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  1. Bump. Should be running games tonight
  2. We've been a part of the competitive Halo scene since late H1 and early H2. We're not looking to hold anyone's hand or teach anyone how to play this game. Before you read any further please assure yourself that you have the required skill set to be on a serious team. We're only looking for individuals who have put in a decent amount of hours in H5. Passed team experience is a huge plus. Previous Halo title experience should be obvious. -You must be able to keep a open line of communication. No flakes. No kids with 9pm bedtimes. No ragers. -3-4 hours of practice a night -Must be available for HCS online cup matches. (some if not all) We want to establish a roster as soon as possible. Respond to the thread or contact us on xbl if interested. Be ready to discuss your past experiences.
  3. GT is : hi im tooltip I'm on almost every single night. Still looking to put together a squad.
  4. Might be interested. Who are the other two players?
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