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  1. Anybody able to explain to me how Shotzzy magically stops making horizontally suddenly at 9:24? https://clips.twitch.tv/GiftedOnerousGoshawkVoteNay
  2. T2 and Elamite talking about Trippey's "poor use" of his thrust for like three minutes straight and they don't realize he thrusted because a rail gun was being charged up and he thought it was aiming towards him
  3. As clutch as OS was in the Open Cups, they're equally un-clutch in Pro League.
  4. Ace gets dropped from TL with only three days before Pro League roster lock? "Psh no big deal. Just extend transfer period!" -- ESL (...aka Kyle Elam) staywoke.png
  5. This gif seriously always makes me laugh. T2's face is hilarious
  6. Ah, okay, thanks. I didn't know. Yeah, those guys had a hugely massive enormous part in getting this to scale across the US.
  7. Can you provide his @? I can't seem to find anything about Voodooman.
  8. Just out of curiosity, and I hope several of you answer this question, but how do you think the idea of these Microsoft Store tournament/LANs started? Who got the ball rolling?
  9. So? It's not like this was the most competitive environment anyway. I was playing on a screen the size of a portable DVD player lol
  10. That's actually a really cool idea. I kinda of wish we did 1v1s at my store. Check out this sweet water bottle I got at my #MicrosoftStoreHalo thingy: I'd say my local store's event was an overall success and it appears that way across the country, too.
  11. Who's not going to their local MS Store FFA tomorrow? (If you don't respond you're now obligated to go and help grow your local Halo scene)
  12. Here's some crazy jumps by Shotzzy if anyone is interested: https://clips.twitch.tv/InquisitiveHandsomePoultryLeeroyJenkins https://clips.twitch.tv/EndearingHelplessPenguinNotLikeThis EDIT; Wtf: https://clips.twitch.tv/ModernPlumpPeafowlUncleNox/edit EDIT 2: W T F https://clips.twitch.tv/UninterestedBashfulDiamondGivePLZ
  13. Probably all of them since the page that links to the Google Docs sign-up page says it
  14. You should share it privately here. We wont tell anybody.
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