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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone, After the last AGL montage, there seemed to be a lack of gameplay/general clips in there. So I thought as a community we could go through some rebroadcasts and find clips for the next one, to help them make a great event montage So heres what to post: Sick clips and clutch plays/chokes Funny moments from the commentators Funny facecam moments (like the Ola one from last event) Try to format like this: Link to specific broadcast; Time of Clip; Short description Link to video playlist: MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT INDICATING WHICH MATCHUP YOU WILL WATCH THROUGH! That way everyone can go through a different section, getting more clips. Ex: I will go through FFA finals to find clips. Tip: Use the Share section on the YouTube vid to share the link with time embedded (it will skip straight to the clip)
  2. Do you think that aPG is the cause for teams losing or is the Ryanoob curse real? PS: Try to keep this as respectable as possible
  3. My team is in need of a coach for Knoxville. If you're interested please tweet me or message my gamertag if you don't have twitter. Twitter - @LindsayBunny Gamertag - Lindsay Bunny
  4. My team is looking for some scrims tonight around 9:30 CST message my gamertag Lindsay Bunny.
  5. Im looking for a team to play with for AGL 8 and other events also, im a F/A of course, with a 2.90 K/D. My GT: Schlegel v2 . I can run pretty much every hour of the day. MY twitter is "Schlegel_AGL" That's one of the fastest ways to get a hold of me. Or message me on Xbox also.
  6. Hey my brother and I are currently looking for 2 dedicated players for AGL 8, We both attended AGL Nashville and I have attended events for halo 2 and unfortunately reach. I have been around competitive halo for quite a while I know what it takes to win. We already purchased a team pass, so if you have a partial team like us and are looking to compete at AGL 8 contact me on twitter or live. gt- Mmazin6 @mmazing_
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