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Found 3 results

  1. I am a halo player who has started playing BO2 league play. I like it a lot but I suck. I need a mentor(s) to teach me the spawn system, call outs, map control, map movement, strafing/ jumping/ moho jump, head glitching etc. Can any of you teach me some or all of these things. Please. I try hard, never quit, and give it my all.
  2. I am relatively new to COD. Halo 4 is getting stale after nine months so I have been playing a lot of COD. I will continue to play both games though. I like league play and need people to play with. I am still learning about the game. I do not know about map movement, callouts, or anything like that yet. I am looking for nice people who do not have a huge ego. I am not really good at the game. I have put in alot of time playing in the last month. I use the MSMC and Dsr 50 combo, a skorpion load out, or an M8. I am looking for people to casually play league play but have the drive to win.
  3. I am new to COD from Halo 4. Halo 4 is getting stale after 9 months so I have been playing a lot in the last month. I like league play a lot. I am looking to learn about COD callouts, map movement, map control, strategy, flag routes, setups and info in general about playing league play. I was hoping to get links to websites, you tubers, youtube videos, and info posted straight below this. Thank you.
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