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  1. So UK players are no longer eligible to play in EU Pro League now right? #Brexit
  2. On the topic of prize money, has any sort of payout structure been announced? It would be nice to know what's at stake.
  3. Really though thanks for taking the time to write that up. It was a good read
  4. Check the time stamps. He got it before Moa posted
  5. I'm loving how unpredictable the matchups have been outside of CLG. Is it Thursday yet?
  6. Great editing but the gameplay sucks Good playing with you yesterday keep up the vids
  7. Hope to see you guys succeed. You've been grinding this game harder than anyone I personally know and it's paying off.
  8. When you're up by 5 in a sweaty game and you get disconnected from the server
  9. Watching the semifinals and finals last night was a awesome. There's tons of talent on the top 3 rosters. Looking forward to watching more in the coming weeks and seeing how the rivalries develop.
  10. Did you ever watch the clip in 3rd person? It looks to me like you may have bounced off the other spartan's head, hence why you can't replicate it.
  11. Why not double elimination for Sunday's bracket? With so much at stake it seems you'd want to make sure the 2 actual best teams make it through.
  12. PoWeR

    a wild Doduo

    Doduo used TriHard Attack!
  13. A BTB tournament would be fun. It might be difficult to organize but I think you guys could pull it off.
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