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  1. The Pro Battle League is working with Microsoft Stores and 343i to build regional rivalries across North America! Beginning in June PBL will be hosting events at both the Lenox and Perimeter Mall Microsoft Store locations in hopes of crowning the best Halo team in the state. This team will then go on to face off against the best teams from 32 other metro regions throughout the country. As of right now this is all of the information I have; however I am working in conjunction with PBL to build a GA Talent pool for the events. If you are interested in competing or simply attending PBL Atlanta events please take a moment to fill out this brief survey below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1kipvBzl1SXsbQGLyC8ls0idGFrQOFC_JBI5l8DAMjvk/viewform For more information about Pro Battle League take a moment to check out @PBLHalo on twitter Also feel free to add me on XBL or Twitter for more information Gamertag: Cornbread XBL Twitter: @Cornbread_XBL I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!
  2. Gamertag: Cornbread HCS Location: Atlanta, GA Events Attended: IG Atlanta and Daytona Contact Info Twitter: Cornbread_HCS Twitch: .tv/cornbread_v2 I have been playing fairly competitively since Halo 2, however I only recently started pursuing larger events. Looking to attend any future HCS events. Looking for a squad that's willing to work together and WIN together.
  3. Gamertag is Cornbread HCS I live in Dunwoody just 20 minutes from Downtown. Down for MM, customs, and would love to help with hosting more LAN events
  4. I am a Free Agent living in Atlanta and I would LOVE to start a team for IG ATL. I have been playing Halo competitively for longer than I can remember and can hold my own. My gamertag is Cornbread v2. If you want to consider me for your team I will be streaming on Twitch all night here: http://www.twitch.tv/cornbread_v2
  5. Winner Cornbread v2 Score Player No Show (Carbon IzI was offline and unresponsive) Round 2
  6. Your Player Name: Cornbread v2 Winner: Cornbread v2 Round Number: ROUND 1 Score: PLAYER FORFEIT MATCH (Player Never Showed)
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