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Found 2 results

  1. In previous polls concerning the next utility weapon, the choices have been quite biased. Examples: H2 BR, v7 DMR, CE Pistol. Each weapon has worked Arguably well in its respective sandbox, yet I have witnessed countless arguments over which one is better based on nostalgia, misconceptions, stupidity, or simple preference. Now you can feel free to choose each individual option without having to try to remember which one "felt" better. So we're on the same page, this utility weapon would be in a game with descope instead of flinch, as well as no button combos/glitches. - - - Here's the link to one of the first threads discussing this; as I recall, there were several redundant ones (as this may be) but never a good one to begin with. Happy foruming: http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1864-updated-prefered-future-primary-utility-weapon-halo-5-andor-beyond/ - - - - - - - Poll Edit - Question 9 (*Rate of fire?) - Added fourth option: Dynamic - scoped vs unscoped
  2. I took the time to messure the exact range aim assist kicks in for all precision rifles. The ranges where messured using the DMR's scope and are accurate to the first comma. The ranges before the June 3rd weapon tuning are in red, to put it into perspective (Unscoped/Scoped). The Sniper Rifle is also included, note the ridiculous unscoped RRR: BR: ( 30,71 / 61,16 ) ->> BR: ( 27,60m / 55,10m ) Carbine: ( 30,75 / 61,21 ) ->> Carbine: ( 27,20m / 55,00m ) LR: ( 30,70 / 91,58 ) ->> LR: ( 36,65m / 109,65m ) DMR: ( 38,57 / 114,64 ) ->> DMR: ( 36,80m / 109,70m ) SR: ( 38,20m / 152,20m / 342,80m ) Although I personally did notice it on the BR and Carbine a little bit but it could very well be a placebo with the difference being so miniscule... Discuss!
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