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Found 17 results

  1. I'm Orbits and I stream on Twitch. My Twitch is (twitch.tv/OrbitsFR).
  2. Hey everyone, my names Vexaerium, you can call me Vex. I'm a competitive gamer, trying everyday to improve, and always looking to get better. I'm a Free agent, looking for a team, preferably an online team, PGL etc. I don't have the means to travel just yet for events. I'm on daily, if anyone is interested in playing. I'm a pretty good player. But always room for improvement, and advice. But anyways, hope to meet more players like myself. My GT is: Vexaerium. Feel free to add.
  3. Disclaimer: Keep it civil or I'll personally ask the mods to lock and delete this thread. So, quick story first. This Sunday I passed by the local MIcrosoft Store and noticed they had a Black Ops 2 doubles tourney going on. The setup was pretty sick (portable gaming rigs) and spectating on the big screen. There were roughly 13 teams playing and the avg. age across the board was probably between 12-15 years old. As I watched these people yell and scream at each other, I would ask them between matches if they played Halo and if they didn't play, I would ask them why. Other than the obligatory, "that game sucks," I got a couple of meaningful answers that kept repeating themselves. They were: - "That game is too hard." - "None of my friends play it." See I think these two answers share something in common. As you can see, the social aspect of games has always been incredibly important to having a strong and consistent population. As an example, WoW has done so well because it's formed communities both on the macro and micro scale of the game (having a group of 5 friends that you run dungeons with, a guild that runs 25-man raids, an entire faction, etc.) Halo is currently playing catch-up in this regards. We recently have gone into the media aspect of gaming (streaming, youtube content, social media, etc.) and we've had to make leaps and bound to make our content professional and watchable. Still, we are struggling because other games have been and are still making this effort to nourish their respective communities (and with years of experience at that). The reason that having a strong social/media presence in a community is so important is that most new players to a franchise immediately (if they are interested enough) look up tips/tutorials/strategy/etc. in order to further understand a game. If a game has a difficult time conveying exactly how skilled players should play their game, then the new players won't learn exactly what they should be working on to improve themselves. In this regard, Halo fails miserably. Other than the most basic tooltips, there is no playlist, no real source of basic Halo Multiplayer knowledge readily available to interested new players. The community can do all it can to supplement that content, but at the end of the day, a game as old and illustrious as Halo should have a wealth of information on how to play its' game on the most basic, competitive level. This is where the notion that competitive Halo has massive barriers to entry comes into play. For clarification, barriers to entry in terms of gaming refers to the ease with which players can pick up a game and understand exactly what they have to do. If a game has large barriers to entry, then gamers have to seek out other sources of information or just go through trial and error till they maybe figure it out for themselves. This is a big maybe considering the patience of most new gamers nowadays. This is evident in the popularity of Team Slayer vs. any objective gametype. Slayer has always been the essential "foot in the door" playlist for Halo, but other than just firing your gun at players that cause your reticule to turn red, there is nothing in-game that describes Power-Up/Weapon timers, Shield mechanics, Grenade/Weapon mechanics, Team shot, Power positions etc. Going back to WoW and my experience with high-end arena, the arena system was brutal. Nothing else in WoW even hinted at how to do team-based pvp, how to form good comps (Team Composition), how to cc (Crowd Control) and burst (cause high damage in a short amount of time). The game overall has become more and more casual because rather than providing this information to reduce the barriers to entry with WoW arena, Blizzard has consistently dumbed down their game mechanics/depth to try and make it work. This results in a severe reduction in the skillgap and the game becoming more dull overall. To clarify, I am not asking Halo to be made easier in terms of mechanics. I am suggesting the fact that we (the competitive community) generally take Halos mechanics for granted and don't even make an effort to bring in or teach new players how to play our game. 343i kind of made an effort in this regards solely with Power Weapon indicators on maps, but this is clearly not enough. This isn't a plea to content creators, nor is this a rallying cry for our community/343i. I'm just stating from prior experience and analysis that the competitive aspect of games can grow exponentially when the barriers to entry are significantly minimized. If you've gotten this far, I appreciate taking your time out to read this thing. I've been meaning to post this for awhile now but I finally had a good amount of time to sit down and write it out. Please, share your thoughts and discuss. TL;DR - Halo has massive barriers to entry that inhibit population growth and don't allow new gamers to easily grasp how Multiplayer should be played. This causes a huge disparity between vets and new players that prevents smaller sub-sections of Halo (like the competitive community) to acquire new, interested players let alone grow the overall game population.
  4. Made this videos for any new competitive Players that came to the competitive scene after Halo4GC. What do you think??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT_moEmjBP0
  5. Hey i'm Sev and i'm in need of people to play Halo with! I'm a decent player who is slowly improving. I prefer objective gametypes and i'm always looking for the win. I'm looking to get more competitive. I'll play matchmaking but i'm sick of playing solo! Invite me to matchmaking, customs, or just send me a FR GT: zSev
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lww2dO-Pp4U
  7. Hello, I'm looking for players who use mics, are competitive, communicate and play often. I am frustrated with going into games with people that don't have mics and play like noobs. I'm an average player, I'm looking to improve the skills i posses and hoping to eventually compete in tournaments. So if you're a veteran and feel like taking someone under your wing or another player like me and wanna grow together, add me on live. GT: Rezenmaster Thank you for considering it.
  8. I saw this video showing KoTH where it was 1sec in hill=1point no matter how many people you have in the hill. This was just recently shown at SDCC during a mini tourney casted by Bravo I don't know if this/when it will be implemented but I think more people should know about it and get it out there and hopefully we could see it return to competitive. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lKoBranYixQ
  9. We're a team competing in EGL competitions, there is one coming up, we're looking for one good player who knows all the call outs and is willing to come on consistently. has to be in Europe. Message of add the gamertags lunny07,DarkArrow2k9 or COLDIPOP. They're the members in the team.
  10. We're a team competing in EGL competitions, there is one coming up, we're looking for one good player who knows all the call outs and is willing to come on consistently. has to be in Europe. Message of add the gamertags lunny07,DarkArrow2k9 or COLDIPOP. They're the members in the team.
  11. Firstly, to introduce myself, I've been playing Halo since Halo 2 and quit when Halo 4 dropped because of the lack of competition in the community. 343i has given it new light in the recent months and theres been a lot of effort to rebuild and expand the competitive halo community. I recently started playing Halo again and I actually enjoy the gameplay again. My friend and I are looking for Top 10 clips of Halo and League of Legends to start our channel. Again, it is a new channel and there are plenty Youtube channels that do this, but we want to give it a shot. If you have any clips you'd like to submit shoot me an email @ [email protected] or hit me up on xbox @ GT: Dark Restraint. Thank you to everyone who contributes, we really need a community to help us out.
  12. Hello everyone, just a reminder that ACL (the equivelant of AGL for Australians/New Zealanders) is holding their fourth online round. This is for those of you who are in Australia/New Zealand ... or not. It's a competitive online tournament featuring the best players over in Australia and New Zealand. Support this online round, as the last one didn't do too well regarding the number of those participating. Official thread on their forums: http://www.aclpro.co...124?do=findComment&comment=262124 Hope you guys can get a quick team together and show the competitive side of this game some love! I'll be a F/A for this so if anyone needs a fourth, hit me up by commenting on here or PMing me. More details can be found on the link above.
  13. Competitive console gaming's for amateurs. This is the age-old test of true skill. HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU CLICK THE MOUSE IN 10 SECONDS http://www.brainbashers.com/10seconds.asp Prove you're the best.
  14. Haven't seen this topic in the forums, and I'm interested in people's first competitive event experiences since I've never actually had my own. So go! ^_^
  15. Looking for Players to Start a Team Throwdown Team. Just Cant play this game and have fun anymore without a team, XBL GT: iSniper4Hire.
  16. Just to tell you guys right off the bat, I'm not that great of a player. I started playing Halo 2 years ago, and my skill at the game has increased exponentially since I got into the competitive side of it, 3 months ago. I can 4sk people, make callouts, predict spawns, all the stuff that a good throwdown player can do, and I always drop positive numbers in throwdown. I know I have some good natural talent at this game, but I need some well experienced players to learn from so that I can really start playing this game to the fullest. Here's so Pros + Cons of my gameplay. Pros: Mature Very Eager to play and learn Doesn't rage or complain (in general) Decent communication Great Spirit Moments of Great Shot and Execution Knows all Callouts Young (16) and has relatively open schedule for play Knows what he can/can't do Disciplined Average Connection Cons: Very little custom 8's experience Inconsistent Shot and Strafe Mediocre Sniper Little knowledge of Major and Minor Positioning Poor Grenade Positioning Lacks General Execution of Objectives I'm not exactly asking to get picked up by a team (especially not one that goes to LAN's), but I really want a group of 3 players to play with consistently that I can learn to play a Support player with. I guess you could consider spending time with me an investment, as I know that I have the ability to get very very good at this game considering I've made leaps and bounds of play since I started playing a very little time ago. Send me the Friend Requests guys. Make sure to indicate that you saw this post or I won't accept your FR. GT: IL DEXTEROUS LI EDIT: Lol, by "Halo 2 years ago" I mean "Halo" "2 years ago." Not "Halo 2" "years ago."
  17. Hey guys, I was wondering what do you think of the Spanish Community? There are a couple of teams in Mexico and Spain that might be amazing in the competitive side of Halo. Couple of teams destroyed Reality Check a couple of times. What's your honest opinion? (And saying their connection is bad might be obvious)
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