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  1. Because of some personal things and issues with School soon I haven't been around nearly as much as I've wanted to be and as I have it's been mostly just lurking. SO if anyone would like to bring me slightly back up to speed, how have all the teams been doing? NV and OG seem just as dominant as ever but for the most part what about some of the newly-formed ones? Thanks a ton!
  2. Like a shady small org. What kind of poor attempt at professionalism is this team?
  3. Hey guys, sorry for the delay but after some technical difficulties my Week 7 recap is finally live!
  4. I hate full replays SO much. 5-min at the most should be replay-worth IMO. Granted I hate having to go to replays due to DC's far more but still.
  5. And this is why I make recaps. Oh fuck wait i'm the guy that makes recaps. I need sleep.
  6. Stream. We're looking at the series layout and you can see the background glitching and freezing. -.-
  7. As someone who needs to record the stream VoDs in order to make videos. For the love of god please fix the stream i'm afraid.
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