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  1. Boost eSports is actively recruiting a Halo: Master Chief Collection team to compete in the Halo Championship Series under our organization, we’re a brand new up and coming organization that is looking for high quality teams to back. Requirements; ~ Must have a stable team of 4 (this is very important for the HCS as points stay with the teams, not the players) ~ Would prefer if one of your team members could stream as it’s an important branding tool for both the organization and the players themselves. ~ Require that all players be over the age of 15+ and have parental consent to attend LAN’s if team chooses to attend. You may contact us on twitter @ www.twitter.com/Boost_eSports or by email at [email protected] Funding is available to teams that earn it, funding will not be provided until team has performed well enough to insinuate it being a viable option.
  2. Would it be worth it? Am I too far behind? I'd like to think I'm "okay" at Halo, I played Call of Duty competitively for 3+ years, almost qualifying for Call of Duty Championships in Black Ops II, I've always had a strong desire to play halo and put the time in it, just don't think anybody would be willing to give me a shot.. on even a bottom team, which I'd expect to play with and hopefully work my way up. Any tips?

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