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Found 39 results

  1. Stigma By Squally DaBeanz Stigma is a small asymmetrical Guardian styled map set on the Cliffside of Ravine. The reason I'm calling this "Stigma Pro" is to differentiate this version from the more casual version, which can be found here: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/25814-stigma/ This version has different initial spawns, a more competitive weapon layout, and some minor geometry differences to help improve flow, sightlines, and map control. The map is currently in testing for Slayer, Hill, and possibly Extraction. This map has come a long way since the initial build back in December, and I've put more time and effort into this map than any other map I've made (which is at least 100 by now). Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated Download: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/squally%20dabeanz/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=1c47f27b-d03c-4720-b04d-b56e6e82e651
  2. Res


    SWAY [bETA] Download Sway - - - [TymeLapse Edition - Bottom] [Resivore Edition - Top] An original map designed by TymeLapse and forged by TymeLapse / Resivore. Supported game types include Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, Extraction, King of the Hill, and Oddball (TymeLapse version only). So... What is going on here? Why are there two? Due to my complete inability to co-forge, and my thorough distaste for his original version's object usage and lighting glitch, I sought permission to reforge Sway as I'd initially seen it. Inspired by the changes I'd made, specifically to top mid, TymeLapse decided to update his original version as well, with a goal of eliminating the lighting glitch from his unreleased version. Hence why there are two. Which one do we download, then? We urge you to download both and tell us what you think. Originally the plan was to hide which version belonged to who to avoid bias, but I deemed it unnecessary seeing that the forge styles are so obviously different (and anyone who has seen how I forge would know that the idiot using Cyan instead of Blue is me). So again, we ask you to set all prior feelings of the forger aside and look at the map for what it is, and deem which version you prefer with no prejudices in mind. Any big differences? The biggest structural change between the two versions is definitely the lack of bridges from red / blue base to top mid in my version. The elimination of this hard route not only halts the cries of "REDEMPTION!", but reduces the ease of a flag run, taking top mid from a difficult run to an impossible run. However, the map still features a Simplex-esque sprint jump to top mid, so the route still exists, just not for the flag runner. The other differences are in the weapon layout: TymeLapse's version spawns two 1-clip sniper rifles at either neutral base with an OS spawning bottom mid whilst my version only spawns a rocket launcher in the middle, as I was uncomfortable with the ideas of snipers on this map, no matter the clip size. Cool story, bro. Where are the pictures? Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know you don't care about the paragraphs you just want to see what it looks like. I got you. [TymeLapse version on left] [Resivore version on right] Thanks! Any and all feedback is appreciated!
  3. Hey guys, first time posting up a map, so here is Terrace: I wanted to make a competitive map that focused on vertical gameplay, and drew inspiration from Countdown and Construct. What I ended up with was a 3 level symmetrical map with opposing bases. Most of the action gravitates upwards to the top floor, but you will have to drop down to reach the OS/Rockets. Currently set up for King, Ext, 5 Flag, and slayer. Again, I am relatively new to forge, so any advice/critique is helpful, especially help with spawning, obj placement, weapon locations, and anything else really. Current weapons: Rocket: 2:40 - purple Sniper: 2:00 - 1 spare clip - top mid OS: 1:30 - mid gold Scattershot: 2:00 - bottom gold lift 4 carbine, 2 BR, 2 DMR, 3 LR 2 PP 2 Storm rifle 1 Suppressor 4 Pulse grenades, 2 plasma, 6 frag DL Link: Terrace Sorry I don't have the capability to capture a walk through or anything. If you want to test it out or talk in forge my GT is the same as my username.
  4. Map Name: Dojo Creator: S0ULDIER 2v2, 4v4 Slayer, KOTH, Ext, oddball Asymmetrical Somewhat of a donut style map with some basic asymmetries and some nice aesthetics to give it more character. *** UPDATE *** expanded gold area removed lift in gold added 2 more routes into gold changed a few extraction zones. repositioned oddball to middle instead of green.
  5. Liberation (2v2 Team Slayer/Extraction) Liberation is a 2v2 map I designed to be as simple and straight forward as possible. I experimented with consistency of theme and piece usage and was happy with how it turned out. It plays 2v2 Team Slayer and Extraction. Weapons 2x Frags 2x Pulse 2x Plasmas 1x Sniper (Top Gold) 1x Overshield (Bottom Middle) 1x Light Rifle 1x Battle Rifle 1x Carbine 1x Needler 1x Plasma Pistol 1x Supressor Pictures Liberation
  6. Map Name: INCLINEd Forger: S0ULDIER Designed for CTF and TS Inverse Symmetrical design overview blue flag looking into blue base blue basement looking out from blue flag gold lift gold hall top gold Red and blue are inverse symmetrical and gold and green are as well. Video Walkthrough: new for version 1.2 -added more natural rock walls. -deleted a bunch more 4x4 blocks and replaced with a variety of pieces. -changed up gold/green lifts. -added more visual aesthetics. * I've taken the feedback from the test lobby and waiho and other input from Fated and a few others and have made some changes. Version 1.4 -fixed gold/green lifts so you can now jump into them without getting stuck -took out rockwall between top green/gold and bottom base tunnels so there is less of a tunnel feel in bottom base hallways. it opens up those areas for grenade tosses and callouts so the flag is easier to stop if that route is taken. -weighted spawns so you should spawn in bottom bases more. newest version now here: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/6f476422-418b-4d83-93ea-eee7ece70d56
  7. Epicenter Forged by Obama on KFC & a Chunk Gametypes: Team Slayer Capture the Flag King of the Hill Extraction Oddball Weapons: Sniper (Bottom Gold - 2 1/2 Minutes) Overshield (Bottom Green - 2 Minutes) BR/DMR/Light Rifle/Carbine Frag/Plasma/Pulse Grenades Walkthrough Video: Pictures: Base Top Green View from Bottom green into the middle Ramp up to top mid/View of Bottom Gold (Sniper spawn) In front of the base Overview Any and all feedback is welcome. If anyone is familiar with how to best setup away spawn zones for flag, we could definitely use some help with that. Download Epicenter
  8. My friend and I worked on this map. It's NOT an arena style map. It looks alot like Narrows, meant for CTF and Team Slayer. Two snipers on the map. and one rocket launcher. Sniper every two minutes Rockets every two minutes and thirty seconds.
  9. Crate is a small narrow symmetrical map that focuses around shooting with your team and communication. The map plays Team Slayer, and Capture the Flag (5 Flag) The map was designed around No Sprint (125% movement speed, 95% Gravity) One power weapon on this map: Rocket Launcher (Located Top Middle) spawns 2:30 after pick up. I can only have one picture apparently? Something might be bugging on the forums. The one picture I put on in is an overview look of the map. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/s%202the%20artan/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=44149ca9-9918-4530-a1cc-32c1f9455105
  10. Stronghold Forged by The Fated Fire Stronghold v2 [media=650x500] [/media] Gametypes: Team Slayer FFA 5 Site Single Plot Extraction 3 Flag Weapon Set: Rockets (180s) 2x Sniper (120s) 2x Shotgun (90s) 2x Needler (60s) 2x BR, DMR, Carbine, LR (30s) 4x Frags, Plasmas, Pulse (30s) Screenshots:
  11. This is a symmetrical arena map updated to forge Island supports slayer, koth and ctf Changelog: v2-moved to forge island -removed bottom mid -removed incineration cannon -switched light rifles with suppressors - switched grenades on outside to light rifles v1.1- fixed falling speed boost issue overhead one of the four bases rock between bases the middle The current weapon set is: 4 Light rifles - 1 behind each rock 4 suppressors - one behind the crate in each base 2 frag grenades - bottom mid 1 speed boost - top mid Thoughts? download (forge island v2)
  12. Volvex By DG Intensity Download Link: Link Brief description: Volvex is an asymmetrical map inspired by the famous map Sanctuary. Although Volvex is asymmetrical it has many symmetrical traits, for example, each team has a courtyard, red and blue base are similar in design as well as some other minor similarities. Due to these similarities the map feels symmetrical but is still noticeably asymmetrical. For the most part the structure of the map is finished and all that is left to do is test and find bugs and things that need to be changed. I have only tested koth on this map and it plays pretty well but I have yet to try any other gametypes. All feedback would be much appreciated and any ideas, suggestions and opinions regarding the map are welcome. Supported Gametypes: Capture the Flag King of the Hill Slayer Oddball Weapons on map: BR x6 10s DMR x2 10s Frag Grenade x4 30s Rockets x1 176s Sniper x2 116s Needler x1 90s Screenshots: Once again, all feedback is appreciated
  13. Warden Pro is my revision of my symmetrical Guardian styled map built on Impact. Redemption1272 said it had the most promise to be a more "pro" competetive map among all my other maps, so I rebuilt it on Forge Island. I've simplified many areas and cleaned up the aesthetics from the original. Note: The screenshots are just a tad outdated. The only real changes are that the walls in bottom mid facing the sniper spawns have been taken out, and the jumping blocks by the snipers have been lowered slightly to allow easier jumps across the water. Screenshots: Callouts will be added soon, as the old ones aren't accurate anymore. Download: http://www.halowaypo...le&startIndex=0 Any and all feedback is appreciated!
  14. Our goal is to create a team slayer map that will actually use power positions, and power weapon placement well. We have noticed there are nearly no maps of the like in Halo 4 that we have seen, and hope to make a map that will inspire set ups, team work, more movement, etc. Still in progress, will post updates as we forge. Pictures of coforged map (in development):
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