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  1. This looks like something pulled straight out of Destiny, and it looks pretty well done. It appears to be very clean, which is a huge concern with the new and improved forging since reach. Initial look of the map through the pictures, it looks like it has a lot of potential and the fact you gave it an actual back story makes it seem like more than just something random, which is always a bonus. I'll download it when I get the chance and take a run around on the map and get back to you with feedback with how it looks in game. I'll also try and run some customs on it and see how it plays. I'll report back in a couple days with a more in depth analysis.
  2. So I have an Idea for a map. It's kind of a Warlock/Assembly cross. Or even just a modified Assembly. I always liked it, it just didn't have the right flow, but with a few minor tweaks, it could be great.
  3. I'm not sure if I am the only one, I mean I probably am, but I despise the new Warlord. I'm not sure what about it makes me cringe when I play it. It's probably the jump ups in front of the bases and plats so you can basically attain a shotgun and get to camo in less than 2 seconds and since camo spawns every 60 seconds and lasts 45, I feel like those aspects of the map make it much harder to play. While the changes made were meant to help game play and increase play flow (and they did exactly that, but too much) I don't really feel like it plays like the Warlock we've grown to love/hate/rage throw controllers and slap your mother. So without further ranting and being a little whiny baby. I've remade a more true Warlock. I need help testing it to make it perfect for all of you guys. It's ascetically pleasing and you can orient yourself way better. I've made some changes to geometry that will aid gameplay. Example is where plasma grenades spawn, I have that indent that Warlord has, just not the jump up. Makes it a little more roomy and less claustrophobic. In the back of the bases, I've dropped the wall so you can fall off the map and so you have the ability to play ball. (also made a different version where it is completely walled off.) I broke the line of sights a little bit so you can't shoot to your left or right base as effectively, this should slow down gameplay a little. However after testing if it's discovered that this is not a smart move, changes will be made accordingly. I would post pictures but I'm not entirely sure how to yet. This system is still a bit unknown to me. I don't really want to take cell phone pictures and post them because that is just really, really noobish. After I find out how, I'll edit the post and attach some images for you more visual folk. If you'd like to help me test it, add Controlix.
  4. How does one post picture of maps using MCC?
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