beyond Entertainment and become part of the community as well as being able to watch some great quality livestreams.
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