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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys I’m new here and I really love halo and I want to find some people to play with and I want to be in the montage contest from Halo is back and I need some people to grind for some clips. i got Instagram and twitter aswell @ EU_Sicc if someone want to follow I follow also. On Xbox my gt is s 2the icc.
  2. Looking for people to team up with for ranked in MCC. My gamertag is Jimmbabwe, feel free to message me.
  3. Sup guys. I finally found time to actually register an account to this site today. I have a youtube channel called SuckyFilms where I post halo content (mostly halo 3) all the time as you can see right here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SuckyMLG . I also have a montage that was the first video featured on the new FBW channel: [media=''] [/media] I also post Clip of the Week's, highlight videos, gameplays, MLG sprees, and much more. Overall, I look forward to becoming a regular part of this community and meeting all of u!
  4. So, I know the whole no sprint thing was big a couple weeks ago and many people are still very much in favor of no sprint. I am still of the belief that it won't work in matchmaking bc of how many things are dependent on sprint (certain jumps, lines of sight etc.) but that is besides the point. For those that still wish to play no sprint in customs I believe I have found a great balance to fine tweak it with the settings. In H4 the shields seem to take quite a while to start to recharge, 7seconds I believe, forgive me if that isn't correct. And since I've always been a huge fan of H3 I found adjusting the shields to 5seconds to start recharging and putting the recharge rate at 125 worked best for no sprint gametypes. Also, putting the jump height to 110 percent was beneficial. For example, on simplex with no sprint you obviously can't make the jump from red/blue window to top green. So spring jumping up to top green was the fastest way to get the overshield. With 110 jump height you can make that jump without spring jumping so it helps bridge the gap of map movement without sprint. So to summarize: No sprint, 5 second shield recharge delay, 125 shield recharge rate, 110 jump height. 120 Movement speed. I personally think it plays really well, I just wanted to let people know my findings because I think it makes the game more enjoyable. If you have used other tweaked settings and you think they are even better let me know, or if you try the settings I've suggested feel free to leave feedback.
  5. Always wondered, never knew why, never was told why. So does anybody know why? :blink:
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0mV7FZM61k Gameplay - Cadded Edited by - UR Lunchbox (Myself) I really hope you enjoy, Feedback is appreciated.
  7. This was scrapped, (I still have no idea why). The rest was going to be edited by Muggsy.
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