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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lww2dO-Pp4U
  2. Hi guys! I started this topic because I've noticed that in the Halo community we are lacking in the Halo content department on Youtube. Now either some people are going unnoticed or they just don't make content because they believe it won't get them anywhere. I wanted to start posting on this so the community can get more attention to their channels. I know that we could always watch GoBeyond, Gandhi, Ninja and other well known people, but where is the fun in that? We should venture out and look for new exciting people who can keep are appetite for more content at bay. Now I know its a stretch but there is a massive amount of Halo content that is just waiting to be seen. If there isn't, MAKE IT! It is also a good way to bring more attention back to Halo and to bring the community closer. (Even though THC pretty much drove us apart). Give it a chance and go explore! So in turn, I am making this thread so that you guys can get your Channels out there. Be kind and gentle when looking at someones channel and give them some (GOOD) feedback. No negativity! Just creative criticism so that they can make it better for you and for us. Maybe you will find a channel you really like and hit that big old SUBSCRIBE button. Make the move and be a good part of the community. I know I will sub to everyone who posts on this. You have my word Love, Arsonist <3 Also :Beyond Ent Logo: is doing what they can and I love them for this site and the content they make on Youtube. It's perfect.
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