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Found 1 result

  1. So today, I played some Halo 4, like every other who enjoys some nice hours of quality gaming, but today, it was different, it was pure frustration and rage... I play with my brother 90% of the time I play so its a 2 man party constantly but I've noticed one little bit annoying/frustrating thing in the Halo 4 matchmaking. There is no party match-ups, I mean, we get constant 4 man parties every other game and makes it really annoying to play (talking 'bout Infinity Slayer atm. but this goes for every playlist) Why has this feature been cut out from Halo 4? In Halo 3, it was perfect, if you had a 2 team, 2 man team/Single man teams were the only ones you would get on ranked, if you had 3 man team, 3 man teams were the max (you would get and one lone wolf to your team occasionally) I know this is sort of rambling/anger post but I am doing this because I can't be the only one who is annoyed by this... right?
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