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  1. Hit us up. 95 HCS points that will seed us for the start of next season, need one. GT: Sterling 47Ag
  2. We're looking for 1 for HCS Season 2, as the title reads. We have 95 HCS points and are currently 38th in HCS standings. All of our points came from just 1 event and considering most of the teams are gonna end up splitting before the next season starts we should enter the season with a pretty decent overall seed. We're also like 27th on PGL or something like that so we should be in the 10k tournament when the season ends on there also. We've been competing in Halo for a long time and we know what it takes to win and the time needed to put in. If you aren't gonna grind the game then don't contact us, we want someone that is hungry to prove themselves. I don't care what your name is or if you have 7 numbers at the end of your GT as long as you're good at Halo it doesn't make a difference to me. We will be running with people as early as tonight just unsure what time, probably around 7-8 eastern so just hit us up. Twitter: @Sterling47Ag GT: Sterling 47Ag
  3. Not gonna make this stupid long. I'm a free agent for all HCS events. Can attend G4G but it needs to be a promising team given the short notice GT: Sterling 47Ag Twitter: @Sterling47Ag
  4. Vindicated- Sterling, Anzio, Brother Doors, Monoxide
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