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  1. Name: Cody Gamertag: FLYINGPICKLE500 Games played: Halo 1-4 and Reach Location: Southern California Future Gaming Desires: I am looking for high schoolers who love to play Halo and would like to practice so we can be the best we can be and compete in tournaments. I don't care about your experience in the competitive scene because I have none either (However, more is better). As long as you are willing to work to get better, than message me up and lets start winning some tournaments
  2. I may not be the most informed person, but here are my thoughts on the ranking. I noticed how the rank I get is ALMOST entirely based on wins and loses. I see people who have higher ranks than me, but I am a better player than them. This is because they got lucky and they got better teammates than I more often. Communicating or not, my teammates tend to never score above 6 kills in a slayer game. Thus, I lose most of my games even if I played really good. My rank goes down, but my skill and stats go up. In addition, I find losing a game decreases more points than winning a game adds points to my rank. Overall, I am not complaining about how I got bad teammates, but how I will never go up a rank, even if I keep improving and playing really good, unless I play with people I know. When I first started up a game, I was using Bumper Jumper and noticed how slowly the sniper rifle zooms (clicking right joystick). Also, I find the AR beating a BR 60% of the time at mid range. In my opinion, the BR should almost always win that fight (~80%). I am no professional or hardcore gamer, but here is my feedback on the beta

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