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  1. Yeah, he did well getting the kills this series for sure. But just saying again that there's literally sooo much more to winning a game than that haha. I get your point though, he put up some good + games. The teamwork was the real MVP though.
  2. Also, this link is missing at least a game or two as well. I believe the series was 10-2 us or 9-2 us
  3. LOL oh snap. Definitely did not feel like that at all :P (those assists tho hehehehe) But yeah, K/D does not matter like that. There's literally so much more that goes into it. Meh, people will see what they want
  4. Lol the whole team did not go negative... at all. Also, one player does not win a series, it's a team game. Especially when it's a stomping like that. We had good teamwork, the kills just landed in his direction this series.
  5. Didn't expect all the support and kind words today! Appreciate it everybody and hopefully I can do more of these kinds of streams in the future. Big congrats to French Toast Mafia for coming out hot and taking the win
  6. Our team ended up making some bad plays towards the end of Games 3 and 4. Both games could have gone either way. Despite the misconception, besides the Winterfox scrim we had a couple days ago, we really have not played much together as a team yet. We were waiting for details to be announced for the tournaments. Overall, we're really happy with the way we play as team. Just have to learn small things that change games, and that comes from playing a lot together. I, personally, had a bad Game 4 against Liquid but feel like I played well all tournament. I'm really excited to move forward with my squad Feel like we play the Halo gameplay that I'm comfortable with.
  7. My team: Gooy/Str8sick Their team: One Gaming Esports Winner: Goofy/Str8Sick 2-0
  8. Your Team Name: Goofy/Str8Sick Other Team: RedvsBlue Winner: Goofy/Str8Sick NO SHOW
  9. To be completely honest, I wouldn't say that any one team is considerably better than the other. I can see why Optic would be people's favorites to win since they won at PAX, but people forget to consider that tD took them to Game 5 fairly early in the tournament so it could have gone either way. TCM got 4th but they took us to game 5 so it could have been them playing in the finals. I don't have specific predictions but I will say... this tournament is going to be fkn insane! Great players spread around amazing teams all around. Let's see who comes out on top.

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