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  1. Hey all I took time off of H5 the past few months to graduate from college and could only game here and there but I am back on the every day grind. HMU to game I need new people to play with now that all my CP family is pro. GT: Dovble A
  2. I think that the Challenger League format is fine because it is on the weekend. If someones doesn't want to dedicate their time to competing that is on them isn't it? I would like a little more marketing for it as it is hard to find info about it though. If this format is bad then which format do you guys suggest?
  3. Where the hell do you go to see the total points and standings of teams? I want to see my total points so I can cry
  4. Maybe not for you, but for them that is a huge failure. Nobody saw that coming, not even Overdrive. They were being considered a top 4 team and now are many points behind because of that one tourney. If I was on TL that to me was a big failure to grab the many crucial points. Just because it was online does not mean it holds no weight since all the online tournies matter this season. If Overdrive beat TL at a LAN in H5 would that be a big failure?
  5. They are not dropping players based on one series we all know how it goes. There are little mishaps that build up and eventually a big failure is the tipping point.
  6. Yeah I do not understand the hype around this guy? I mean I know he was a beast at COD and is really young but saying he DESERVES a fair shot on a team with established Halo pros? How does he deserve that when he has never competed in Halo lol.
  7. I 100% agree with this whole post and anyone that has at least some sort of understanding of playing Halo as a team should as well. I think it is important to point out that for the most part, the most popular and famed Halo players today are main slayer/flashy type players. Roy, Snipedown, Royal 2trilly, all of these players are known for being able to put up crazy stats win OR lose. These players are usually the most popular because when a n00b or casual player watches they want to see KILLZ, they don't wanna see someone run the flag or cap a stronghold. And while I don't think it is fair that other players that are tasked to take on the more selfless/dirty work roles do not get the fame and glory they deserve (LBX, Cloud, FS), they are my favorite pros because those are the players I learn the most from about the game and how to win. Stats are important to promote stars or create storylines to draw attention in my experience.
  8. Yeah sorry team "?" is my team. That is our place holder while we are still working out the T$M deal (Regi is a bit stubborn).
  9. Yeah I know that now but I didn't at the time because it was like my third time playing it haha
  10. We lost to Daytona in LBR Semis Game 5 bo5 Eden slayer bc blue team gets free snipe and high spawn. And of course Frosty got the snipe and went like 19-4 or something gay like that
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