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Found 1 result

  1. So, I recently played some FFA in Dispatch and oh boy, that has to be the worst experience in that map for me, the spawns just made me think that how can this even be a FFA map? Every time I spawned, there was a enemy already shooting at me from behind or I spawn right next to a noshield enemy, nevertheless, the game ended after few rages. So I went to play some Snipers on Shutout and man, that is the worst, every time I spawned, it was on bottom lift or on snipe ramp and constantly get spawn trapped, we lost the game 50 to 10 and we had no chance thanks to the beam rifle spawn in S3 and them hogging it, it was a nightmare, this same thing happens in many other maps and it is just terrible, in Halo 3 (MLG for example) the spawns were carefully thought and you could get out of the spawn trap very easily, it was perfect, maps were perfect but now these maps just are annoying and not fun to play.
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