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Found 1 result

  1. This is just a list of some weapons i would love to see be changed, kept, or added in halo 5. In regards to weapons, i would also like to see dual wielding come back, as that was pretty cool for just playing normal playlists, and would like to see autoaim levels decreased across all weapons to increase skill gap and make it take skill to use a lot of these guns. Get rid of hitmarkers. There is also no bloom for any weapon(like in h2). Automatics cant be burst fired to be made effective at long range Battle Rifle: Return to black color, h2/h3 look, and make it sound good, not like crickets. 4 burst, 11 shot kill like it is now, works pretty great. Lightrifle: 5 shot kill single fire when unscoped, fast 4 shot single fire when scoped in(faster than BR). 2x range when zoomed in. With descope this would a balanced gun, as at range the LR would have the advantage, but could be descoped by BR/Carbine user. Carbine: 7 shot kill, i like it as is now. no green zoom in scope. DMR: Gone. with LR being the way i described it, there would be no reason to have the DMR. LR is the replacement. SMG: Weak automatic starting gun for regular playlists and gamemodes that arent pro varient or the mlg. Dual Wielding capable. The weakness of the gun encourages you to search out power weapons or dual wield combinations. Magnum: H1 look and feel, 3 shot kill. Non Dual Wield-able. less range and zoom than BR. I dont know if having both the magnum and br would work, but it would make for some interesting choices for AGL/MLG(if they ever pick us back up.) Start with the Magnum, or keep it on some maps as a semi power weapon pickup? (the latter is the ideal situation i would like to see) Sniper Rifle: h2/h3 fire rate, less bulky look. In h4 sniper just feels slow and fills up half of the screen. Minimize the size of the scope, and make it a lil more sleek. No aim assistance out of scope. Rocket Launcher: Keep basically as is, works pretty well in H4. Would like to see a stronger 1 hit kill jump melee, where if you melee down on some1s head they are killed in 1 hit implemented. Just an idea. Shotgun: Keep as is, maybe even a lil more range and power, to make it that almost dominant h1 shotgun. Then maybe we would see it more on maps instead of every power weapon being sniper and rockets. Would love to see more variety. Sticky det.: Gone. Never been a fan of it. Railgun: Maybe increase charge up time slightly, increase power so that it is effective against vehicles. Spartan Laser: Gone. Assault Rifle: Strong automatic weapon. Ultimate close range gun besides shotgun and magnum. Saw: Gone^ Suppressor: Gone. Cant think of a variation that would make it unique to AR besides look and sound and thus worth keeping. Ideas? Scattershot: Weaker, semi auto firing shotgun with less range. Doesnt require as much precision as the human shotty as it can kinda be spammed. Good to take out mulitple close range enemies fast. Boltshot: Remove the overcharge blast feature. Semi auto with the strength and fire rate of the h2 pistol. Dual Wield-able(for that deadly SMG, pistol dual wield combo). Mauler: Behaves as it did in H3. Dual wield-able. Brute shot: Take the grenade launcher of reach, and stick a blade on the bottom of it. Make it look more like the brute shot of h2, or reskin it totally. I think would make for an awesome power weapon. When jumping and melee-ing down, its a 1 hit kill like the Rockets. Spiker(or whatever the brute smg was called): same problem as suppressor. Cant think of reason to keep it as it seems like the exact same thing as SMG. I wanna keep it cuz its an awesome gun tho. Ideas? Plasma Rifle: Looks and shoots like h1 version, slows movement of enemies that are getting hit with shots. Dual wield-able. Plasma pistol: weak semi automatic fire, dual wield-able. when overcharged shot is fired in red reticule range, it will ALWAYS hit the opponent unless something comes in between the enemy and the shot or enemy rounds corner, etc. with this power the red reticule range should be reduced, so that you cant noob combo people from far away, you need to be in close to medium range. No benefits from overcharging dual wielded plasma pistols. Needler: weaker than h4 version, when in red reticule range needles will always hit opponent unless they break line of sight by rounding corner or getting behind cover. Decreased red reticule range, very powerful when dual wielded. Storm Rifle: Gone. replaced by plasma rifle. Beam rifle. Semi auto, can fire 2 shots extremely close together for quick kills, but will overheat the weapon for a few seconds. No aim assist out of scope. Binary rifle. 1 shot kill to anywhere on the body. unzoomed reticule size is the same as the other snipers. no aim assist out of scope. 1 shot clip. 4 extra shots. longer reload time than other snipers, closer to the time it takes beam rifle to cool down when overheating. I feel this balances the no scope ability of the gun, you can still no scope just like the other guns, but with 1 shot clips and longer reload, will you want to risk it? Incineration cannon: kind of a weird gun as is, dont really like it, but i think maybe change the way it fires to a single shot instead of the weird shot it has now, and increase the blast radius and damage. Have it be a stronger rocket launcher for variety reasons. Single shot clip. 2 extra shots. Concussion Rifle: weaker grenade launcher, when hit by the blast radius of explosive movement is slowed, and when hit directly you are knocked back a bit. This and the plasma rifle will be only guns that slow movement when hit by them. Fuel Rod Cannon: Gone, cant think of ways to make it unique to other launchers, give me your ideas. Energy sword: Make its lunge closer to h2 sword lunge, 1 hit kill. By pressing the melee button you can do a quick slice that kills in 2 hits. has 100% clip "size", minus 10% for sword lunge, 5% for melee attack. Gravity Hammer: Right trigger does the hammer smash attack that kills in 1 hit when hit directly, and will send enemies close by flying away based on how close they are to area smashed by primary hammer attack. 100% "clip" size, minus 10% for each primary hammer attack. Melee button does a bottom of the stick hit that has speed and power of weapon melee-ing. Takes nothing from the clip for secondary attack. Frag grenade: increased damage, 1 grenade in close proximity to enemy will fully remove shields, enemy hit by frag when unshielded at any range in the blast radius will die. getting hit by 2 grenades even when at the farthest range of blast radius will completely remove shields and leave player weak. This way Frags are viable. Plasma grenade: 1 plasma can kill an enemy as long as it is in close proximity to them. Faster rate of explosion when thrown on ground. Can stick enemies to kill them even faster. Stronger and slightly bigger blast radius than frags. Pulse grenade: Removes shield or kills weakened enemies when initial bubble forms after being thrown, same when bubble collapses after a few seconds of being up. Increased shield drain rate when enemy walks thru the bubble. Spike Grenades(Brute): Weakest grenade. Can be stuck to enemies like plasmas to 1 hit kill, but when thrown on ground not near an enemy grenade will work as a trip mine activated by an enemy walking by it, which will then explode and do heavy damage to shields. Does heavy shield damage when thrown near enemy but doesnt stick them. Spike nade is quite large so it is easy to spot by the perceptive player who can then shoot it. Ok so im finally done, sorry for the long post. I feel with this sandbox it provides a wide range of weapons, each with its own niche and usefulness. The only starting weapons out of this would be SMG in regular modes and BR in pro varient gametypes or Competitive playlist. obviously any other could be a starting gun in a special gametype or playlist (snipers, fiesta) but im just being general here. Leave me your thoughts or any weapons i left out or you would like to see return or make a brand new appearance in Halo 5
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