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Found 97 results

  1. UPDATE #1: An updated version of MLG Pit 8 now available in my file share (Top Base spawns blocked) UPDATE #2: Updated the custom powerup on Construct Hill. UPDATE #3: Fixed. UPDATE #4: Onslaught made by Gosh is Good. Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJQTtVEBgks UPDATE #5: Amplified v5 made by CCKLNG. Want to play Halo 3 MLG 60fps? Add me on Xbox Live (GT: xAcer95x) and download the maps and gametypes from my fileshare. Maps: MLG Cons TS 8 MLG Cons KIng 8 MLG Heretic 8 MLG Guardian 8 MLG Narrows 8 MLG Pit 8 MLG Heretic FFA *Onslaught 8 (Add Gosh is Good to download) *Amplified v5 (Add CCKLNG to download) Gametypes: MLG TS 8 MLG Cstruct TS 8 MLG CTF 5Flag 8 MLG CTF Nar 8 MLG CTF Pit 8 MLG King 8 MLG Ball 8 How to download them? 1. Go to any menu in MCC. 2. Open roster by pressing X. 3. Press A on your gamertag. 4. Select "FIND PLAYER" 5. Search for "xAcer95x" 6. Select "FILE SHARE" 7. Download the files under "GAME TYPES" and "MAP VARIANTS" tabs. If there's something else wrong with the maps or gametypes, send me a message via XBL or tweet @Aceriii
  2. Red Sea Supported Gametypes: Slayer, CTF Players 4-8 Recommended Game: Team Slayer BR 4v4 Power Weapons: Sniper Rifle x2 90s 1clip, Fuel Rod Gun 90s 1clip, Shotgun 90s noclip Powerups: Active Camo Red Sea is my submission to Ducain23's Stonetown Forge Competition. I was reluctant to forge on anything other than the forge palates, but I think this actually turned out okay. There is no option to add anything natural though, so I tried my best to used what was available. I really love the way the water looks on the map and wish the same effort was put into the water on Awash. I'm sure this is probably the best option to forge on as far as standard maps go too, so good choice there Ducain23. Anyway, I hope you like the map and look for me on the Halo 2 Timed Run Cairo Station Leaderboard. Gamertag: Chronmeister 12/16/14 map update fixing CTF spawns
  3. Illusion Players 6-12 Gamtypes: Slayer, One Flag CTF, KOTH, 3 Plot, Infection (DL Gamtype) Power Weapons: Sniper Rifle x2 1clip 90s, Brute Shot 1clip 90s (nospawn at start), Rocket Launcher 90s 1clip, Sentinel Beam 90s 1clip Powerups: Active Camo 90s, Overshield 90s DL custom Gametype for Infection While patrolling Venus, the group discovered a hidden spring within an area known for high covenant traffic. Scans revealed that the water not only was completely pure, but was originating from somewhere inside the mountain that the spring sat below. A probe was released into the spring, but hit a dead end after resurfacing at the source. The team geared up and dove into the spring. After reaching the electrified gate that was stopping the probe, they hacked the switch and entered what appeared to be ruins of an ancient human civilization. Something about the area didn't make sense to the captain. The structures looked old, and eroded, but everything was completely clean as if it was just built. While he was observing his surroundings, the other soldiers started bickering amongst themselves. One of them drew a gun and shot the one to his left in the head. The captain felt his sanity slip suddenly then lost all control. He pulled his pistol and fired on the remaining squad members, killing them instantly with precision. Within seconds of attaining the clarity he now felt, the bodies at his feet started to disappear. Suddenly, everything went black as he caught a glimpse of the resurrected soldiers slaughtering each other on the horizon. The Covenant's trap appeared to be working for now. With these subjects in a constant state of attack, much knowledge of human battle tactics can be extracted. The psychic connection required to maintain the test cannot be sustained indefinitely though, and when the connection is broken, the humans may realize the true nature of their surroundings. Let me know how you like the map and add me for customs. GT: Chronmeister (H2 timed run easy Cairo Station Leaderboard)
  4. Liens Video : https://account.xbox.com/fr-FR/gameclips?gamertag=KlassiK+PuniShR Download : Gamertag : KlassiK PuniShR
  5. Trifecta Trifecta is a three way symmetrical map primarily designed for Slayer, but with added KOTH, and Oddball gametypes. The map features some pretty unique sightlines. Sniper spawn in particular has a great opportunity for cross map, thread the needle shots. Weapons Sniper Rifle x2 90s Rocket Launcher 90s Shotgun 90s Assault Rifle x2 Covenant Carbine x2 SMG Needler Plasma Pistol Brute Plasma Rifle Frag Grenades Plasma Grenades Powerups Active Camo Let me know how you like the map and add me for customs. Gamertag: Chronmeister (any feedback is greatly appreciated) New pics coming soon!
  6. DoJang This was a design i had sitting back since reach and with the forge objects that was given to us in H2A. With the feedback from Seth,Warholic, Schnitzel and Haunted Army i finally able to release a playable version of the map. This design is a Asymmetrical atrium that consits of multi-levels with both short and long LOS. There is always room for improvement on this map and some of the screen shots are not updated, but just minor things have changes. Please leave any feedback in this thread. To download add Big papa salot and just favorite me. Gametypes KOTH TS Oddball Weapons & Power ups Sniper x2 Rockets x1 Battle Rifle x6 Carbine x2 SMG Suppressed x1 plasma pistol x2 Brute Plasma Rifle x1 Assault Rifle x2 Frags x4 Plasma x2 Os x1 Camo x1 Final Updates Removed color from middle Lowered Weapon & Power up timers Shrunk map 1.0 Switch Rockets and OS Added route from bottom court yard to top blue shotgun Added window to gold side Added jump up/window from red shotgun to camo Clean map up V2 updates Removed color from center of map Shrunk map 1.0 Clean doors up Lowered weapon and power up timers Walk Through https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIbjXQki4CU&feature=youtu.be Screen Shots
  7. Good evening, which could not put of image I invite you to look at this video ! https://account.xbox.com/fr-fr/gameclip ... 0e7fe465df You can find my map in my fileshare : KlassiK PuniShR Sorry for spelling, i use a translator.
  8. Curfew Supported Gametypes: Slayer, KOTH, CTF Players: 8-16 Power Weapons: Rocket Launcher 1clip 90s, Sniper Rifle x2 1clip 90s, Sentinel Beam 90s Powerups: Active Camo 90s, Overshield 90s Vehicles: Ghost x2 90s, Gungoose x2 90s, Hornet x2 3min(No spawn at start or in flag) Let me know how you like the map and add me for customs. Gamertag: Chronmeister ( I am in the H2 Timed Run Cairo Station Leaderboard) Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 12/16/14 map update fixing CTF spawns
  9. ASCEND (GO TO 1:25 FOR VIDEO START) Weapons and Power Ups Battle Rifle - 6 Carbine - 3 Plasma Pistol -1 Plasma Rifle - 1 Frag Nades - 4 Plasma Nades - 4 Sniper Rifle - 1 Camo - 1 Gametypes Slayer KoTH(soon) Please leave thoughts/feedback thanks ^_^ FILE SHARE: LowGi EDIT: I forgot to mention that this is a remake of my map Echo. I redesigned some areas and made the map overall smaller. And it was forged on a lighter canvas.
  10. Hi, This is my map for H2A, inspired to Simplex & Midship. http://youtu.be/7gwtNN4PWrI GEOMETRIC DESCRIPTION: Elliptic Arena, Symmetric. Dimension: 33 x 35,5 mt Ideal for: 4vs4 WEAPONS: Overshield (x1) 90s Energy Sword (x1) 60s Shotgun (x1) 60s Covenant Carabine (x1) 45s Battel Rifle (x6) 45s SMG (x4) 45s Plasma Pistol (x2) 45s Plasma Rifle (x2) 45s Frag Grenades (x4) 30s Plasma grenades (x2) 30s DYNAMIC ELEMENTS: Door Shield (x8) Switchers On (x2) Timer Off: 60s Push the buttons to active the shields around the mid structure. They turns off after 60s. GAME MODE: Team Slayer Team CTF5 Multiflag Team Crazy King Team Assault Multibomb Team Oddball Rumble Pit I hope u like it Download from GT: Lukr4sh
  11. ECHO (Skip to 1:25) Sup guys. This is my new map I made recently. It's basically done. I only have it set up for Slayer right now but I might set it up for oddball, bomb, and Koth. I might do flag too, it depends on how that would play. This map is a small to medium arena style map made for 4v4, 2v2, and 1v1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Map Details 1 Overshield 1 Sniper 1 Shotgun (Spawns bottom Green in the video, but is going to go bottom gold instead since sniper is back green). 4 Frags 4 Plasmas 6 Battle Rifle 2 Carbine 1 Plasma Pistol 1 Assault Rifle ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Leave any thoughts, comments, or feedback, thanks! ^_^ FILE SHARE: LowGi
  12. The original Redemption design has been revived! Many people only know Redemption for its 2-base arena style structure, but I have always preferred the original that started it all. When Salot and I originally sat down to begin work on a new project, we had been interested in creating a 4-way symmetrical, close-quarters map to rival Derelict and Wizard/Warlock. This aims at that same goal so I hope everyone enjoys it. Download https://imgur.com/a/0mc6GnF Map Info: - There are 2-way ports at each Strut-structure at the end of each bridge. You won't teleport until you touch the wall. - Overshield bottom mid (2 min) - DMRs on Blue and Red pillars (under bridge) - Light Rifles on Green and Gold pillars - Carbine on Green and Gold courtyards (in front of bases up against the bottom mid windows) - Frag grenades on Green and Gold Flag - Plasma grenades on Red and Blue courtyards
  13. This is an unfinished map I'd like some feedback on. draft overview middle bridge viewed from one base top mid looking towards the cave older version of top-mid view of top-mid from cave balcony one side spawn looking at top-mid and the path beneath it the tunnel under the bridge with the base door and a jump up visible bottom mid with path towards bottom cave bottom cave tunnel with proposed sniper cave balcony cave side spawn with eventual path into the side of the base outer tower with path partially built This was a 2-8 player slayer and objective map with a promethean/forerunner palette. Its design spanned a year and the aim was to provide both a visually appealing and fast-paced gameplay experience. With the help of forgers @@RipShaDe 41, @@SilentRaine and @@Eshkii, we iterated on the basic design to draw closer to that goal. However, fearing that I'd fall short of that goal, I suspended it. Since it's unfinished, you can clearly see various paths missing. The main layout consists of two overlapping Y paths with intersecting routes that connect the spawn hives and jump ups at the verticies. It's almost taking Halo 3's Narrows and bending it inwards, but here there are more counter sightlines and jumps. Most of the aesthetics are functioning as cover, callouts, jumps or LOS blockers for spawns, but I made sure not to commit to any of them if it compromised the overall design. Nevertheless, it reached a point where I was unsure if the layout was even going to be good. I didn't feel as though the bases were interesting enough or if there was any particular area I'd want to vie for during Slayer. I also was very conscious of any potential spawning issues. What do you guys think? Is it worth building for Halo 2 Anniversary, or does the current design need more work?
  14. Outlaw 8-10 players Team Slayer - Extraction - KotH - Oddball Overshield - 116s Sniper Rifle - 146s Railgun - 116s Download Outlaw
  15. Awaloa, Hawaiian for "burial grounds of the chiefs", is a 4v4 map set on an island in Erosion's under ground lake. Version 11 Download version 11 here Here are some version 10 / version 11 pics. Courtyard Interior Balcony Blue base Initial spawns see each other at a distance Version 8 Version 6 Awaloa boasts a Narrows-esq appearing bridge and underpass coupled with an ancient temple wall and court yard. The map is fully symmetrical in layout to support CTF and Ricochet. Slayer, KOTH, and Extraction utilize dynamic spawning. This map is my second Halo 4 map specifically centered around segmenting the map using a wall like structure in a Power House -esq curved format. Site lines from any point of the top of the wall (from any point on the map really) covers less than 50% of the playable area. Design goals 2LP rendering support Narrows-esq two level bridge structure & Power House style circular wall Unique play on skins to make the holes in the bridge look and play interestingly Gently sloping ground surface, a side affect of terra-forming using the coli walls Clean architectural designs both inside and out Segmenting and mid level elevation within the court yard Non direct paths to the top of the wall via the rocks along the edge of the map Some KOTH and Extraction sites protected from above, but also out of sight from above Small map spawning centered around the under bridge interior Initial Ordnance: [email protected] Weapons on Map: 2xSnipers(1spare)@90s,[email protected],[email protected]@30s, [email protected], [email protected] Budget: ~4k/10k More Details Static spawning for CTF and Ricochet Dynamic spawning for all other game types Significantly optimized for 2LP -- minor degradation in less than 10% of all doubled perspectives* OD only for Overshield to reduce rendering degradation. Ricochet zones are elevated off the floor to reduce death scores Ricochet zones are hidden behind base wall to make ball toss from top of bridge impossible. Interior of the under bridge provides elevated sections to strafe from Ricochet and Oddball ball spawns are along center line, while KOTH and Extraction sites are scattered across the map Play area will be defined by safe boundary to eliminate exploits of hiding off map edge** Hard kill boundaries will surround the map a short distance off shore to reset the Rico ball** This map will be hardened against exploits as it nears its final design** * Doubled perspectives is where both controllers are orientated to the same perspective, which amplifies the poor performance. To put the 2LP performance of Awaloa version 8 into perspective, the only other forge map in the playlists today (that I know of) that performs as well or better is Meta Raid and possibly Hekau. ** To be implemented still.
  16. zealot a remake [ download forge island version ] [ download impact version ] info So. I remade Zealot. I tried very hard to incorporate its curvature, since that is basically the point of Zealot. I originally forged it on Impact, but that was wishful thinking. While I barely managed to escape the lighting glitch, frame rate came in to kick my ass. So here it is, pearly white on forge island. I threw some rocks down to create some contrast, little though it may be. [ update ]: I made an impact version that I hope won't be swathed in frames. I couldn't help it, it just looks so much better than it does on forge island. a few things to note There is now a physical lift to top gold, versus a teleporter as featured in MLG Zealot. Healthpack's geometry is a bit funky, but the LoS should be similar enough to the original Zealot that it's functional. There is also an accidental jump up in the flag drop down made from piece usage. I don't think it'll destroy the game, just gives you something else to be aware of. Cuts wall is bigger than street wall, but that's so you can't jump from gold bridge to the landings. You can thank sprint for that. And finally, you hit your head when you take the lifts from ring one, but they are otherwise entirely functional, and there are preventative measures that keep users from getting stuck. Although, I think we all know that if you're trying to break a lift, you probably can. We're not gonna talk about how messy mid looks. Well, just kidding, but if you are gonna talk about it, be gentle. Haha. weapons sniper @ top gold [ 2 minutes ] sticky detonator @ holos/green [ 2 minutes ] battle rifle @ flag & healthpack dmr @ bottom gold & flag jump carbine @ healthpack cubby & landing frag grenades @ flag plasma grenades @ connector gametypes set up for slayer and ctf 4v4 recommended spawns are not set up for FFA forge island images impact images and remember guys... [ download forge island version ] [ download impact version ]
  17. Flagship RTX Created by: The Fated Fire Download: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/b674d83a-cc45-4448-8f95-35e19633ec23 Game Types: Capture the Flag Extraction Slayer
  18. Author: kikko9 (DebonairHalo) Map: https://www.halowaypoint.com/it-it/players/kikko9/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=aa4d74e6-d42c-453c-9c16-299bfddefe82 Gametype: https://www.halowaypoint.com/it-it/players/kikko9/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=2115667f-4cf6-4314-aea5-76622a51062d 'zup guys! This time I'm here to bring you a minigame. This a 4v4 version of Trenches that I've made (once again) thinking of Action Sack. Rules are very simple: all players spawn with random weapons and they have to controll the central dominion base. Every 15 seconds of controll you'll receive 10 points. The first team who reaches 100 points wins. This map can be also played with Husky Raid. You can found it here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/it-it/players/kikko9/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=e8beacca-3f31-4f49-bf0b-a5a97e06826f Thanks for your time!
  19. Author: kikko9 (Old GT: DebonairHalo) Download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/it-it/players/kikko9/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=a9e25df5-1a76-4065-9dc8-99190a96c1d2 'zup guys! I'm here to bring you a tiny project of mine. This is called King of the Shield and I've created this gametype thinking of Action Sack. The concept is very simple: each player starts with a magnum and no shield. Enter the hill to collect points (every player counts). Well, and then? Where's the cool thing? The cool thing is that if you enter the hill you will be able to use your hidden armor ability (the hardlight shield) without limits and you can use it with your team to create your personal strategy to controll the hill as much as you can. One example? Protect yourself behind a teammate's shield... ...and jump (or move laterally) to shoot your damn gun! This is just one of the tactics that you can use. Use your immagination and become the King of the Shield!
  20. Eulogy by Noooooch Team Slayer - Extraction - Koth
  21. So basically me and my forging partner used to make Halo maps and I thought I'd post some. I have basically quit Halo and he went inactive about a year ago (don't worry the subject came up before he left and he said I could use/promote the maps we built together however I wanted). Purity VI - FFA, Team Slayer (2 teams), CTF (2 teams) Purity has gone through many redesigns and small tweaks. The map is semi-competitive and is designed to play around Halo 4's design decisions as best as it can and as bad as most of them were while still trying being fun. Links: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-au/players/br%20slick%20evo/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=739f1c57-9678-4df8-82b4-6c924aed778b Amethyst (Alpha 2) - Team Slayer (2 teams) and CTF (2 teams) Just Capture the Flag on a bridge. Pretty simple design. The design was mostly on my forging partner and I just rebuild the thing more symmetrically and with a couple of small changes. Links: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-au/players/br%20slick%20evo/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=9ccf7966-f080-4d32-992c-f07765a5a33c M-Ball (Alpha Something) - Specific Game Mode Was also mostly by my forging partner, I didn't rebuild this one and instead made a lot (I mean lots, forge is annoying) of minor tweaks to it. Just a really good ricochet map IMO. Links: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-au/players/br%20slick%20evo/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=65891d68-dd96-4749-8227-698553c55b9b https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-au/players/br%20slick%20evo/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=8b2400ca-07d4-4380-bec0-7abe5a9b36b2 Pillers - Specific Game Mode Pillers is a minigame that lasts 6 minutes and spawns you with a Gravity Hammer and an Energy Sword. A death is worth -1 and that is the only form of scoring (least deaths win). You spawn in a "safe zone" but must jump down to the small pillars before the soft kill barrier timer hits zero. Up to four teams. FFA breaks the "safe zones" Links: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-au/players/br%20slick%20evo/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=5bae5161-e658-4a0e-8c54-075a9463558a https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-au/players/br%20slick%20evo/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=7a914c57-4173-4afb-b2f7-0bb6049e631c Flag Defender 3 - Specific Game Mode Flag defender is a minigame where there is 1 defending team and every other team is attacking. When a round is over the teams rotate and there's a new defender. The defender cannot score and their only goal is to prevent scores so when they attack they have to score less. To score grab the one flag in the middle and take it back to your base. When you spawn there is 3 seconds of invulnerability and 500% melee damage, this is to prevent spawn campers. You must change the gametype rounds to however many teams (up to 4) there are and there must be a red team. Links: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-au/players/br%20slick%20evo/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=656432de-25fe-4a95-a16f-ffb81799fea7 https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-au/players/br%20slick%20evo/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=5d1f4259-e73d-4152-ac93-76435a1240d4
  22. ZED created by Zandril S312 and oOZeroFlameOo This map is a product of a coforge between myself and oOZeroFlameOo. We basically wanted to make a map with a curved bridge that's similar to the one in Narrows but with more movement options around the map. The map is inversely symmetric. The middle has a decent amount of cover to make it a very strong position but is very contestable because of the routes enemy players can take to outflank the players controlling top mid. The setup of the bases are pretty simple. The main building in the bases are near the ends of the curved bridge and each base has its own courtyard. The bases also have a back route into them that players can take to flank enemy players controlling the bases. It is also home to the sniper spawn for each team. The map features plenty of jump ups ranging from basic jumps to discrete ones that will really assist observant players. Power weapons/powerups: - Rocket Launcher (x1)(180s) - Sniper Rifle (x2)(120s) Zed is compatible with Slayer, CTF, Extraction. MORE SCREENSHOTS Many thanks to - a Chunk - Charles Stoot - Darkrain491 - Master Debaytes - Psychoduck - The Fated Fire - WARHOLIC Final advice: Eating bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is good for the heart.
  23. Lashout An upscaled remake of Halo 2's Lockout which focuses on improving the matchmaking experience of Halo 4's Shutout by including excluded gameplay elements from the original map. I started the concept for this remake in Halo: Reach on 10/15/2010. My original goal was to remake Lockout in every aspect when it comes to line-of-sight, jump ups, weapon placement, and spawn placement with no sprint in mind. The problem with remaking Lockout with this approach is Halo 4's spawn system and how it's meant for bigger maps. With this realization, I remade my concept but with a bigger scale which in return created a smoother and closer experience to the original Lockout. There are three different versions of this map: Lashout, a matchmaking equivalent which uses ordinance Lashout Spectator, the same as the matchmaking equivalent but with green spectators above a grid Lashout Classic, spawns and map geometry are the same as the matchmaking equivalent but weapon placement is placed as close to the original map without ordinance. Download Lashout Download Lashout Spectator Download Lashout Classic
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