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  1. We forfeited game 1 for showing up late to the discord. I am getting fined 5% of whatever I earn while being on Enigma 6 because I got signed out of my account. And Honestly I am happy they came out with a statement and the ruling, because when I found out I was being fined i was awestruck, but not able to say anything because it was confidential.
  2. BTW the ruling has already been made, just know I will still be playing with them this week.
  3. For those of you wondering if I actually got signed out during that Pro League match Vs OpTic, The answer is yes. I took this Gyazo the day it happened. I went onto my Pro League Microsoft account and saw that my account had been recovered by an IP near Denver at 1:01 AM the morning of our Pro League Match. I waited to post this because I wanted to consult ESL first and give them a chance to find a punishment fitting the offense.
  4. Interesting E6 General made the twitlonger, considering he is the son of the owner of E6 and I have never spoken a word to him in my life. Anyways not once did i say that Ayden and I are better than Carlos and Jesse and we deserve more. Not sure where that came from. As for denying the comment about the family, its whatever, it was definitely said. However I did not say he threatened my family. I was just simply restating what he said. Also E6 claims they have never scumbagged or done harm to any players and then also goes on to challenge anyone out there to say how they mistreated them. I wonder what @@Huke and @@Snip3down have to say about that xD.
  5. Braedon said things you couldn't take back and disrespected my team and my org Cus he was not happy being the highest paid player outside of me and Jesse. Only thing I said is that i probably wouldn't be here if the initial offer was $1.5k which i acknowledged in my post as well as admitted it was a shitty thing to say, so don't make it sounds like I said something horribly unforgivable. Also it's not a matter of being the highest paid player outside of you and Jesse, its about being lied to 3 different times.
  6. Alright guys, yes I was dropped and it is a long story, but I have nothing else to do so here you go. After the end of Summer Pro League Me, Eco and Suspector had agreed to be a to3 for the upcoming season. We ended up running with a few people and I had every intention of sticking with Eco and Suspector. Then Huke joined nV and E6 needed one so they asked Suspector and Suspector said he wanted to team with me so they just ended up offering both of us to team as well as $3k a month salary. Suspector really wanted to do it so I trusted him and a $3k a month salary so why would I turn it down. I would not have joined the team if i did not think we could do well. Once we agreed to join Cratos said actually the salary is $2.5k a month because the owner of E6 takes taxes out of it. Fast Forward and right before Chattanooga me and Suspector get our Contracts for $2.5k a month and we went to Chattanooga. We get back and we get a new contract for $1.5k a month. Me and Suspector said we aren't signing that $1.5k contract. Not sure why the E6 owner changed his mind about our Salary. Going from $2.5k to $1.5k. During this time I was pretty tilted and texted in our group chat that the reality is if Ayden and I were initially offered $1.5k a month we probably wouldn't be here. Which looking back was a shitty thing to say, but it is also true. I agreed to stick with Eco and would not have left him if this were the case. I left Eco because I thought we could be a good team and I would be getting a higher salary than if I were to stay with him on Liquid. So it was the smartest move for myself. Cratos offered us $3k a month fully knowing we would instantly disregard every and any other options about teaming. So our whole team gets in a call with the E6 owner a few days ago and the owner said he believes that Jesse and Carlos should be getting paid $2.5k while Ayden and I get $1.5k because they went through highs and lows together. I sympathize with Jesse and Carlos about all of the lows last season, hope you guys recover well, nah imagine. Ayden and I basically said that that is bullshit, every player should be getting the same salary. Also at some point in this call the E6 owner said how he could find out who all are family members are in a matter of 5 seconds, so that was pretty chill. Anyways at this point me and Ayden had been told 3 different salaries. So basically I was dropped because they don't want to team with someone if Its about the money, even though all Cratos does is brag about how rich the owner of E6 is. It is what it is and now i have AIDS. Also they will try to use a Sub for Pro League matches and Bench me, too bad for them they did not buy my contract from Liquid. So I will be playing. No emergencies over here xD, unless E6 pays someone 10k to break my fingers :\. Also they will be scrimming with a variety of people giving them the false hope of being picked up and then on the 23rd, when I leave they are planning on picking up shooter xDDDDDD
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