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  1. one day.. one day i will see kotor 3 (
  2. Im a free agent still looking and have run with a couple of different squads but i am still available. I am willing to compete in all online cups and depending on how successful everything goes id be down for indy. Honestly looking for a team that can tell me when i need to be on for scrims so i can plan my week, what i mean is saying we are going to try and scrim on monday, tuesday, thursday 4-11 or something like that. Makes it easier for me to plan. Message me on xbl if you wanna run. Im calm dont rage, and am mainly looking for a fun group to play with that translates into good chemistry. I can slay, support, obj or whatever the team needs, im a flexible player.
  3. id be down to run with you guys as i am still looking. just message me what time if youre interested and we can work something out
  4. im looking for a team still too, id run with the both of you if you guys wanna try and get something off the ground
  5. i have read this a ton, kind of unreal that the firth day that ranks come out they are literally even worse than before. I have tried to be patient, way more patient than i probably should have been, but this is just insane....
  6. sup man i would be down to run with you and see how it goes. GT: AllFundamental
  7. im still looking for a team, hit me up if you wanna run. GT: AllFundamental
  8. 1. CLG 2. EG 3. Denial 4. Team Randa 5. Noble Black 6. Optic Gaming 7. Cloud 9 8. Elevate
  9. im down to run, messaged you as well. Gt: AllFundamental
  10. 1 - Denial 2 - EG 3 - Team Randa 4 - CLG 5 - Optic Gaming 6 - Noble Black 7 - C9 8 - eXcellence Gaming (inb4)
  11. C9 should have dropped hysteria and kept ninja. I would be more hyped on a Ninja, Victory, FiS, Ola squad. At least ninja didnt bitch about his teammates play every game. he would offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, not just shit all over his players repeating the same thing 8 different times in the worst voice possible during the game lol. Although he does bitch way too much and may kill team chemistry which wins games, hysteria does put up good numbers at events....felt i had to give credit where credit is due....even though those numbers dont mean shit when your team gets destroyed because you bitch the whole game. inb4 Team Randa / EG finals at IG
  12. Lol sheeps? People do play what they want to when they want to (alot of the time what people want to play is what is advertised so MONEY), however competitive play is ALWAYS going to be driven by the money behind it (unless the game is THAT bad which H2A is not). I just think its funny you bring up these points after one of the more competitive and fun Halo seasons we have had in a long time, and perhaps one of the greates series ever to be played in a finals tournament (NB vs CLG) and the community on the rebound. I just dont understand that no one is stopping you from going to play a game at 30 fps on an older console with a smaller player base. your argument "is to each his own" yet youre calling everyone sheep...
  13. Has there been any movement or any type of news regarding selections for maps for season 2? I mean its right around the corner and i am assuming that they would want them in for the pre cups.
  14. I completely understand and agree with your point about CE.
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