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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, I've been looking for somebody to help me reach onyx legitimately, (as in getting to that skill level). If you're interested my GT is Str8 Garbxge.
  2. Hello, people who clicked on this post. Karma is a gaming community that includes all games, so bring your own! We are currently at 43 members and hope to make it to 500 by 2022. Much love, Garbxge (2nd Admin) For more info contact: Mouio (Xbox GT) Discord: https://discord.gg/AUA87zUMPs
  3. Hello I’m looking for sweaty player to run with on halo 5 or MCC looking to get into halo comp my gamer tag is Emper0r Bandz
  4. Ok, so I came across this post on the web from a few days ago which ended with a description of an unconfirmed leak about 343i's plan for Halo 5. I have no idea if this was already posted on these forums so I apologize if it was already brought up. http://www.idigitaltimes.com/articles/18920/20130718/halo-5-trailer-rumor-comic-con-2013.html Here is the part of the rumor that really stood out to me: Multiplayer: Split between two categories. Halo Wararena is basically Halo 2 reloaded. No loadouts, no armor abilites and perks. Player Count 8-16, game types are Slayer, CTF(yes classic Halo CTF ), King of the Hill, Assault, Oddball.... Static weapon spawns, more weapons on map which means more ammo, weapons wont respawn as quick as in Halo 4 The seconds multiplayer category is titles Halo Battlefield (not final name obviously). Those are basically really big teams battles like 32-64. Gameplay is more inline with Invasion from Halo Reach. Custom Loadouts, "armor abilites" (more like class abilites), Vehicles, Infinity like call ins So what do you guys think of this rumor? Is it too good to be true? ***Edit: I think this rumor may have already been debunked BUT this wouldn't be a bad idea for 343i to consider.
  5. I'm kind of new here, and from my personal view point, I'm in between a competitive player and a casual player, I like my games to have a certain level of competition but not to the point where I have to be firing on all cylinders, but I get the sense many if not most of the more competitive crowed dislike how AA's are now and how they were in Reach. I just feel they make games less fun when you 'round a corner only to find someone 10 feet in the air shooting down at you, and I find it less competitive, which is why I wanted to ask anyone interested in replying how you all feel. In addition to that, I would like everyone interested in voting on this to visit my thread on Halo Waypoint on how AA's should be handled for the next Halo game; link below. https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postsm2692759_Should-The-Next-Halo-Have-AA-s.aspx#post2692759
  6. Wouldn't be nice to have a search option where you can find Custom Games in-game? You dont have to check or message random people in random sites, and now that we have Dedicated servers, maybe is possible! I've seen a lot of people commenting that they play more customs than MM in Halo 4... so... why not have a Custom Games Search Option in the next Halo?
  7. So I decided to be the one to make it. Post your Halo 5 wishlist here this counts as videos or just Plain old post. Competitive Wishlist -Spectator mode -4sk BR -Hitscan Br with no spread -Better Symmetrical maps -Dev Support -No Sprint -No armor Abilities (Maybe on map) -No Ordinance -Custom Game Browser -Less aim assist on Br -The return of the amazing Ghandi Hop -The ability to mod the game anyway we want -Competitive Ranking System Casual Wishlist -Better Theater -Old Infection -Custom Game Browser -Better Forge so we can make fun maps like Halo 4 -More options -The ability to have sprint and armor abilities (CUSTOMS ONLY NOT MATCHMAKING) -Fun Matchmaking -All the old gametypes be brought back And finally since I started on the waypoint forums THE SPACE MOP OF DOOM
  8. I don't usually do this but I feel the need to say something about what Halos' future needs to be like in my opinion. What "my" Halo 5 should have: 1: Options- What I mean by this is to give the option to "enable or disable" almost everything. example: Sprint-on/off....so EVERYONE can be happy. 2: Descope- Needs be mandatory. 3: Maps- IMO Halo 2 maps were the greatest ever created. Is it hard just to add them into the mix with Halo 5. 4: Spectator mode- Black ops 2 spectator mode is flawless.343 should take notes. 5: Ranking system- Halo 2 again takes my vote in that. Once you reached the 40's you knew you were gonna get a run for your money in every game. 6: Clans- Brings your friends together for an extremely fun time during clan matches. 7: Custom Controller options- Let me make my configurations the way I want it. 8: Developer Support for e-sports- MLG....nuff said. *this is the do or die part. If its not at MLG,its over. I just want the next Halo to succeed and imo this is the way it should be in order to succeed.
  9. Does sprint and descope belong in halo? Before you guys stop reading and say no to sprint and yes to descope. I like sprint. I know you'll probably say that it is a get out of jail free card but I would disagree. With the 4sk BR how many people do you find getting away. A good 4v4 team rarely lets someone get away because of callouts. In FFA who ever gets away alive from a blood bath? Not many. Using sprint even gets you punished sometimes. If you sprint around a corner and someone is there you immediately lose the battle because of the animation. The 4 shot BR makes this quick and easy. You might say that sprint destroys map and power weapon control. But this is not true. Whichever team in 4v4 controls power weapons have an upper hand. In H3 people rushed power weapons and power ups. In H4 the same thing happens. As someone who played H3 and enjoyed it can no longer stand it. I feel that the gameplay is not fast enough. The gaming industry is changing and Halo is too. Map control still exists it is just different now. Descope was a core feature in the original halo trilogy. The main argument for descope is competent snipers are near unstoppable. I think that a good way to fix this is to add descope to sniper class weapons only. These weapons being the sniper rifles, beam rifles, and binaries. This fixes the problem while allowing long range BR fights to flow seamlessly. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS AND BACK UP POINTS WITH REASONS
  10. This is just an example of what the layout for Halo's pre-game lobby should really be. (Made it myself, so don't mind the sloppy editing) I would ideally like to see something like this for the next halo (notice the in-game ranks). Ps: also don't mind any inconsistencies like the Halo: Reach ranks and stuff like that :P
  11. In previous polls concerning the next utility weapon, the choices have been quite biased. Examples: H2 BR, v7 DMR, CE Pistol. Each weapon has worked Arguably well in its respective sandbox, yet I have witnessed countless arguments over which one is better based on nostalgia, misconceptions, stupidity, or simple preference. Now you can feel free to choose each individual option without having to try to remember which one "felt" better. So we're on the same page, this utility weapon would be in a game with descope instead of flinch, as well as no button combos/glitches. - - - Here's the link to one of the first threads discussing this; as I recall, there were several redundant ones (as this may be) but never a good one to begin with. Happy foruming: http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1864-updated-prefered-future-primary-utility-weapon-halo-5-andor-beyond/ - - - - - - - Poll Edit - Question 9 (*Rate of fire?) - Added fourth option: Dynamic - scoped vs unscoped
  12. Warning: I was really loud in this video headphone user beware http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LsoJGRP5-Q Some ideas on how 343 could keep people playing for weeks (For casuals and competitive players)
  13. Im so sad i miss memories of halo 2 and halo 3 why did everything half to go downhill with reach than halo 4 was like a dagger to the heart . Watching halo 3 montages gives me so much nostalgia and it just makes me pissed because 343 thinks they can change everything from halos core and expect people to like it! 343 for halo 5 we need to go back to halos roots of gameplay no more armor abilitys, no sprint, no loadouts, no ordnance, NONE OF THAT NOOBY Yoink!! halo 3 had 100 of thousands of people playing it and look at halo 4 it barely reachs 30k at peak hours! This is why we must go back halo 3 was a funner more balanced game and was a downright success halo 4 however has lost so much of its population since launch if u dont believe me look at the charts. All im saying is go play halo 3/halo 2 and build off that game no more reach/halo 4 stuff its nooby and does not belong in halo!!!!! Come on 343 u got the talent go back to halos roots and make it a beast game i know u guys can do it! Do not tell me that u dont want halo to turn into cod because it stays the same who cares!!! add a few new guns game types weapons etc but keep it to the halos core why do u think cod is such a succesful franchise cause the fans know what there getting!!!! Halo 3 Montage: Population charts: http://halocharts.com/2013/playlists_halo4.php Dam now those numbers tell us why we most go back to traditional gameplay cause the majority of people are disatisfied with your game! 343 GO BACK TO HALOS ROOTS OR YOUR GAME WILL FAIL AGAIN!!!!!!!! Put the ranks in ranked playlist to and divide ranked and social!!!
  14. A sad fact is that the population in Halo has dropped , for some players Halo just isn't fun and some say Halo 4 just isn't a Halo game . To be honest in the beginning of Halo 4 I felt the same way, but since 343 has improved it by making re spawn time and made a few other adjustments I feel Halo 4 is a really great game. What I want in Halo 5? I think Halo 5 should be like the good old days with no sprint, no ordinance drops, no bloom,120 movement speed. Sadly I didn't get to play much of the original Halo's but of what I have played I really enjoyed it. P.S. I can't wait for Halo 5 dedicated servers and spectator mode!!!
  15. Would anyone else like to see the return of an anti-shield, niche plasma weapon to counter overshield/provide supporting fire? Halo 4 doesn't actually have any traditional plasma weapons beyond the weak plasma pistol, even though plasma weapons have the ability to add extra depth to the game. They add more dynamics to picking up overshield and allow for good team-based shooting without forcing a long kill time on the primary precision weapon. I envision such a weapon to be very similar to the CE plasma rifle, with a fast projectile velocity, scaling damage with more successive shots, and the ability to stun targets. By tapping the trigger, a player would be able to fire a steady stream of bolts without ever overheating at about 240 RPM. This mode would be ideal for supporting team members, damaging shields and slowing an enemy's strafe down. However, a player could also hold down the trigger to increase the ROF though he would have to let the weapon cool down. Three shots to take down shields if all hit simultaneously.
  16. 343, PLEASE REMOVE LOADOUTS FOR FUTURE HALOS Casual (and even some competitive) players have defended customizable loadouts, citing that they empower the player to determine their own playstyle, keeping gameplay unique and flexible. Ironically, this is the exact opposite of their original purpose. Loadouts were developed for tactical shooters, as a mechanic to force teams to decide their strategy before even starting the match. Obviously, the intent was to follow these strats perfectly; "diversity" in gameplay was considered sloppy planning. This is the exact type of gameplay 343 should be trying to avoid; Halo, after all, is about empowering the player to make dynamic decisions based on changing gameplay. While such a mechanic works for tactical shooters, it is not applicable to arena style shooters with respawns and longer kill times. A player is unable to decide his playstyle because he doesn't know what his four opponents possess and thus cannot plan properly. Instead, matches become a mess of disorganized play or players resort to using the most powerful weapon, eliminating the purpose of loadouts all together. Keep in mind that different starting weapons would be virtually impossible to balance. A long range weapon has the potential to be used at close range, but not vice versa. In Halo the average kill times at range fluctuate. Thus, weapons meant for different ranges cannot have the same kill times. However, average kill times at range are also affected by the maps, which should all be different from each other. If the same weapons are used for all the maps, perfect balance cannot be created. Furthermore, forcing players to stay in a certain range for their weapon to be used effectively only constricts movement and creates excess segmentation. To make gameplay genuinely interesting, 343 should create a true utility weapon that is effective at all ranges, while being difficult enough to use that it is virtually impossible for any player to master it. Such a weapon should be even more versatile than the Halo CE pistol, which was always a little lacking in close quarters combat. Ideally, this utility weapon would allow a player to have a chance against any of the three power weapons (close quarters, explosive, and sniper) assuming his opponent misses first. An additional benefit of a versatile utility weapon is the ability to create a unique and balanced sandbox around it. It is no coincidence that Halo's sandbox began getting shitty after Halo 3, with the introduction of an ineffective utility rifle. With a counter to all weapons at all ranges available at spawn, on-map weapons do not have to be nerfed to the point of irrelevancy. *Though I advocate equal starts, I do not want either the AR or BR (in its current form) to be the primary weapon.
  17. Halo needs a tourney mode because you'll instantly get into the next match when a round is finished. for this to work you would have to be able to pick what gametypes and maps go together and Halo on XBOX ONE will most likely have spectator mode, so I think the spectator should be able to look at the bracket on the pause menu, and the player should be the one who sets up the bracket not the system. Please help get this known I think this would help Halo.
  18. Since we know that the next flagship title in the Halo series will be supported by dedicated servers. Does this mean that 343 shouldn't make weapons like the Battle Rifle hit scan anymore?
  19. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/25/microsoft-on-halo-5-halo-2-anniversary Read and discuss!
  20. Choose 5 things that you think are most important that will make Halo 5, not only a great "eSports" title, but an overall great game. Here are mine. 1. One loadout for all players. No more custom classes. 2. AA's removed. Equipment added back in as map pickups. 3. Symmetrical/Asymmetrical maps with ACTUAL power positions. 4. More/better custom games options than we've ever had in Reach or 3. 5. DMR as the one utility weapon. haha kidding. Of course I had to throw in Spectator Mode. Debate, have fun, and keep it clean.
  21. Sup guys. l literally did this speculation video (if you wanna call it that) about 3 minutes after I watched the e3 press conference video for the new halo title and it was only uploaded now (because I only have a 0.5mb upload speed) . In the video I talk about , 60 fps gameplay, dedicated servers and naughty business. Enjoy!
  22. This is an x-post of mine from r/halo. This might be a better place: Note: I'm assuming that we won't be able to play as Elites in Halo 5. What does everyone get mad about in Halo 4? Boltshot, camo, stickies, plasma pistol, personal ordnance. Here's how Halo 5 can improve on 4 without going back to Halo 3: 1) Loadout weapons that are only UNSC: DMR, BR, AR, SMG(explained later) & Pistol. Frags. 2) Armor abilities that you load out with: Regen, Hologram, or Thruster Pack. These armor abilities take some skill to use and are balanced. No camo, no prom. vision, no jetpack. 3) Armor abilities on map: All the other armor abilities could spawn in certain places so you have to fight for them. 4) Covenant/Promethean loadout weapons on map at certain places: CC, SR, PP, LR, BS. Same goes for grenades. 5) Dual-wieldable secondaries: Pistol, SMG, Plasma Rifle (different than Storm Rifle), Spiker (if Brutes return). These secondaries would be weaker than primaries when there's only one. You load out with one pistol or one SMG. You can pick up the others on the map. 6) Put power-ups on map. 7) Put power-weapons on map. 8) Keep Personal Ordnance, except limit it to: an additional secondary , primary ammo, and grenades. 9) No random drops on the map (fixed with recent update). 10) Fewer playlists with more gametype options. 11) Descope instead of flinch. 12) Take away sprint; increase movement speed and make maps smaller. 13) Make more small maps! 14) In-game ranked for certain playlists. 15) Profit. Discuss!
  23. I think the points made in the video are pretty valid. People that live in countries that aren't situated in the North american region are really screwed when it comes to matchmaking and lag. In fact, if americans have to play on foreign host their kinda screwed too. Whaddya think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSBYPdGxuOQ
  24. Looks like we might see some kind of trailer for both Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo 5 at E3, similar how to Bungie revealed ODST & Reach
  25. So it looks like we might be seeing both a Halo 5 trailer and a Spartan assault trailer at E3.. Looks like they'll be using these to sell the Xbox One's
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