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  1. It also clutters the callouts with useless information. In the time where he is saying "Fucking goddammit how did he kill me." He could be small talking with his teammates. Naded used to be pushing for better communication when he first got on the team, but lately I haven't heard that probably due to how depressed he sounds while playing.
  2. Looking for some people to play with. I stopped playing for a while and am now coming back. Would be great if you used skype or discord as it's hard to get my xbl mic to work. Message me on here or xbl to play. GT: kVizard or SSJKuma
  3. Even though they haven't won a game, this has definitely been optic's most competitive roster. This is something they could actually work with.
  4. Please tell me someone took an oddshot of that legendary Lethul tilt.
  5. Lethul is legit forging the old maps so they'll be able to scrim. This is really sad on 343's part.
  6. I really wan't Maniac to succeed, but in order for him to be a top player everything besides his shot needs to be completely re invented for H5. There are just a bunch of small problems that add up which results in his current playstyle. All of the stuff I notice when I watch can be changed he just needs to put in a lot of effort which I really hope he does.
  7. I feel like Optic needs more slaying power in their roster, which is why I'm super sad about no Optic JimBoze. Also if Huke is getting dropped he is a young player that veterans like FS, Maniac, and Naded could mold into a really great player. Who knows though, rosters change in this game super easily so maybe one of these will come true.
  8. Moist over this possible Liquid roster. Pun very intended.
  9. I want this except, switch ALG and Denial. I'm hyped for the new players!
  10. That game 1 was huge. It seems like NV is very momentum based atm. I hope they can comeback from behind in their other matches.
  11. I feel like there are a lot of things to control on Regret so I actually enjoy it. I do think the auto and dmr respawn times need to be tweaked though
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