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  1. I dont think this roster would be better w/o Shooter, just saying I'd think it'd be good fun to see 4 young slayers go at it, thats all
  2. May have been mentioned already, idk, but stat I found interesting. Liquid this weekend: 5-7 (42%) in Slayers 15-6 (72%) in all OBJs You figure (I may be wrong) that OBJs are the harder games to win, given that Liquid is already playing them extremely well, once they figure out their Slayers I don't think it'd be that crazy of a thought to think they could hang with OG/nV for quite some time, maybe even pass em up. btw I'd absolutely love to see Inconceivable stay together and completely dominate the scene in up to a couple years time maybe. and I love Str8 but if Renegade was to join bubu + Falcated + Shotzzy, yung gods.
  3. Str8 Sick repeatedly saying he's just chilling, he didnt do anything, so he doesnt care, and couldnt care less. I say him not speaking on something shady involving him, is shady get timed out in chat lul
  4. https://clips.twitch.tv/therealstr8sick/DifficultOryxDAESuppy So OG stream snipes and follows Str8 Sick into super fiesta. Str8 Sick proceeds to say he "shouldn't respect people like this" as they bag him. uhhhhhhhh
  5. Your Team Name: Gusatorian Winner: Gusatorian Round Number: 2 Score: 2-0 (Best of 3)
  6. Your Team Name: Gusatorian Winner: Gusatorian Round Number: 1 Score: 2-0 (Best of 3 Games) No Show
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