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Found 58 results

  1. Hey guys, We are looking for a dedicated fourth for our team. We practice every day, whether that is running customs or searching the 'Team Throwdown' playlist. Our Gamertags: Burgerweiner 7 XxCOACHxX STRETCH F12 Feel free to send any of us message. Try sending Burgerweiner 7 a message first. Don't send me a friend request yet, because I have a full list. I will obviously remove someone when we play together. Please serious inquiries only. Please have a car/some form of transportation to get to the event. Please be over 18 years of age too. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thanks guys. Supporting Halo.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for players who use mics, are competitive, communicate and play often. I am frustrated with going into games with people that don't have mics and play like noobs. I'm an average player, I'm looking to improve the skills i posses and hoping to eventually compete in tournaments. So if you're a veteran and feel like taking someone under your wing or another player like me and wanna grow together, add me on live. GT: Rezenmaster Thank you for considering it.
  3. Hello there, My name is Alex, but you can also call me Geo. I've been playing Halo since Halo 2. I grew up playing Halo with my dad, so technically I started back in CE, but i would really say I'm an H2 kid. I'm 21 years old and currently in college, studying Graphic Design/Business, but I already have an Associates Degree in Video Game Design and I'm just looking to expand my artistic ability further to help me in the future. I played Halo religiously throughout my years, up until Reach came out and I just couldn't bother playing it, so I went to COD for a couple years till Halo 4 came out. I'm extremely competitive when it comes to Halo, I always strive to get better and be the best. I've competed at some locals in Iowa (where I live) and I've also competed in 1 Cod Iowa local event where I placed 1st (woo!). Overall I love the competitive gaming scene when it comes to FPS's, but Halo has my heart. I look forward to conversing with all of you and maybe seeing some of you at any events I'm able to attend. :maven: XBL GT: OMFGeo
  4. Hey Guys! Arsonist here with a question for the community. What maps would you like to see make a return in the Next Halo? The other day I got to thinking about the classic Halo maps that will plague my mind forever (in a good way) and I really want 343i to bring 10 classic maps back at the beginning of "Halo 5" or whatever its called. Now this worked for Gears of War at the beginning of GoW2 and I really like the idea. This will also encourage other player to return because their favorite maps are back. So here is the challenge for you guys. Tell me what you want and list 10 maps that you would want back from Halo: CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3. I'm not including REACH because in my opinion that game sucked and every map was terrible. Here is a list of 10 I want and you guys can voice what you want! Get to it savages :gandhi: Maps: Halo:CE Battle Creek Blood Gulch Hang 'Em High Wizard Halo 2: Midship Lockout Sanctuary Ivory Tower Halo 3: Narrows Construct And if you can't tell I picked competitive maps :saucey:
  5. I saw when they released all the locations at the beginning of the year that seattle was one of them. Last time seattle had a tourny was MLG Seattle 05. So i havnt heard anything about it since. Did it get canceled? And if so, does anyone know why?
  6. Team Invictus Gt- Blurrance and seylahnhimkc We need two 13-15 year olds who run throwdown to team for pgl. You have to be serious and want to maybe attend events. Thanks. Any questions message Blurrance on xbl
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhSamzyVX5o&feature=youtu.be So what do you guys think I go over my opinion on How hard it is for a AM player to make a team/How to make a team. Thoughs on how I could make the video better.
  8. Hey Guys I'm doing content now! This is my first ever gameplay commentary, and I wanted to do something a little different so I decided to do an FFA featuring a few other top players. So check it out and let me know any suggestions you have! Dont forget to follow me @Hunter_Jjx And tune into my new stream at Twitch.tv/Hunter_jjx
  9. Haven't seen this topic in the forums, and I'm interested in people's first competitive event experiences since I've never actually had my own. So go! ^_^
  10. Hello! I'm Colton and I recently joined Beyond. I had an account on THC but moved on to make one on this awesome site! I have been playing Halo since the beginning but I started playing/watching competitive halo in H3. More details in my Bio! My Gamertag is - Obama Twerkin - and I'm always available for Big Team games, Throwdown, CTF, Objective - whatever!
  11. If you've been on Twitter, Twitch or here on the forums then you've notice all the support for MLG. This past year MLG dropped Halo due to differences (Lack of faith in Halo) but yet we seem to support MLG by retweeting, attending or promoting their events. Some say this shows MLG there's no grudge within the Halo community. I'm not saying we should have a total boycott of MLG but what I'm leading to is.. What will happen when Halo starts growing and expending? In the past months competitive Halo has grown & motivated many ex Pros' to make a return. Many are returning because of the new settings Ghost has helped modified; others seem to notice the growth of AGL. The very core of Halo is it's community; which is doing everything to bring back Halo to it's Glory days of H2, H3. Though it seem the community contribute in the growth of H2 H3; in my opinion it had minimal affect because MLG was there promoting & helping Halo grow. Today we find ourselves in a similar situation that Halo CE had. As a Halo community we have hit "rock bottom" but started rebuilding through grassroots efforts. Through small tournaments (Ex: Outright Gaming, Community based, UMG & ect) & AGL, PGL; we have witness a steady growth & a bright future ahead. This brings me back to my original question "What will happen when Halo starts growing & expending"? Will we allow MLG to pick up competitive Halo once again? Undermining all the hard work the community did to help it expand or will we turn our backs on MLG (saying no Thank You)? & take our chances with a new league (AGL) & online tournaments (PGL). In other words will we allow history to repeat itself or change our "Destiny".. Everything the Halo community did to bring back Halo.. Will be scooped up by MLG once again; eliminating AGL, UMG, PGL & all the hard work the community contribute; only to be drop once again in the near future & we will find ourselves back to square one. Thank you guys. - L.A :ph34r: Edited - Noticing flaws it's late
  12. anybody looking for any type of scrims, 4v4, 3v3, 2v2, 1v1 just post here with your gt and wait for the invites/msgs!
  13. Hey Ladies and Genital Men, So I started a Youtube Series called Arsunist Talks which has gotten some good feedback right out of the gate. A special someone told me he liked it :gandhi: So anyway cutting right to the chase, I need more things to talk about in the future. I get ideas of what I need to talk about right before I go on but I am just preparing for the day when I run out of topics. I will also do shout outs to people I feel deserve it and of course take any topic if its not to ridiculous. So guys and gals, this is what I offer to you. Give me some topics and I will squeeze them in every show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbgIFhqRehg
  14. Hey Halo Community! I wanted to get some opinions on my recent kickstart project and maybe even a couple ideas. Brake and I want to start a FPS Hub that teaches players How to dominate the Game. We have come up with ideas to make it so the Pros actually make a living off the game and the players who want to advance and learn can do that too. Our entire idea is posted here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1774283951/halo-4-lessons-needs-you Short Version When Halo 4 came out, MLG, the only major league for Halo, dropped the game off the circuit leaving players out of their major income. We have come up with new ideas on how players can make monthly money and we have also created cool things that gamers want to see. We want to start a community based website that can thrive through learning. We have a way to allow pro players and other experts to make money by teaching players who want to learn. We want to start an FPS Hub that starts with Halo and progresses to other major First Person Shooters like Call of Duty Ghost, Battlefield 4, and new titles like Destiny to allow the players to make new income just from being good at the game and teaching their knowledge to players that want to advance themselves. With this website we believe we can build a great community that can interact and learn from their favorite Pros or Gamers while also keeping them up to date on Tournaments and Game Title Updates. Some of our ideas for this Website include: Video Section – We wanted to create a way for both paying members and free members to be able to enjoy our website. This video section allows all members to be able to post their videos and the community votes up or down on their video similar to how reddit works. The highest voted videos are on top while the lowest voted are on the bottom. This allows people that do not have a following or are not known on places like youtube to be able to get their videos seen to gain that following or to get a high amount of views on their videos. This sections vote system will be updated daily or can be set to any other preferable settings like having the video section update towards categories like Most skilled (Weekly reset), Clip of the Day (reset daily), Most Popular Videos (Weekly reset), Gameplays (Weekly Reset), etc. When uploading videos you can embed your video from youtube or you can upload the video directly to our website. We will have our own comment and rating sections with specific features like “Expert Comments/video responses” that expert players can give reviews or feedback on uploaded videos. The Experts will also be able to upload videos for the Multiplayer Guides, their own Inner Circle, and on the Free Tips section that is for all members. Multiplayer Guides – We want to help expand our knowledge from Halo and Tournaments into all other games and eventually make every shooter game become E-Sport worthy. This way players can make a living off the game and won’t have to rely on Tournament Leagues to give them their major income. The guides will be done professionally by us alongside the Pro Players and Experts. We will use our methods and tactics we have gained through our teaching in Halo to help us break down every shooter game in depth and teach specific skills for that game. Our guide uses a simple college format that gives players 101 courses (Basic) all the way up to 103 courses (Advanced) in every Topic the game has such as weapons, maps, skills, team game, individual, ect. The way the Experts and Pro Players would help is by submitting tickets for guide additions, revisions, or adding tips. We already wrote up an entire 100 Page E-Book that will help the new Experts and Pros to know topics to cover for the game they are on. Every guide will be preformatted by us before the game comes out so all experts and pros can see what they can help with from the start. After the launch of the game the guide will be updated continuously. This website will have Guides for Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghost, Destiny, Halo, and every other Major FPS Game soon to come! Affiliates - To help out all players even more we will make an affiliate section for players to get money for promoting the guide or a players inner circle. Anything a person signs up for through their referral link will make them money. As affiliates, people will get banners and other deals to promote specifically designed to make the customer pay less and the affiliate get more. Everyone participating in our affiliate program will get 10$ per guide sale and a percentage on inner circle sales, both including recurring charges. Inner Circle (Pro Players) – The inner circle is a section where the Fans subscribe to the Pro Players that they choose. For 10$ a month the player can be on the pros friends list, play with the pro to get good skilled games played, get direct help through pros going over their gameplays, and get exclusive content from the Pro that shows new tips and tactics on how to play the game. We already personally know all of the Pros who play Halo so it will be easy to get them together on a very well designed website. We also want to create special deals for people that want to upgrade to more player’s inner circles like making it $15 a month for two inner circles. Small things like this we believe will really help unite the community. The inner circle was a product we created that the customer wants and the Pros benefit by doing. This, we believe, creates a type of culture around the player and the pro where they can actually become cool with each other and really thrive through this. This will help fans and competitive players alike to get a better experience out of gaming. (Especially when you fly across the country to Tournaments and you don't really know anybody.) Experts (Guide Contributors and Clip Collectors) – Experts are players who registered to our website and submit clips to the guide. These players will have to fill out forms and be picked by us to become experts on our website. We will give the experts flexible options to leave Tips, Guide Revisions, Clips, and even full Videos of their knowledge for which they will receive money for. We want players to help support the growth of the guides through their own special knowledge of the game. The experts section allows all players a chance to make money for submitting their knowledge, videos, and clips. Money and Point System – We will give the pro players and experts money and points (for our website) to help us get exclusive content out to the fans. The money will be cashed out whenever the expert decides to take it from the website and the points will be used to track the main contributing experts. This point system will include strategic ways of helping both parties such as: If a player submits a lot of great clips but doesn’t have their own capture card, then after a certain number of points a capture card will be sent to them. This allows us to spend money on worthy investments to allow hard working players the ability to be able to create more content for the Fans and the Website. Thanks for taking the Time to Read this and Thanks for all the Love and Support! Halo 4 Lessons H4L Twitter H4L Fanpage H4L Youtube To the Halo Pros (If they read the forums) - I will be messaging all of you about supporting this idea because it is based around you guys. If you have any questions about the Hub then message me or email me @ [email protected] <3
  15. Choose 5 things that you think are most important that will make Halo 5, not only a great "eSports" title, but an overall great game. Here are mine. 1. One loadout for all players. No more custom classes. 2. AA's removed. Equipment added back in as map pickups. 3. Symmetrical/Asymmetrical maps with ACTUAL power positions. 4. More/better custom games options than we've ever had in Reach or 3. 5. DMR as the one utility weapon. haha kidding. Of course I had to throw in Spectator Mode. Debate, have fun, and keep it clean.
  16. Hey whats up everyone. I'm going to start a weekly Halo Top 5 series and need some submissions. If I get enough I hoping to have the first episode come out on Saturday. I will leave some information below so you can contact me. Just send me a message with your GT and name of clip in your fileshare. Thanks GT:Path to Paragon Youtube.com/uegparagon twitter.com/paragons_path
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-iC-irllqY I post here pretty often but haven't really introduced myself. HAI I'm BriteeyeZ, heir to the Iron Throne and the true dovahkiin. Faas me ahrk wruth SosseDov! But seriously, I've been spending way too much time lately shouting people into cheese wheels and squealing over Game of Thrones. I like Halo, thrift stores, loud rap music, games that allow me to make arsehole choices and pizza. Love me. -BriteeyeZ
  18. I know we are a long way out, but I thought it may be fun to spark up some conversation on possible actors/actresses to be in the upcoming Halo TV Show with executive director Steven Spielberg. I know we won't see A-List Celebrities taking the role of The Chief like we might of gotten with a Halo Movie, but it's still worth making a wish list. Here is a list of some of the key roles (This is what Wikipedia has listed as Characters of Halo) Master Chief: Steve Downes Voice (current voice of MC) Cortana: Lexa Doig , Olivia Wilde Avery Johnson: Idris Elba , Samuel L. Jackason , Denzel Washington, Jacob Keyes: Stephen Lang , Will Pation Miranda Keyes: Evangeline Lilly ,Sprague Grayden Catherine Hasely: Sally Field Franklin Mendez: Alan Dale , Demian Bichir Terrence Hood: Ron Perlman (already the voice of character) Kelly, Spartan-087: Gina Carano Fred, Spartan-104: Scott Adkins Naomi, Spartan-010: Gwendoline Christie ---Plug in some TV actors/actresses that you'd like to see fill these roles and feel free to add characters not listed!!! I will update this with people's suggestions as they come in!
  19. Hey everyone! I was a free agent looking for a team, but decided that I can no longer play like I use to since my eye sight has gotten so bad. So I am becoming a coach for any teams that need one for AGL events. I know spawns, weapon timing, and can come up with amazing strategies on the spot. I am care free, easy going, so don't worry about me being a know it all. I need your feedback as a player to help me get better, so I can help you get better. You can contact me at any of the following places. Twitter @ Zejik Xbox Live GT - Zejik Youtube.com/ZejiksVids For some extra info on me as a player. I wen't to many Halo 2 lan's. I had around 23 day's in online time for Halo 2 I had over 80 days In Halo 3 Halo Reach somewhere in the 30's to 50's. Halo 4 - Around 20 Well that's It!
  20. Hi guys! I started this topic because I've noticed that in the Halo community we are lacking in the Halo content department on Youtube. Now either some people are going unnoticed or they just don't make content because they believe it won't get them anywhere. I wanted to start posting on this so the community can get more attention to their channels. I know that we could always watch GoBeyond, Gandhi, Ninja and other well known people, but where is the fun in that? We should venture out and look for new exciting people who can keep are appetite for more content at bay. Now I know its a stretch but there is a massive amount of Halo content that is just waiting to be seen. If there isn't, MAKE IT! It is also a good way to bring more attention back to Halo and to bring the community closer. (Even though THC pretty much drove us apart). Give it a chance and go explore! So in turn, I am making this thread so that you guys can get your Channels out there. Be kind and gentle when looking at someones channel and give them some (GOOD) feedback. No negativity! Just creative criticism so that they can make it better for you and for us. Maybe you will find a channel you really like and hit that big old SUBSCRIBE button. Make the move and be a good part of the community. I know I will sub to everyone who posts on this. You have my word Love, Arsonist <3 Also :Beyond Ent Logo: is doing what they can and I love them for this site and the content they make on Youtube. It's perfect.
  21. Hey there dudes/dudettes ! I thought about it the other day, and if it wasn't for the very things I'm posting on right now, Halo would be in even sadder state of affairs. Forums do so much for us , and that's explained in the commentary, and all we have to do is give our 2 cents opinion or help others out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C86qzuYku5A
  22. I've noticed it for a while but haven't said much in a forum about it. But while playing Doubles does anyone else notice that when you're fighting one of the other players and you're both pretty close to one another. That sometimes his/her teammate will spawn within feet of their partner? I've had this happen to me so many times tonight it cost me a few games. Because while they're spawning right beside one another or close enough to hold hands. My teammate or I spawn pretty much across the map from one another.. Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I just imagining stuff? Because I know for a fact some of the Dubs partners I have, have noticed this pretty frequently too.
  23. Hey guys, can someone list off the Games that were shown today at #e3? I wanna watch the trailers that are out for em. Thanks!
  24. Hey everyone, I recently started my Youtube channel a few days ago. This channel is going to feature gameplay from all sorts of games but as of now the most attention I am getting is from Call of Duty. I don't want to only upload COD because it will get boring pretty quick. So I am going to upload Halo gameplay multiple times per week. This is a Halo 3 commentary because Halo 3 is number 1 favorite game of all time. I am not a fan of Halo 4 so I couldn't bring myself to make a gameplay of it. I would really love to have support come from the Halo community. I will be trying to upload competitive gameplay as much as possible. I would love to hear constructive criticism and if you guys enjoyed then please subscribe! Also, if you guys ever want to do a community live stream night I can stream 720P pickup games if you want. Thanks everyone, CouRage
  25. Hello, i am new here and would like to say that i like the website very much. If you would like to play with me my gamertag is "Crewslayer1". I usually play on weekends and maybe during the week. I like to talk and play a lot, i believe i am a pretty good sniper and swat player. I can play in a team if you would like to get together and play Cap Flag or Capture the Flag, Team Doubles, Team Slayer, Big Team, Team Snipers, Team Swat, or any other playlist then i won't mind. I am in a clan called ELG so if you would like to join go ahead and add me and send a message and i would gladly get you in a squad. Please have a mic it makes it easier to play team based playlists with mics but if not it's understandable.

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