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  1. Looking to compete again and run games hmu on XBL add zLunatrix have tones of event exp and LAN exp won't disappoint
  2. Hey guys add zLunaTrix or Vyruus to play some new custom games the community has made. Reaper, Duck Hunt, Pound town, Pancake/
  3. Looking for a solid team to go to indy with. HMU on here or XBL my GT is LUNATRLX I have been to 3 MLG events go losers round 5 MLG 08 Orlando, with a last second team. I won't disappoint.
  4. Lets run games bro hmu on xbl LUNATRLX
  5. Hmu to play in todays cup add LUNATRLX
  6. Hmu on xbl to run games LUNATRLX
  7. Hey man lets run games my GT is LUNATRLX
  8. Hey, guys looking to run games for HCS Season 2. I have been to 3 MLG events HMU on XBL zLunaTrix
  9. Lets run games my GT is zLunaTrix I live about 3 hours from Indy. I have also been to 3 MLG events.
  10. Hey! guys looking for a good team right now to run games with, I have been to 3 MLG events, and tons of locals so I have a lot of lan exp under my belt. You can hmu on xbl my GT is zLunaTrix Twitter is @Jordan_harte

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