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Found 5 results

  1. Curfew Supported Gametypes: Slayer, KOTH, CTF Players: 8-16 Power Weapons: Rocket Launcher 1clip 90s, Sniper Rifle x2 1clip 90s, Sentinel Beam 90s Powerups: Active Camo 90s, Overshield 90s Vehicles: Ghost x2 90s, Gungoose x2 90s, Hornet x2 3min(No spawn at start or in flag) Let me know how you like the map and add me for customs. Gamertag: Chronmeister ( I am in the H2 Timed Run Cairo Station Leaderboard) Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 12/16/14 map update fixing CTF spawns
  2. These are the maps and gametypes I use in my weekly 6v6 lobby on Halo 4, here's the livestream from the first week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXyM_8Dn0fo&list=UUsseCUHnINKzHgkMFkB37CQ Gametypes Slayer - no personal or random ordnace, carbine/br loadouts with resupply, magnum secondaries and one frag. CTF - Same loadouts, 25s flag return with 5s recovery time. Next week I'll add territories and one flag. Maps Rockplot - Commander Colson. A sandtrap remake. Headlong - Paints. Remnants - Canadian Echo and Oasis Hurler. Inspired by Relic. Fuggedaboudit - Flying Shoe and Psycho Duck. Panic Attack - Psycho Duck. Remember Reach - Oasis Hurler. Fifth Column - Oasis Hurler. Cipher - Squally Dabeans. Bad Blood - The Fated Fire. I'm looking for more maps, Pm me or come to the lobby to get in touch.
  3. Quicksilver by Chronmeister Optimal Player Count: 8-16 Supported Gametypes: Slayer, KOTH, Extraction Ordnance: OS, Sniper Rifle, Sticky Det., Scattershot, SAW Other weapons placed on map: Needler x2, DMR, Light Rifle, Carbine, AR, Storm Rifle, Frag G's, Pulse G's, Plasma G's Download it Here<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I still have a lot of testing to do so if anyone gets in a lobby send me an invite. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Download Link ter·mi·nal ve·loc·i·ty nounPhysics noun: terminal velocity; plural noun: terminal velocities 1. the constant speed that a freely falling object eventually reaches when the resistance of the medium through which it is falling prevents further acceleration. Terminal Velocity is my first "real" Halo 4 Forge map. Up to this point, I had only gone into Forge to create "Oldschool" maps, by placing weapons similar to Halo 3 for appropriate gametypes, and setting up a type of Neutral Bomb before the mods started coming out. I have been hosting custom lobbies for Forgers for some time, and finally decided to design my own creation. Squad Battle in Halo 3 was my all-time favorite playlist, and the inspiration for the size of my map. My lobbies, most recently carrying the title "Spartans' Playground", reflect the type of maps I personally enjoy experiencing: those maps that transport you to another world, a unique experience, whether it is visually or it surprises you with an unexpected element. I especially enjoy maps that allow free exploration and limited boundaries. I tried to encompass these qualities in Terminal Velocity, which has minimal kill zones (Think, the sand dunes on SandTrap...), and a unique spawn system. Spartans were made for this... Terminal Velocity is set up for competitive 6v6: Slayer, Dominion (not tested yet), CTF, Ricochet (not tested yet). At this time there are no weapons spawns, as I am still studying map balance, which so far is unexpectedly fairly sound using default War Games Infinity. Birds Eye View Red Base Blue Base Blue Base Route to Man-Cannon Blue Man-Cannon to Top Mid Top Mid Route to Red Download Link
  5. Lunacy Gamertag:Chronmeister Optimal Player Count: 10-16 Supported Gametypes: Slayer, CTF, KOTH, Extraction Ordnance: Overshield, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Sticky Detonator, Needler x2 Vehicles: 1 Ghost and 2 Mongoose per team Lunacy is a medium/large map on Impact. I tried to make good use of the existing terrain and extreme height variation that this area offers. Yellow base gives players a great power position to battle over with its shooting gallery views of the entire map. This area is furthest from the sniper rifle however and has multiple entrances along with a man cannon and telporter leading to different areas, so holding it is a challenge. The rest of the map lies on the slope of the asteroid with ordnance evenly spread to all the areas, vehicles at red and blue, and placed long range rifles in the bases. Download it here<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Let me know how you like the map. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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