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  1. The original Redemption design has been revived! Many people only know Redemption for its 2-base arena style structure, but I have always preferred the original that started it all. When Salot and I originally sat down to begin work on a new project, we had been interested in creating a 4-way symmetrical, close-quarters map to rival Derelict and Wizard/Warlock. This aims at that same goal so I hope everyone enjoys it. Download https://imgur.com/a/0mc6GnF Map Info: - There are 2-way ports at each Strut-structure at the end of each bridge. You won't teleport until you touch the wall. - Overshield bottom mid (2 min) - DMRs on Blue and Red pillars (under bridge) - Light Rifles on Green and Gold pillars - Carbine on Green and Gold courtyards (in front of bases up against the bottom mid windows) - Frag grenades on Green and Gold Flag - Plasma grenades on Red and Blue courtyards
  2. Awaloa, Hawaiian for "burial grounds of the chiefs", is a 4v4 map set on an island in Erosion's under ground lake. Version 11 Download version 11 here Here are some version 10 / version 11 pics. Courtyard Interior Balcony Blue base Initial spawns see each other at a distance Version 8 Version 6 Awaloa boasts a Narrows-esq appearing bridge and underpass coupled with an ancient temple wall and court yard. The map is fully symmetrical in layout to support CTF and Ricochet. Slayer, KOTH, and Extraction utilize dynamic spawning. This map is my second Halo 4 map specifically centered around segmenting the map using a wall like structure in a Power House -esq curved format. Site lines from any point of the top of the wall (from any point on the map really) covers less than 50% of the playable area. Design goals 2LP rendering support Narrows-esq two level bridge structure & Power House style circular wall Unique play on skins to make the holes in the bridge look and play interestingly Gently sloping ground surface, a side affect of terra-forming using the coli walls Clean architectural designs both inside and out Segmenting and mid level elevation within the court yard Non direct paths to the top of the wall via the rocks along the edge of the map Some KOTH and Extraction sites protected from above, but also out of sight from above Small map spawning centered around the under bridge interior Initial Ordnance: [email protected] Weapons on Map: 2xSnipers(1spare)@90s,[email protected],[email protected]@30s, [email protected], [email protected] Budget: ~4k/10k More Details Static spawning for CTF and Ricochet Dynamic spawning for all other game types Significantly optimized for 2LP -- minor degradation in less than 10% of all doubled perspectives* OD only for Overshield to reduce rendering degradation. Ricochet zones are elevated off the floor to reduce death scores Ricochet zones are hidden behind base wall to make ball toss from top of bridge impossible. Interior of the under bridge provides elevated sections to strafe from Ricochet and Oddball ball spawns are along center line, while KOTH and Extraction sites are scattered across the map Play area will be defined by safe boundary to eliminate exploits of hiding off map edge** Hard kill boundaries will surround the map a short distance off shore to reset the Rico ball** This map will be hardened against exploits as it nears its final design** * Doubled perspectives is where both controllers are orientated to the same perspective, which amplifies the poor performance. To put the 2LP performance of Awaloa version 8 into perspective, the only other forge map in the playlists today (that I know of) that performs as well or better is Meta Raid and possibly Hekau. ** To be implemented still.
  3. Salem II 4-8 Players By: WaiHo GT: Obi Wai Kenobi Download link: HERE Unity Download link: HERE Gametypes: Slayer & Extraction Weapons: 1 Rockets 180sec. (initial ordinance) 1 Sniper 120sec. ( initial ordinance) 1 Needler 30sec. 1 Scattershot 60sec. 1 Suppressor 30sec. 2 Light Rifles 30sec. 4 BR's 30sec. 3 DMR's 30sec. 4 Frag grenades 60sec. 4 Plasma grenades 60sec. 4 Pulse grenades 60sec. Screenshots: Overview: Red base: Blue base: Blue plat/green: Green: Red door: Green door: Blue door: Rocket spawn: Dropdown/Top catwalk: Rockjump: And that's it! This is probably going to be my final map and I'll be tweaking this one untill it plays as good as it can. After that I'll probably be playing customs and matchmaking as I'm getting tired of forge and don't have any ideas left for new maps. It's been fun and this map is definitely the one that I'm most proud of. I hope you enjoy it! -WaiHo.
  4. Eulogy by Noooooch Team Slayer - Extraction - Koth
  5. It was said that the Great Anvils held a lot of secrets. I do believe we stumbled upon one. After reporting the discovery to HQ, Commander Mirage received orders to set up a base by the doors. This was a mistake. Now, I'm in charge and she is nowhere to be found. _______________________________________________________________ I haven't made a 1v1 map in a while. Figured it's time for another. That's how Mirage came to life. Mirage is asymmetric and is built on the lovely Forge Island. Mirage boasts great aesthetics which I'm very proud of. Her smooth curves and tasteful textures make her a pleasant sight to the eyes. You can feel like you're in actual place instead of just some random arena. I really tried to make her believable. I do hope I succeeded. I also thought about where I was going to build her and I think I hit the sweet spot. The windows are placed in a way where they actually show Forge Island's great scenery instead of an empty grassland. I also placed the map in an area where the sun hits it just right. Power weapons/powerups Sniper Rifle - 0 spare clips - 90s respawn Speed Boost - 120s respawn But enough about aesthetics. Let's talk gameplay. The map is very fast paced. Due to it's size, there are few moments where players spend a lot of time just trying to find each other. The map also blends long and short sightlines together very nicely. In the outskirts of the map, players are given long sightlines while the building in the middle provides plenty of CQC action. Mirage seems like it's gameplay would be donut-ish but this isn't the case. Fights happen everywhere and not just in the outskirts. This is because of the way the middle building is merged with the edges. It's a very quick way to get from one side of the map to the other and is also fairly protected. Players spawn with their own advantages at the start of a game. Starting Blue team spawns closer to the Speed Boost while starting Red team spawns closer to the sniper. This trade off works for the map because the person with Speed Boost is given enough movement options which will allow him to get closer to the sniper safely and engage in a more favorable situation. Not to mention he's harder to hit because of Speed Boost. As for the guy with the sniper, he is given plenty of long sightlines to work with. Dat teleporter doe. This teleporter design was drawn from Dax's Ciela The teleporter is quite useful in this map. It can be used as a means to escape. However, a smart player would be able to cut off the player escaping when he comes out of the receiver. Dem curves Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-5k3xQO31I
  6. Ophelia is a competitive 4v4 compatible with Slayer and Extraction. Slayer simply revolves around balancing bridge control with weapon timing. Extraction, however, places an even stronger emphasis on setups and bridge control making the two factors almost vital with that gameype.
  7. Keystone After reading the Preplanning, Forge Fundamental article I re-introduced myself to the world of Quake and got inspired from some sweet asym map pics. I wanted to create something similar but had a more arena feel to it. Keystone was the result. Weapons/Power-Ups/Armor Abilities 4x Frag Grenades 4x Plasma Grenades 4x Pulse Grenades 3x Battle Rifles 2x Needler 2x Shotguns (zero clips) 1x DMR 1x Carbine 1x Light Rifle 1x Assault Rifle 1x Supressor 1x Storm Rifle 1x Sniper 1x Overshield 1x Jet-Pack 1x Regen Field Visual Stimulus Keystone
  8. ANOMALY Anomaly is a symmetrical 4v4 map inspired by aspects of Elongation and Skyline. Created with Team Slayer and Extraction in mind, it features three hard routes on each side to the top level and one quick jump. The first concept was a four-way intersection in a futuristic city center, but the idea was quickly abandoned due to budget restrictions and the general flatness keeping with the city/street concept was creating. I kept the original flow of the map and ended up adding an additional hard route to the top levels in the form of a counter-clockwise flowing ramp. For reasons hidden to this forger, adding one counter-clockwise route with the two clockwise routes made the map feel complete and the rest of the map fell together afterwards. So, here we go. Weapons 4x Frag Grenade 4x Plasma Grenade 4x Pulse Grenade 4x Battle Rifle 2x Light Rifle 2x Magnum 2x Needler 2x Plasma Pistol 1x Overshield 1x Sticky Detonator 1x Railgun Pictures Download Anomaly
  9. Framerate Framerate is a Quake inspired medium sized asymmetrical map built for 4v4 Team Slayer and Extraction. When I set out to create this map, I had a few different concepts I wanted to implement, things I felt my previous maps either lacked or didn't quite accomplish the way I had intended. Verticallity, consistant theme/aesthetics and map flow were a few of those concepts and although screen-lag presented it's unattractive face towards the end of my forging I carried on and finished the map. Minor aesthetic tweaks to the Red side of the map lessened the frustrating frequency of framerate, but he still lurks in a few places. Weapons/Power-Ups/Armor Abilities 4x Battle Rifles 4x Frag Grenades 4x Plasma Grenades 2x Pulse Grenades 2x Carbines 2x DMR 2x Needlers 2x Jet-Packs (60 secs) 1x Shield Regenerator (60 secs) 1x Overshield (117 secs) 1x Incineration Cannon (177 secs) 1x Light Rifle 1x Storm Rifle 1x Supressor 1x Bolt Shot Pictures Download
  10. Melting Point Update: Fixed an issue where rockets would spawn below the map. Just a little 2v2 Map I started working on a couple months ago that I finally managed to finish after forgetting about it for quite some time. Weapons: Rockets - 3min OS - 3min BR Carbine Plasma's Frag's Screenshots: Download: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/b9ed3d1a-b495-4b90-8b69-b5e117396d9b
  11. Crest ​ Weapons Sniper x2 (60 Seconds - 0 Spare Clips - Delayed Spawn) Shotgun x2 (90 Seconds - 0 Spare Clips) Overshield (2 Minutes) DMR/BR/Carbine/Light Rifle x2 Assault Rifle x2 Plasma/Pulse Grenades x2 Frag Grenades x4 This is the first playable version of the map. The main point of concern right now is the player count. The weapons are setup for 4v4, but I'm not sure the map can provide safe spawning for that many players. If it can't, the weapon set will probably need to be altered to fit fewer players. Any feedback is appreciated. Walkthrough Video Download Crest
  12. Venom BETA: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/cc0b6a3b-fe23-4732-9bb8-d59ccbc33ed4 Asymmetrical 2v2 arena with acid routes and multiple portals. Venom features a mix of extreme verticality and overlap with a classic CE arena feel. Gameplay is dynamic, frantic, and acrobatic, requiring quick decision making and total map knowledge to outsmart enemy players, hold key lines of sight, and control portal movement. Acid Pit -25% shield decay Speed boost visual effect Recharge Station 25% shield generation up to 2x Overshield 50% damage resistance 3 second delay before shield generation if player enters the station after taking weapon damage Overshield visual effect Weapons and Power-Ups Rocket Launcher (180s) – 0 spare clips Sniper Rifle (120s) – 0 spare clips Speed Boost (120s) Conc Rifle (90s) – 0 spare clips Needler (60s) – 1 spare clips Plasma Pistol (60s) – 1 spare clips Screenshots: *Speed boost effect enabled for screenshots *Overhead: http://i3.minus.com/ibwD6PRYjRhUbx.jpg
  13. Polar Polar is essentially an aesthetic map - the result of experimenting with the new terraforming technique which was recently debuted by Honored Forge. Polar is also a modded map. I wanted to build without the usual restriction on natural pieces, and try to make something that looked like a mixture of rock and ice. It is setup for Slayer, but has not undergone any testing. Gametypes SlayerWeapons/Powerups Sniper Rifle Overshield Speed Boost BR's/DMR's/Carbines/Light Rifles Frag/Plasma/Pulse Grenades Assault Rifle Plasma Pistol Needlers Download Polar
  14. Parallelogram Parallelogram is my Ricochet map submitted to the Certain Affinity contest. It's a Medium (ish) sized, arena styled, inverse symmetrical map that features a bridge that connects both bottom portions of each base. I'd like to formally apologize for being able to only place two trees on the map... I feel like I let you guys down. I'm sorry. GAMETYPES Team Slayer, CTF, Extraction, Ricochet, KoTH, and Oddball. WEAPONS 4x Frag Grenade 4x Plasma Grenade 4x Pulse Grenade 4x Battle Rifle 2x Light Rifle 2x Carbine 2x DMR 2x Supressor 2x Storm Rifle 2x Scattershots 2x Needler 2x Plasma Pistol 1x Sniper PICTURES DOWNLOAD PARALLELOGRAM
  15. Download Link ter·mi·nal ve·loc·i·ty nounPhysics noun: terminal velocity; plural noun: terminal velocities 1. the constant speed that a freely falling object eventually reaches when the resistance of the medium through which it is falling prevents further acceleration. Terminal Velocity is my first "real" Halo 4 Forge map. Up to this point, I had only gone into Forge to create "Oldschool" maps, by placing weapons similar to Halo 3 for appropriate gametypes, and setting up a type of Neutral Bomb before the mods started coming out. I have been hosting custom lobbies for Forgers for some time, and finally decided to design my own creation. Squad Battle in Halo 3 was my all-time favorite playlist, and the inspiration for the size of my map. My lobbies, most recently carrying the title "Spartans' Playground", reflect the type of maps I personally enjoy experiencing: those maps that transport you to another world, a unique experience, whether it is visually or it surprises you with an unexpected element. I especially enjoy maps that allow free exploration and limited boundaries. I tried to encompass these qualities in Terminal Velocity, which has minimal kill zones (Think, the sand dunes on SandTrap...), and a unique spawn system. Spartans were made for this... Terminal Velocity is set up for competitive 6v6: Slayer, Dominion (not tested yet), CTF, Ricochet (not tested yet). At this time there are no weapons spawns, as I am still studying map balance, which so far is unexpectedly fairly sound using default War Games Infinity. Birds Eye View Red Base Blue Base Blue Base Route to Man-Cannon Blue Man-Cannon to Top Mid Top Mid Route to Red Download Link
  16. Krypton By DG Intensity ​ Brief Description: Krypton, a small asymmetrical map, is intended for team sizes of at most 2. It's design premise is based around the idea that, the more powerful a position is, the more risk you run by staying there. The central hub of the map is composed of an elevated walkway/platform area that provides long advantageous sight lines into all three of the surrounding bases. Although these sight lines are crucial for maintaining successful control of the map, two small death pits loom beneath the area making map knowledge and skillful player movement necessary for navigating through the area quickly. A multitude of jumps and other indirect routes lead up to the area along with two lifts. All three areas contain a small rock structure signifying a hill and/or an extraction site. Aside from he extraction site, all three rooms are intertwined together with multiple hard routes, some quick and others are bit more tedious providing a nice chunk of risk versus reward. In terms of power weapons, an overshield spawns on top of the main control hub and yes that is one the most powerful spots on the map but it is easily accessible from all regions of the map. Also, a sniper spawns in the tunnel that connects the lift room to red (If this causes a bit of confusion, look at the screenshots or download the map, you'll see where I mean). So, in a nutshell, Krypton is a condensed multileveled, multipurpose platform for 2-4 players across a variety of gametypes. This will be my last halo 4 map as I have recently become pressed for time in the "real life." I honestly do hope you all enjoy it and please, don't hesitate to leave your comments, concerns and suggestions in the thread. Also one last thing before I go on explaining the maps assets; I'd like to thank everyone who has downloaded the forgeries from my consistently updating fileshare, both good and bad maps. Although forging has been one of my favourite pastimes for my last few years, for now it will have to take a back seat. Once again, thanks Supported Gametypes: - King of the hill - Extraction - Oddball - All slayer variants Weapons on map: - Battle Rifle x3 - DMR x2 - Frag Grenade x4 - Lightrifle x1 - Sniper Rifle x1 (116s Ordinance) - Overshield x1 (116s Ordinance) Screenshots: This map is very early on into it's life so any comments and suggestion and problems will be taken seriously as it is highly susceptible to change. DL: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/337f8d08-7698-4393-aca5-a1a31c732c46
  17. Hey guys. I'm proud to present my first competitive map on Impact. I made this because I wanted to challenge myself. I keep hearing people saying that Impact is the hardest canvas to forge a map on because of the frequent framerate and lighting issues. I'm quite glad that I didn't experience those issues in the few tests I ran on this map. This map is asymmetric and has only two bases. This map is still in its beta phase so nothing is permanent. A lot in this map are still subject to change. Download link to map beta: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/988b41e3-ca99-48e9-8d64-edf9dc8780ba Weapons - Rocket Launcher - Sticky Detonator - Sniper Rifle __________________________________ SCREENSHOTS
  18. Well, I am not going to get into to much detail about this map. The majority of the time I design a map like this the forging doesn't usually work out. This happens to be one of the rare occasions when my fatness did not stop me from working on it. Also, if you are going to complain about falling off that is not actual feedback. That is you lacking awareness and being a nub. I say this because if that happens to be the only piece of feedback you have. Do not even bother saying anything. Gametypes: TS, EXT, KOTH. Weapons: Sniper Sticky Det OS AR SR DMR Carbine LR Suppressor Frag Plasma Pulse Pics: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Map Download: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/purely%20fat/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0
  19. Silex is a symmetric map built for 4v4. In the few tests I ran on this map, it played pretty well. But it's still a work in progress so a lot of things are subject to change. There are two bases for each team in the map, a center structure, and a small base for sword spawn. The Rocket Launcher spawns in the center and is quite a task to acquire at the start of the match. This is because players will be flowing to the center at the beginning to create a firefight for the rockets. Link to map beta: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/f6a08446-50b2-4a0e-9a38-666c0e032e85 Weapons - Rocket Launcher - Sniper Rifle - Energy Sword __________________________ SCREENSHOTS
  20. Axial v4.3 [bETA] An original map forged and designed by Resivore aka Res. Supported game types include Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill. 4v4 recommended. DOWNLOAD AXIAL V4.3 Introduction A map that I had initially been too afraid to release has flourished into something I am genuinely proud of. Featuring intense CTF game play and fast paced slayer, Axial is a blast to play on. I feel it's official release is looming... Weapons 1x Rail Gun - 120s @ Bottom Green 1x Sniper Rifle - 120s @ Bottom Gold 1x Overshield - 120s @ Top Middle 4x Battle Rifle @ Red + Blue Pillars 2x Covenant Carbine @ Red + Blue Base 1x DMR @ Top Green 1x Light Rifle @ Top Gold Screenshots Note: Click to enlarge. Overviews. Bases. Gold. Green. Any and all feedback is appreciated!
  21. Note 1: @Mods: Please lock or delete the thread for Antagonist. Note 2: Koffing and Weezing are the same map. Name after pokemon because I give no fuck anymore. Though of course, there's a chance I'll change the name prior to official release. Hello folks! This map you're about to see is a quake-styled room based map that I have pursued for a long time. It has an extensive forge history, as it began in the depths (I mean joys) of ZB Halo Reach. However, I have gone through major aesthetic changes as well as some crucial layout / weapon changes. To this day, it has made it to Forge Island, despite my hate for the palette, because the aesthetics were busy and created frame-rate on Impact. I am happy with how it turned out now; the map/weapon layout, the aesthetics, and the exhaustion of Meta. I have two variants of this map. Koffing is set up for 2v2, and the evolved form Weezing is set up for 4v4. The variants are different in terms of the rocket launcher and the spawn system. 4v4 is currently a stretch, but I am hoping for it to become reality. Regardless, both variants should support Slayer and Extraction. Weapon set: Rocket Launcher (2v2 - 149s ; 0 clip ; Not at start / 4v4 - 149 or 179s ; 1 clip ; At start) spawns in gold Sniper Rifle (119s ; 1 clip) spawns in blue. *Nade-able off its platform* Concussion Rifle (89s ; 1 clip) spawns in green *Nade-able off its platform* Shotgun (59s ; 0 Clip) spawns at very bottom towards purple. Overshield (120s; Initial ordnance) spawns above Red window (unfortunately I don't have a screen for it) Speed boost (90s; Initial Ordnance) spawns bottom blue ***Remember, it's camo for the cooler gametypes.*** And now, screenshots: Main Atrium Blue Room Sniper spawns on the hoop. There are 3 ways to get it: 1) Jump from above, which Purple's tele can take you there. 2) Nade it down at a good angle. 3) At the beginning of the game, get your teammate to stay and jump off his head to get it. Also, Speedboost currently spawns on a toilet. Green Room Credits to 'The Fated Fire' for the idea for an ocean/mountain view. Gold Room Rockets spawn before the Gold Meta Red Room OUTDATED SCREENSHOT: That railing has changed to a more normal railing that connects above red window. Tyrant was fed up (but not really) because the ring looked too much like a donut. Lastly, Purple Hall I agree, there's too much "white-on-white" going on with the window. Also, the pathway on the outside leads to the main teleporter. ------------------------------------------------------- Download Koffing vb Download Weezing vb That is the map everybody. I have put a lot of hard work into a design I became really passionate of (I mean, I used a palette I dreaded so much for the sake of the map's performance). I am undoubtedly open to feedback, whether the spawning is still a mess for 4v4, an area is overpowered, weapons don't spawn fast enough, etc. etc. Just let me know your thoughts on the map. P.S.: I am considering a 1v1 version if the map shows potential for it. But when that happens, the names will be Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff, respectively. #Pokemeta
  22. Quantic 4-8 Players By: WaiHo GT: Obi Wai Kenobi Download link: HERE Gametypes: - Slayer - Extraction - KotH Background story: I started forging in the beginning of H4, after building many maps ( Acolyte, Acidgate, Natura, Akropolis: Impact, Akropolis: FI, Naboo Grievous, Sector, Convoy, Strident, Hazard, Farside, Radiant, Rendum, Kamer 43, Vessel, Bailrok, Dojo, Dammy 1 & 2, Drainage, Salum, Shangrila) I had no more inspiration and ideas left for new maps. Took a short break and went on a holiday, coming back I suddenly had a good idea to give a dammy styled map a 3rd try. So this is where all my experience got me, I am proud to present you Salem. A vertical styled map that brings a similar style of gameplay damnation brought, but with its own unique twist. Weapons: Rockets (Initial oridinance 180 sec) Sniper (Initial ordinance 120) Overshield (Random ordinance, not placed at start) BR 4x DMR 2x Frag grenades 4x plasma grenades 2x Supressor 1x (45 sec respawn) Jetpack 1x (60 sec respawn) Screenshots: Overview: Middle view: Ladder/bottom mid: Snipe spawn: Red spawn: Teleporter room/Overshield spawn: Back purple: Back blue/jetpack spawn: Blue spawn: Download link. AND THAT’S IT!
  23. METARCH Forged by The Fated Fire Download Metarch Metarch is a 1v1/2v2 map I built for the Halo Customs 1v1 tournament. It has a lot of rocks and trees and stuff, and the map design is similar to a half-pipe with other skate park style geometry. Metarch is symmetrical but the curving rocks and cliff create an asymmetrical feel with one side closed and the other open. No boat or satellite this time, but there is a marsh/garden thingy bottom mid. It’s cool. Player Count: 2-4 Players Gametype: Slayer Weapon Set: Concussion Rifle (90s) Scattershot (90s) Battle Rifle x2 (30s) Carbine x2 (30s) Light Rifle x2 (30s) Magnum (30s) Frag Grenades x2 (30s) Plasma Grenades x4 (30s) Pulse Grenades x4 (30s)
  24. Arena Zealot Download link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/evolved%20asko/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Map Variant: Impact Player Count: 2-8 players Supported Gametypes: Team slayer and Capture The Flag Weapon List & Spawn Times: Sniper rifle - every 2 minutes Sticky detonator - every 2 minutes Version 2 This is a remake of the map "Zealot" from Halo:REACH. I chose to make it in the forge map "Impact" for bring back the space in the out side like the original. It was hard to me to make it because the pieces of the forge is not like the original map. Please, tell me if i should change somethings for a better feeling. Don't forget to comment, any feedback will be aprecciated !
  25. Oculus By Squally DaBeanz Oculus is an asymmetrical 4V4 map with some functionally symmetrical qualities. The map draws some inspiration from Sanctuary in general design, and The Ark (by Fated Fire) in visual cleanliness. It consists of two mostly symmetrical bases facing a middle bridged structure, a circular hub on one side, and an asymmetrical platform on the other side with a smaller circular tower. There are other asymmetrical connections throughout the rest of the map with similarly shaped courtyards in front of each base. Screenshots: Download: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/squally%20dabeanz/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Any and all feedback is appreciated
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