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Found 58 results

  1. So if you haven't heard by now there is going to be a new halo game called "Halo Spartan Assault" witch will only be available on windows 8 devices (pc,tablets,phones) So do you think is this good idea for them to do as we know windows 8 is one of the worst if the worst windows operating system to date. I could under stand the phone/tablet side even though they could improve there profits largely if they but it on ios and android as well .But as a pc game only supporting one operating system and the worst operating system on the market was a smart move and will people buy a new tablet/phone or operating system just to play this game thoughts?
  2. So I was wondering with the new update out today do you think 343 has won back your trust after what they did in making of halo 4, or do you think they would cock it up again in halo 5 or whatever they next halo could be?
  3. I'm going to keep this short and simple, sprint doesn't belong in Halo (don't stop reading though). Halo has a unique formula that plays amazingly well and not only draws players in, but maintains them. Sprint is not apart of that formula (neither are loadouts). Let me explain. To start, sprint, instant respawn, no descoping, and armor abilities are why small maps don't play well. With sprint you can get around the map much too quickly. Instant respawn allows you to just pick off enemies you leave one shot after getting out played. No descoping allows you to not miss and hit everything. Armor abilities give players get out of jail free cards, extra routes, and make maps more cluttered. We have dealt with instant respawn and armor abilities in the right way, next is descoping and sprint. Descoping will return in Halo 5, if it doesn't, then goodbye. Sprint we can deal with now though. It should be removed and pushed for no sprint in Halo 5. We need to focus on Halo 5 now. Right now is the early process of development. Loadouts and armor abilities have been in the last two Halos, we need to correct this. Back to sprint though, the most important issue with sprint is that it is near impossible to make a good map with sprint in Halo. Making fun maps is sooo much easier without sprint. 343i couldn't make more than one good map with sprint enabled.. Forgers are even having issues with it. The jumps that are possible with sprint, the routes that are easier, etc. Haven is a huge map if you weren't aware. Even in Halo 4 sprint needs to go. No sprint adds so much to gameplay. Remember the jump from plat to green in Halo 3? Pointless with sprint. Simple dynamics are lost with sprint. Sprint would ruin the good maps in Halo 3. How can you adjust the pit, narrows, construct, etc for sprint? You can't. Better maps, descoping, and in game ranks are top priority imo, and the best way to get better maps, is to remove sprint and add descoping back. (The rest isn't just about sprint) Also, please don't type adapt anywhere in any of your posts. It lowers everybody's IQ and I bought a Halo game. It should be the same in the core aspect of gameplay. New games should not change the core gameplay. When doing scientific experiments, scientists change one aspect and nothing else, that way they know what aspects work and which ones don't. 343i changed way too much, and at first we didn't know what worked and what didn't. As we filter through everything, we are finding our way home. If 343i wants to make their footprint on the Halo series, then release a Halo game. Don't change the gameplay, but add features. Add in game ranks, add a theater that works with multiple people, improve forge, work constantly on improving maps, add your own game mode (spartan ops/firefight/something better), add in spectator mode, etc. Add in features, don't change the gameplay. I don't mind spartan ops/mantis type updates because it is something new, but it doesn't break the game. Do these kinds of things, but don't detract from the Halo experience. Please learn from your mistakes, and do the following for gameplay reasons: -remove flinch -remove armor abilties -remove loadouts -remove sprint -remove ordances -add in descoping -add in moving while holding back button -add in camo/os orbs (maybe this is where you can get creative and add in other orbs) -Spend more time on maps -Bring in Warriors and Ambush mutiple times throughout Halo 5's development, as well as Salot, Ghostayame, Diesel, Gandhi, and Maven to test out maps, weapons, powerups/orbs, settings, new gametypes, old gametypes, functionality, etc. The best will find flaws first. Incourage them to talk directly to the big shots and those in charge. Make esports known throughout the entire office. Meet with MLG, AGL, UMG, and Ghostayame to make sure that the throwdown/competitive settings will be 95% the same with the casual settings. That's why Halos 1-3 were successful. The game was fun and competitive without changing anything. Do this, and you will be successful.
  4. Looks like we might see some kind of trailer for both Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo 5 at E3, similar how to Bungie revealed ODST & Reach
  5. I've played halo mostly since Halo 3, dabbled with H2 and CE but I was young at the time and really only watched streams. I've stuck with halo, I knew it would get better and with the release of the Weapons Tuning today, I feel as if Halo is on its way back. With that being said, since H4 has released I've played solo through any playlist, not really playing with a set team. I feel like playing on a set team I can enhance my halo experience, plus try to compete competitively. I would say my strengths are more of a support player as I am usually playing on a DSL connection, and I can communicate well with teammates. Events aren't a issue, and am always willing to travel. GT: Twalls01, lets play.
  6. British player,I've been playing halo for about 3-4 years now, only started playing online halo with halo 3. Looking for more european teammates as id like to go to EGL in the next couple of years and now my old halo friends have switched to cod :/ so thats me. I got my name "Zeene" as it was just an old nickname my family would call me if you were wondering XD haha so thats bout it ^-^
  7. Hey guys just want to congratulate all the staff members of the site for doing such a great job! The Go Beyond site is WAY better than i thought it was going to be and i dare i say better than THC's forums! all in all i thank you aPK, Saucey and Muggsy for doing their part! #Haloismom #y #haloisnotdad #GOBEYOND
  8. Hi, I'm OompaMyLoompaa, signing in onto the Beyond Entertainment forums (and site!) for the very first time. I'm not much of a competitive player, but I respect the competitive community and love playing competitively when I do! I'm a very active member at Halo Waypoint, and decided to check these forums out. I can definitely see Beyond Entertainment going very far in the future, but I don't think that the Halo Council can go any further though. I am quite young compared to many of you, I'm only 15 (turning 16 in September though) but I hope you guys don't mind having me here. Some members in the Halo community look down on me just because of age. Anyways, I am very excited to be here!

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