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  1. Why not design a map with ricochet in mind? I love when the community pitches in.
  2. Just watched it. I agree that it wouldn't work on that map. But what about another map, or one designed specifically for ricochet?
  3. Can someone make a list of reasons why Ricochet shouldn't be in season 2? Or if there already is one, please show me. I'd like to see more than "itz bad nawt pleyn".
  4. Agreed. I'd rather Halo be a democracy than a dictatorship. A community playlist would drive innovation way more than a select group of insiders who may have biased opinions.
  5. I guess I'll have to disagree. I'd rather have the community as a whole decide which maps are the best, rather than a small group of people. That way may work better for the competitive maps, but not for the game in general.
  6. Well if the maps had to be put in with updates, then I agree, it would actually slow things down. But, Ubisoft didn't do that with the community playlist. When you would search for a match in the user created playlist, it would find the map, then install it. This took maybe 30 seconds max to install on each person's console, then the match would start. At the end you could rate it and leave feedback and choose to keep the map or uninstall it.
  7. I posted this on the Waypoint forums, and I guess I'll post it here, too. Forge is something I've loved since its debut in Halo 3. The community has created some amazing maps over the years, and they've been a blast to play on. However, it's pretty difficult to get your map exposure and feedback. With Halo 5's release and new forge, I'd love to have a map testing playlist, similar to the one featured in Far Cry 3. "Once you’re done, publish your map for the community to play and rate it. Try, test, modify and improve it in order to reach the gold tier status and see your creation curated and appear alongside official Ubisoft content. This will ultimately be giving you, the players, an infinite source of content to play in." This would accelerate the process of adding new maps into playlists, and help forgers get their maps the recognition they deserve.
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