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Found 18 results

  1. UPDATE #1: An updated version of MLG Pit 8 now available in my file share (Top Base spawns blocked) UPDATE #2: Updated the custom powerup on Construct Hill. UPDATE #3: Fixed. UPDATE #4: Onslaught made by Gosh is Good. Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJQTtVEBgks UPDATE #5: Amplified v5 made by CCKLNG. Want to play Halo 3 MLG 60fps? Add me on Xbox Live (GT: xAcer95x) and download the maps and gametypes from my fileshare. Maps: MLG Cons TS 8 MLG Cons KIng 8 MLG Heretic 8 MLG Guardian 8 MLG Narrows 8 MLG Pit 8 MLG Heretic FFA *Onslaught 8 (Add Gosh is Good to download) *Amplified v5 (Add CCKLNG to download) Gametypes: MLG TS 8 MLG Cstruct TS 8 MLG CTF 5Flag 8 MLG CTF Nar 8 MLG CTF Pit 8 MLG King 8 MLG Ball 8 How to download them? 1. Go to any menu in MCC. 2. Open roster by pressing X. 3. Press A on your gamertag. 4. Select "FIND PLAYER" 5. Search for "xAcer95x" 6. Select "FILE SHARE" 7. Download the files under "GAME TYPES" and "MAP VARIANTS" tabs. If there's something else wrong with the maps or gametypes, send me a message via XBL or tweet @Aceriii
  2. The original Redemption design has been revived! Many people only know Redemption for its 2-base arena style structure, but I have always preferred the original that started it all. When Salot and I originally sat down to begin work on a new project, we had been interested in creating a 4-way symmetrical, close-quarters map to rival Derelict and Wizard/Warlock. This aims at that same goal so I hope everyone enjoys it. Download https://imgur.com/a/0mc6GnF Map Info: - There are 2-way ports at each Strut-structure at the end of each bridge. You won't teleport until you touch the wall. - Overshield bottom mid (2 min) - DMRs on Blue and Red pillars (under bridge) - Light Rifles on Green and Gold pillars - Carbine on Green and Gold courtyards (in front of bases up against the bottom mid windows) - Frag grenades on Green and Gold Flag - Plasma grenades on Red and Blue courtyards
  3. Cypher created by Zandril S312 _________________________________________ Cypher is an asymmetric, competitive map designed for 2v2 games. It's been inspired by Sovereign, Noro, Titan, and Haven. POWER WEAPONS -Sniper Rifle | 90s respawn | 0 spare clips | Doesn't spawn at start -Concussion Rifle | 120s respawn | 0 spare clips | Doesn't at start The map has a fairly interesting design. Action is spread throughout the map because players are encouraged to move around instead of staying in one spot. No area is too strong because of the many flanking routes offered to players. The strongest position in the map is top blue. However, it's not too strong because it's very open and there are two positions in the map that can counter it quite well. Top blue can be countered from afar by top red and enemy players can push up using top Gold. Don't fall in the acid. Many thanks to those who've helped with the map. -Not Auburn -SecretSchnitzel -TheElderBadkid -Psychoduck -Orzium -guy mandude66 -UnknownEmerald -Bibzy95 -HAL0 M4N -OminousShark
  4. bam vben BACKSTORY: It was late-mid afternoon when Captain Mirage, 6’4”, 72 pounds, left galactic soccer practice, intending to pick up store-brand fabric softener from his favorite French market on his way home. Later that night, he started the wash, then later the dryer, and attended dinner with his mom, who served him a 32 oz can of Spaghetti-Os. He threw up afterwards, and then went to check his laundry. To his excitement, he noticed his clothes were incredibly dry, and also soft like a kitten. He was so overjoyed he gulped a half a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and got hammered drunk. But that was just the beginning of his night. He wanted to go out and party, but he knew he couldn’t do that without a boat. It was his time; nothing would stop him (so he thinks). He swam 14 miles away from home and into The Ark, guarded by Captain Kyle Fated Smithy Werben Yaeger Manjenson Fire. The. Without any effort at all, he snagged the boat and put it into hyperdrive for his escape. The Fated Fire couldn’t do anything about it, since that was his only means of travel, so he went ahead and cried. Project “Grand Theft Boat” wasn’t enough for Captain Mirage; he wanted more. Within just minutes, he broke into an unrecognized covenant ship later discovered as the Millennium Squid, and stole their prized shade turret. He went back into hyperdrive and fled like hell. He looked back, noticing the Millennium Squid was beyond the horizon. Then he looked forward again, and what was flying in front of him? You guessed it! A level 100 pidgey! Upon that sight, something terrible happened. Pidgey used whirlwind, Captain Mirage and his boat shot like a cannonball and crashed right into a rock, the steering wheel went straight into his head, blood was everywhere, his teeth were ground into a powder, and the front of his face exploded out of the back of his skull. He died instantly, the next day. The next day, Pidgey was gone, and the Millennium Squid finally caught up. It surrounded the boat with intent to retrieve the shade turret as well as excavating the rock housing the boat. However, the fleet turned to the right to notice what appeared to be 3 upside-down trees, but actually a Dugtrio! That point was when the rock awakened. With vehicle pads for a nose, and gravity lifts for eyes, this was no ordinary rock; this was none other than the legendary “Guardian Diglett,” one of the most remarkable features of Kanto Requiem. It was the parent of all summoned Dugtrio, which were taught surf. The Millennium Squid sat there in panic, yet unable to escape due to the Guardian Diglett’s Arena Trap. MAP DESCRIPTION: It is essentially a mini-damnation. Forger purely fat takes about full credit for the map's design/forging, and also partly for helping me bring the story to life Please download here
  5. It was said that the Great Anvils held a lot of secrets. I do believe we stumbled upon one. After reporting the discovery to HQ, Commander Mirage received orders to set up a base by the doors. This was a mistake. Now, I'm in charge and she is nowhere to be found. _______________________________________________________________ I haven't made a 1v1 map in a while. Figured it's time for another. That's how Mirage came to life. Mirage is asymmetric and is built on the lovely Forge Island. Mirage boasts great aesthetics which I'm very proud of. Her smooth curves and tasteful textures make her a pleasant sight to the eyes. You can feel like you're in actual place instead of just some random arena. I really tried to make her believable. I do hope I succeeded. I also thought about where I was going to build her and I think I hit the sweet spot. The windows are placed in a way where they actually show Forge Island's great scenery instead of an empty grassland. I also placed the map in an area where the sun hits it just right. Power weapons/powerups Sniper Rifle - 0 spare clips - 90s respawn Speed Boost - 120s respawn But enough about aesthetics. Let's talk gameplay. The map is very fast paced. Due to it's size, there are few moments where players spend a lot of time just trying to find each other. The map also blends long and short sightlines together very nicely. In the outskirts of the map, players are given long sightlines while the building in the middle provides plenty of CQC action. Mirage seems like it's gameplay would be donut-ish but this isn't the case. Fights happen everywhere and not just in the outskirts. This is because of the way the middle building is merged with the edges. It's a very quick way to get from one side of the map to the other and is also fairly protected. Players spawn with their own advantages at the start of a game. Starting Blue team spawns closer to the Speed Boost while starting Red team spawns closer to the sniper. This trade off works for the map because the person with Speed Boost is given enough movement options which will allow him to get closer to the sniper safely and engage in a more favorable situation. Not to mention he's harder to hit because of Speed Boost. As for the guy with the sniper, he is given plenty of long sightlines to work with. Dat teleporter doe. This teleporter design was drawn from Dax's Ciela The teleporter is quite useful in this map. It can be used as a means to escape. However, a smart player would be able to cut off the player escaping when he comes out of the receiver. Dem curves Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-5k3xQO31I
  6. Eternity Description Eternity is a small, multilevel map designed for 1v1 Slayer gameplay. It consists of 4 main areas - A Sniper area, a Speed Boost area, a Sticky Detonator area, and a center atrium that connects them all. Tactical jumps allow quick access to each of those areas from the upper level of the middle atrium, making it a high risk and high reward position. Game Types 1v1 Slayer is recommended Weaponry Sniper - 60 Seconds/0 Spare Clips Speed Boost - 90 Seconds Sticky Detonator - 120 Seconds/1 Spare Clip (Doesn't spawn at start) Suppressor - 30 Seconds/0 Spare Clips DMR/Carbine - 60 Seconds/2 Spare Clips Frag Grenade X2 - 30 Seconds Pulse/Sticky Grenades X2 - 60 Seconds Walkthrough Video Pics Sniper Spawn Sticky Detonator Spawn Speed Boost area Suppressor, and lift to Sticky Detonator Middle Atrium Download Link Eternity
  7. Lashout An upscaled remake of Halo 2's Lockout which focuses on improving the matchmaking experience of Halo 4's Shutout by including excluded gameplay elements from the original map. I started the concept for this remake in Halo: Reach on 10/15/2010. My original goal was to remake Lockout in every aspect when it comes to line-of-sight, jump ups, weapon placement, and spawn placement with no sprint in mind. The problem with remaking Lockout with this approach is Halo 4's spawn system and how it's meant for bigger maps. With this realization, I remade my concept but with a bigger scale which in return created a smoother and closer experience to the original Lockout. There are three different versions of this map: Lashout, a matchmaking equivalent which uses ordinance Lashout Spectator, the same as the matchmaking equivalent but with green spectators above a grid Lashout Classic, spawns and map geometry are the same as the matchmaking equivalent but weapon placement is placed as close to the original map without ordinance. Download Lashout Download Lashout Spectator Download Lashout Classic
  8. Magma Forged by The Fated Fire 2-4 Players Energy bridges, switches, and burning hot liquids.
  9. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/78aad638-49cd-4503-8b66-d78adf91554f Hey boys and girls. I'm back again to present my brand new 2v2 map, Bloodstone. Yes, I chose an English name this time. It is asymmetric, built on the sexy Ravine canvas, and has a lot of good, long sightlines. The map also has a lot of skill jumps to help players traverse areas faster. Bloodstone is inspired by Edifice and Angst. Two of my favorite forge maps in Halo 4. There are a total of 5 atriums. The middle, Blue, Red, Gold, and Cyan. A sniper rifle spawns in the middle on top of a rock. The middle rock is a very important part of the map as it connects a lot of the jumps through the middle atrium and blocks the sightlines quite well at the bottom. The idea behind Bloodstone is to allow players to travel the map faster through jumping which is why this map has so many trick jumps. Some of these jumps are hard to make but can be very beneficial if executed properly. The weapons in the map are the Sniper Rifle and the Sticky Detonator. The sniper is extremely powerful in the map because of the long sightlines. It has 1 spare clip and respawns every 120 seconds. It spawns on top of the middle rock. The sticky detonator, on the other hand, spawns at Gold 2 minutes into the game. I gave it 1 spare clip because it's not as powerful as the sniper in the map but can still be deadly if in the right hands. Spread the meta
  10. BRIMSTONE A three atrium 1v1 map with rotational flow and somewhat functional 3 way symmetry. Drink lots of water and don't forget your pocket fan. May your virtue be tested... Journey through the depths of hell and steal the power of fire. Seek fast travel within the howling pores of this mountain The Devil blows fast winds between these mountain cracks. A beast calls to be awoken, break this talisman and invoke your demons. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD MAP
  11. Hello gentlemen and Res. I'm happy to present my first competitive map on Ravine. I call it Praelium. This map is asymmetric and can play 2v2 or lower. Being room-based, Praelium has 4 main rooms. These would be Red, Blue, Gold, and Green. Encounters happen everywhere in the map but most of the interesting and fun firefights happen between top Red and top Blue. The middle bridge is the most powerful position in the map. But it is also the most open. So be wary when walking across the bridge. Weapons - Railgun (x1) - Sniper Rifle (x1) - Light Rifle (x1) - Pulse Grenade (x2) - Frag Grenade (x2) - Assault Rifle (x1) - DMR (x1) - Thruster Pack *Only the Railgun spawns at the start of a match. The rest of the weapons spawn later on. Map download link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/573c6e5c-97fe-4b21-9f6b-c848be091f76 _________________________________ SCREENSHOTS MAP UPDATE SCREENSHOTS
  12. Hey guys. I'm proud to present to you a competitive map that I made. This map is named Xenos. This map is designed primarily for 2v2 and 1v1 and has a forerunner theme that I think I pulled off pretty well. Xenos is compatible with multiple gametypes. These being Slayer, Extraction, KoTH, and Oddball. Overall, I'm very proud with this map. It has a simple layout and look and it plays very well for 1v1 and 2v2 games. Weapons - Railgun (x1) - Sniper Rifle (x1) - Assault Rifle (x1) - Light Rifle (x1) - DMR (x1) - Pulse Grenade (x2) *Only the Railgun and Pulse Grenades spawn at the start of a match. The rest of the weapons spawn later on. Map download link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/9ae718c2-aa34-4feb-897d-b4cd0c2a8f61 _______________________________________ SCREENSHOTS
  13. Krypton By DG Intensity ​ Brief Description: Krypton, a small asymmetrical map, is intended for team sizes of at most 2. It's design premise is based around the idea that, the more powerful a position is, the more risk you run by staying there. The central hub of the map is composed of an elevated walkway/platform area that provides long advantageous sight lines into all three of the surrounding bases. Although these sight lines are crucial for maintaining successful control of the map, two small death pits loom beneath the area making map knowledge and skillful player movement necessary for navigating through the area quickly. A multitude of jumps and other indirect routes lead up to the area along with two lifts. All three areas contain a small rock structure signifying a hill and/or an extraction site. Aside from he extraction site, all three rooms are intertwined together with multiple hard routes, some quick and others are bit more tedious providing a nice chunk of risk versus reward. In terms of power weapons, an overshield spawns on top of the main control hub and yes that is one the most powerful spots on the map but it is easily accessible from all regions of the map. Also, a sniper spawns in the tunnel that connects the lift room to red (If this causes a bit of confusion, look at the screenshots or download the map, you'll see where I mean). So, in a nutshell, Krypton is a condensed multileveled, multipurpose platform for 2-4 players across a variety of gametypes. This will be my last halo 4 map as I have recently become pressed for time in the "real life." I honestly do hope you all enjoy it and please, don't hesitate to leave your comments, concerns and suggestions in the thread. Also one last thing before I go on explaining the maps assets; I'd like to thank everyone who has downloaded the forgeries from my consistently updating fileshare, both good and bad maps. Although forging has been one of my favourite pastimes for my last few years, for now it will have to take a back seat. Once again, thanks Supported Gametypes: - King of the hill - Extraction - Oddball - All slayer variants Weapons on map: - Battle Rifle x3 - DMR x2 - Frag Grenade x4 - Lightrifle x1 - Sniper Rifle x1 (116s Ordinance) - Overshield x1 (116s Ordinance) Screenshots: This map is very early on into it's life so any comments and suggestion and problems will be taken seriously as it is highly susceptible to change. DL: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/337f8d08-7698-4393-aca5-a1a31c732c46
  14. Min. Players: 2 Max. Players: 4 Supported Gametypes: Infinity Rumble, Infinity Slayer Canvas Map: Ravine Download Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/debonairhalo/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=f4902900-b20f-4283-a1c9-431ea52e94e3 Gamertag to Search on Xbox LIVE: DebonairHalo §ilhouette Hello BE! I'm back for the second time with a new map called Silhouette (oh really?) This map was born for small FFA lobbies but after some adjustments and a lot of testing I've decided that this map can support Team Double also. It's a totally asymmetric map with a lot of very funny jumps. The initial ordinance drops (0 min. respawn) are: x1 Sticky Detonator x1 Needler x1 Scattershot Then in close proximity to every initial ordinance drop there are 2 casual ordinance drops of the same weapon of the initial drop. This mean that there are 6 casual drops: 2 for the Sticky, 2 for the Needler and 2 for the Scattershot. There's also one more casual drop (with no initial drop near it): a Railgun. Finally for the aesthetic...well as always I've tryed to make a very clean map even when the terrain sucks(I think Ravine and Erosion are the hardest maps to forge on if you want to implement the terrain). Now some pics (look at the lamps under the arcs; they really work!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7lqdVetLB8 Enjoy! P.S. This is not a competitve map, but if u want to have some cool and funny fast paced gameplay this is the map for you. Oh and don't forget to try this map with GunGame. It's insane!
  15. Complex Small V2 by Haemorrhage I always thought the interior base on the disc map Complex would make a great CQC 1v1 map. So I have been working on a 1v1 variant for several weeks now and have gone though several different iterations mainly due to limited forge pieces and trying to improve aesthetics. I am quite happy with the latest version using 2 sets of teleporters to help with movement from the top and bottom levels of the base. I removed the shield wall and added a new curved wall at the back of the top floor to enlarge the map and give more combat options. Player Count: 2 Suggested gametype: Slayer Weapons etc: OS 120 sec Scattershot 90 sec - 1 clip BR x 2 Carbine x 1 AR x 1 Magnum x 1 Frag x 4 Pulse x 4 Sticky x 2 Feedback would be great if you want to test it out. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/haemorrhage/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=f9b61e5b-76a6-4144-9155-4467fdb55e22
  16. Download link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/02e6dc65-a64c-4d9f-872c-0030f3a19f58 SHIPYARD IS A SYMMETRICAL 1V1 OR 2V2 MAP First off, I'd like to say that this map was heavily inspired by a Reach map called Hardshore by JGarb Here's the link to Hardshore's thread, http://www.forgehub.com/forum/reach-competitive-maps/125247-hardshore.html In the map there are two small bases for each team with their own snipers, two bridges at the side that lead to overshield and Railgun, and a center bridge with no power weapon but is the power position that teams generally want to control. So the power weapons are, 2x Sniper Rifle 1x Railgun 1x Overshield Of course, there are grenades and extra ammo are lying around the map I decided to post this map so I can get it off my back while I'm finalizing an asymmetrical map I'm making. SCREENSHOTS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brMsth6d6j0 Download link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/02e6dc65-a64c-4d9f-872c-0030f3a19f58
  17. *Note: Clicking the title takes you to my File Share. There are 3 variants, or else I'd link you directly. Antagonist Created by IKorlash My first map release on Beyond Entertainment Antagonist is a 1v1/2v2 map that I once forged in Reach but never released it. It contains a 4-tiered central atrium, 4 smaller rooms, and a hallway that connects two of the rooms. The map is greatly influenced by Quake, but the flow is as restricted as Prisoner. I'm attempting a map with high incentive to move for power weapons, but making top control less of a cakewalk when using those weapons. I have 3 different versions of the map, depending on what gametype you prefer: A 1v1 version, 2v2 version, and a 2v2 version for modded gametypes (Unity+ or HaloProMod). The non-modded versions contain a teleporter from blue to red; the modded version gives up that teleporter for two additional power weapons/ups. The 2v2 variants are also ready to play extraction. Here are the weapon sets for each: 1v1 Version: Sticky Detonator (2 clip; 118s) in Cyan Room Sniper Rifle (single clip; 88s) outside purple hall Concussion Rifle (single clip; 58s) in the main atrium towards blue (2nd tier) Suppressor (single clip; 58s) in Red Room * The Concussion Rifle and suppressor don't/shouldn't spawn at start, so it is either a fight for sticky-det or sniper, or a battle between both. Then on, you have 2 more decent weapons coming up every minute, on opposite sides. Also, I gave up the thought of ordnances because they give away your location. 2v2 Version: Rocket Launcher (2 clip; 148s) in Cyan Room (Partly why I have seperate variants. Sniper Rifle (2 clip; 88s) in Blue room hanging on its own ledge Concussion Rifle (Single Clip; 88s) in the main atrium (3rd Tier) Damage Boost (86s) outside purple hallway Overshield (56s) in Green room on it's own ledge * Everything should spawn at start except for Rockets. Those will spawn into the game. 2v2 Version for Modded gametypes: Every weapon/powerup on the 2v2 version above Camo (56s) in Bottom Blue Sticky Detonator (2 clip; 118s) in Red *Simply added to the weapon set while eliminating the teleporters, so it'll play rather different. Speed Boost is placed because it'll function as camo with a modded gametype (Unity+ or HaloProMod). As a side note, there are utility weapons as well as grenades placed on all the maps. I didn't want to clutter up the presentation. And now, Screenshots. The changes aren't exactly major so I'll leave some pics in a spoiler: Blue Room [both 2v2s] A ledge added for the sniper rifle so it's more difficult to get. Either jump from the 3rd tier mid, top blue, or do a team jump though the hole immediately upon starting the game. [1v1] Good news, there's fucking nothing! Red Room The ramp was replaced by that jump-up. There is more room for the EXT point. [2v2] Receiver node towards the bottom of Red room [2v2+] Sticky Det instead Green Room The ramp was added here instead to address the very limited movement options in Cyan/Rocket room. I felt there was a better way of flow doing it like this. [both 2v2s] Fancy ledge for grabbing OS. A chance of falling as well as a chance on grenades falling through the hole if you happen to be there to counter. [1v1] Once again, removed The rest of the pics here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Antagonist 1v1 Download Antagonist 2v2 Download Antagonist 2v2+ I understand 3 versions of the map can be a turn-off. If you want to try every gametype on a single variant, then be my guest. I am just making each version appealing for each gametype. I hope you at least try one of them and enjoy. I am also likely to forge the next variant on Forge Island to make the map more clean and less likely to cause frame rate lag. If some of the weapons don't come up as suggested, let me know (although it'll frustrate me). Let me know what you think!
  18. HAZE Updated to v2 on 06/18/2013 (v2 screenshot) Haze is a map made for 2-4 players. Haze has many paths, jumps, and lines of sight. Haze also features Forge Islands "fog" and has one power weapon(sniper) that has two tactical jumps leading to it. Gametypes -Slayer Weapons and Grenades -Sniper x1 -Battle Rifle x2 -Carbine x2 -Light Rifle x1 -Storm Rifle x1 -Needler x1 -Frags x2 -Plasmas x2 -Pulse x2 Screenshots (updated to v2) Feedback and Thoughts Please post any feedback or thoughts about my map, thanks! Updates v2 -Made the sniper platform have jump ups. -Added some cover to the needler stairs. -Added a back staircase to the lightrifle. -Added a piece of cover to top lightrifle. Download From Halo 4 Start Menu: Start > File Browser > Map Variants > File Share Search > lowgi Link http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/lowgi/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0
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