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Found 4 results

  1. I won the January giveaway on February 15th and it’s been a little over a month and I’ve gotten no response from anyone. I just want to know if my giveaway prize has been shipped and if i could at least be updated on its location. Because the last thing I want is for it to be that it was delivered but then stolen from my doorstep :/ please help me Beyond staff... please.
  2. Hey all, my Youtube Channel is holding a contest!!!! We will be giving away a 3 Month Subscription to XBox Live once we reach 500 Subscribers. Pretty simple right? All you have to do is subscribe. Once 500 subs is reached, we will randomly select 1 subscriber, and send them a message through Youtube's Inbox. You then have 3 days to respond. GET SUBSCRIBED AND PASS THE WORD!!!! Click here for to go to our channel: GlazeLife Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLTDE_YbkEA
  3. Hey guys, I talked with Saucey and I'm going to do a game key giveaway, these are PC games so ensure your system can run it before entering. To enter just post that you'd like to participate in the drawing. I'll assign everyone a number, and put it into a picker to randomly select the winners so there is no biased involved. So what keys am I giving away? Bioshock: Infinite (Steam Key) Tomb Raider (2013) (Steam Key) Crysis 3 (Origin Key) FarCry 3 Blood Dragon (Ubishop) I may add more keys if I come by them in the mean time but for now these are the four I have to offer. You can participate and enter between now and I'll stop accepting entries on Tuesday, the 18th at 7 PM EST.
  4. So I was streaming my weekly update yesterday and the last topic was to show BL4K and I's gaming setups. In the midst of all the chaos that goes along with our show, BL4K decided to give 12 months of Xbox Live gold away! Here are the rules and shiz. Clean up your gaming setup. You only get one shot at this, so better make it look good! Grab your camera. Record your setup. I would suggest describing as much as you can about what you have. The better you sound, the higher your chances are of winning. Stop recording your setup. I'm sure he will have loads of entries, so try to describe as much as you can in as little amount of time as possible. BL4K will be judging all of them, so think of his precious time when you're 30 minutes into rambling on about how your Elgato capture card is SOOOOO much better than any Black Magic on the market. Go to THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO or Mr. BL4K's twitter page. Either one will work as a great place to enter the giveaway. Submit your video via tweet, video response, or simply link the video in the comment section. The winner will be judged by BL4K himself. He said he will judge it on the "best looking setup". Wait for our tweets or announcement video. BL4K has requested that you all submit your videos by the end of the month (Sunday, June 30th) so you guys aren't left waiting for too long to find out that you won! Collect code. Use the code yourself, give it to a friend, or hold onto it and pay it forward by doing a giveaway for yourself! So 8 easy steps to winning some free Xbox Live. Even if you're not interested in the points, I would love to see everyone setups. If you're like me, you would greatly appreciate the thought and selflessness that BL4K is putting forth to helping the community. He is literally asking for nothing in return, so please if you're not already following him on twitter, do it now! He's always tweeting about great Halo news and is awesome with interactions. Let me say and link this again. GO FOLLOW BL4K HERE! Good luck to all of the participants and I hope to see lots of entries
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