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Found 61 results

  1. Hi guys! I started this topic because I've noticed that in the Halo community we are lacking in the Halo content department on Youtube. Now either some people are going unnoticed or they just don't make content because they believe it won't get them anywhere. I wanted to start posting on this so the community can get more attention to their channels. I know that we could always watch GoBeyond, Gandhi, Ninja and other well known people, but where is the fun in that? We should venture out and look for new exciting people who can keep are appetite for more content at bay. Now I know its a stretch but there is a massive amount of Halo content that is just waiting to be seen. If there isn't, MAKE IT! It is also a good way to bring more attention back to Halo and to bring the community closer. (Even though THC pretty much drove us apart). Give it a chance and go explore! So in turn, I am making this thread so that you guys can get your Channels out there. Be kind and gentle when looking at someones channel and give them some (GOOD) feedback. No negativity! Just creative criticism so that they can make it better for you and for us. Maybe you will find a channel you really like and hit that big old SUBSCRIBE button. Make the move and be a good part of the community. I know I will sub to everyone who posts on this. You have my word Love, Arsonist <3 Also :Beyond Ent Logo: is doing what they can and I love them for this site and the content they make on Youtube. It's perfect.
  2. Hey there dudes/dudettes ! I thought about it the other day, and if it wasn't for the very things I'm posting on right now, Halo would be in even sadder state of affairs. Forums do so much for us , and that's explained in the commentary, and all we have to do is give our 2 cents opinion or help others out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C86qzuYku5A
  3. I've noticed it for a while but haven't said much in a forum about it. But while playing Doubles does anyone else notice that when you're fighting one of the other players and you're both pretty close to one another. That sometimes his/her teammate will spawn within feet of their partner? I've had this happen to me so many times tonight it cost me a few games. Because while they're spawning right beside one another or close enough to hold hands. My teammate or I spawn pretty much across the map from one another.. Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I just imagining stuff? Because I know for a fact some of the Dubs partners I have, have noticed this pretty frequently too.
  4. Hey guys, can someone list off the Games that were shown today at #e3? I wanna watch the trailers that are out for em. Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone, I recently started my Youtube channel a few days ago. This channel is going to feature gameplay from all sorts of games but as of now the most attention I am getting is from Call of Duty. I don't want to only upload COD because it will get boring pretty quick. So I am going to upload Halo gameplay multiple times per week. This is a Halo 3 commentary because Halo 3 is number 1 favorite game of all time. I am not a fan of Halo 4 so I couldn't bring myself to make a gameplay of it. I would really love to have support come from the Halo community. I will be trying to upload competitive gameplay as much as possible. I would love to hear constructive criticism and if you guys enjoyed then please subscribe! Also, if you guys ever want to do a community live stream night I can stream 720P pickup games if you want. Thanks everyone, CouRage
  6. Hello, i am new here and would like to say that i like the website very much. If you would like to play with me my gamertag is "Crewslayer1". I usually play on weekends and maybe during the week. I like to talk and play a lot, i believe i am a pretty good sniper and swat player. I can play in a team if you would like to get together and play Cap Flag or Capture the Flag, Team Doubles, Team Slayer, Big Team, Team Snipers, Team Swat, or any other playlist then i won't mind. I am in a clan called ELG so if you would like to join go ahead and add me and send a message and i would gladly get you in a squad. Please have a mic it makes it easier to play team based playlists with mics but if not it's understandable.
  7. So if you haven't heard by now there is going to be a new halo game called "Halo Spartan Assault" witch will only be available on windows 8 devices (pc,tablets,phones) So do you think is this good idea for them to do as we know windows 8 is one of the worst if the worst windows operating system to date. I could under stand the phone/tablet side even though they could improve there profits largely if they but it on ios and android as well .But as a pc game only supporting one operating system and the worst operating system on the market was a smart move and will people buy a new tablet/phone or operating system just to play this game thoughts?
  8. Hey guys just want to congratulate all the staff members of the site for doing such a great job! The Go Beyond site is WAY better than i thought it was going to be and i dare i say better than THC's forums! all in all i thank you aPK, Saucey and Muggsy for doing their part! #Haloismom #y #haloisnotdad #GOBEYOND
  9. Looks like we might see some kind of trailer for both Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo 5 at E3, similar how to Bungie revealed ODST & Reach
  10. British player,I've been playing halo for about 3-4 years now, only started playing online halo with halo 3. Looking for more european teammates as id like to go to EGL in the next couple of years and now my old halo friends have switched to cod :/ so thats me. I got my name "Zeene" as it was just an old nickname my family would call me if you were wondering XD haha so thats bout it ^-^
  11. Hi, I'm OompaMyLoompaa, signing in onto the Beyond Entertainment forums (and site!) for the very first time. I'm not much of a competitive player, but I respect the competitive community and love playing competitively when I do! I'm a very active member at Halo Waypoint, and decided to check these forums out. I can definitely see Beyond Entertainment going very far in the future, but I don't think that the Halo Council can go any further though. I am quite young compared to many of you, I'm only 15 (turning 16 in September though) but I hope you guys don't mind having me here. Some members in the Halo community look down on me just because of age. Anyways, I am very excited to be here!
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