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Found 2 results

  1. Does sprint and descope belong in halo? Before you guys stop reading and say no to sprint and yes to descope. I like sprint. I know you'll probably say that it is a get out of jail free card but I would disagree. With the 4sk BR how many people do you find getting away. A good 4v4 team rarely lets someone get away because of callouts. In FFA who ever gets away alive from a blood bath? Not many. Using sprint even gets you punished sometimes. If you sprint around a corner and someone is there you immediately lose the battle because of the animation. The 4 shot BR makes this quick and easy. You might say that sprint destroys map and power weapon control. But this is not true. Whichever team in 4v4 controls power weapons have an upper hand. In H3 people rushed power weapons and power ups. In H4 the same thing happens. As someone who played H3 and enjoyed it can no longer stand it. I feel that the gameplay is not fast enough. The gaming industry is changing and Halo is too. Map control still exists it is just different now. Descope was a core feature in the original halo trilogy. The main argument for descope is competent snipers are near unstoppable. I think that a good way to fix this is to add descope to sniper class weapons only. These weapons being the sniper rifles, beam rifles, and binaries. This fixes the problem while allowing long range BR fights to flow seamlessly. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS AND BACK UP POINTS WITH REASONS
  2. As an avid player of SWAT through every Halo game, I have seen the game type evolve to become better and more competitive. Having played a lot of SWAT in Halo 4 I have had a lot of fun, but have some possible suggestions/feedback which could possibly improve the game type. I'm not trying to hate on the current game type currently in Halo 4, this is just some constructive feedback! Having experimented with different damage modifiers etc. (75% Player Damage, 90% Melee Damage) in the game settings I have managed to recreate the melee + one shot kill system, rather than the simple one hit melee in place at the moment. In my opinion this stops people from sprinting up to you and meleeing you before you even know what happened. Also this meant it took six body shots to kill a player rather than three, and thus requires more skill to get a headshot (rather than just spam the weapon). Finally, I think that there should only be one loadout, comprising of a BR/DMR and maybe a magnum. Even though the new title update introduced a lot of weapon balance into normal matchmaking, the DMR is still undoubtedly more powerful in SWAT, as it has a longer scope. Therefore I think having only one loadout consisting of either the BR or DMR would slightly balance the game type out more, but this is not so important as my other point. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I would appreciate any feedback/ opinions on this, or any other improvements to the current game type in Halo 4. Sorry this is quite long too, it may seem like a rant but it is just my thoughts! P.S Please do not hate on this topic if you do not like SWAT, if possible could you just keep your thoughts to yourself please? Thank you!
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