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  1. Spartan should take notes from the guy with the green jacket https://youtu.be/btn55_Lf5vI?t=1m5s if i had l33t skills id shop frostys face onto the dude standing over him
  2. cant speak for UGC events but as a person who attended most of the MLG Dallas events, bring Vicks and rub it under your nose because sadly, some people either dont shower or dont put on deodorant all jokes aside hope you have a good time!
  3. thanks for the info! guess they sent the "Str8 Rippin 2016 World Champs" apparel to africa
  4. yooooooooooooooooo any particular reason why Str8 Rippin worlds roster broke up? trying something new or did someone get a better team offer? Is Str8 Rippin still an org? Has anyone received their Str8 Rippin apparel yet? Any updates as to when they will start delivering? keep seeing 1-2 weeks but that was said 2-3 weeks ago.
  5. i think i need a break from this place and halo. I truly think coming here and reading whats posted every day for the last year or so has impacted me negatively in terms of overall view of halo and the competitive community. Ill just watch the lan events and play some cod4rm for awhile. See yall next year <3
  6. damnit im out of upvotes lol that alg video was great! devon and contra seem like cool dudes. Also this reaction of cratos is super funny. https://youtu.be/M2fZHe0uQ9Q?t=10m1s
  7. im pretty sure people would be fans of e6 if cratos wasnt on it. I know i would. That video he posted about there not being another xbox in the room was the tipping point for me to completely dislike him and seeing him have to eat his words and be the one going to relegation is justice porn.
  8. i know next to nothing about running an event, but is halo even at the point financially where ESL can support that? Is is strictly a money thing that is keeping this from happening or just difference in opinion? @@Timo
  9. Shoutout all the dudes who called Str8 Rippin coming back onto the scene "meh" I havent seen the pro league that hyped in awhile. Str8 Rippin fans looking at OpTic like:
  10. weapon/flag/powerup pick up prioritization should be top 5 things to be fixed: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Str8%20Dreamer/video/23313897
  11. great post. I feel more people need to worry about this rather than what the most popular website for halo enthusiasts is or getting offended that 343 people dont post here.
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