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  1. Yeah I seriously don't give a fuck about any pros. This type of stuff is for like 13 year olds
  2. Im working on one, I'm like 50% of 1/3 finished. But we still can't make a ctf game type in halo 3 forge
  3. I like when people still rage fuckshit hard, it shows there's still some dedicated people playing halo
  4. EWW NO, we're talking about h3
  5. I tried for a bit but i don't have a 360 so i kinda forgot how everything is exactly. I'll gladly help someone forge it though.
  6. exactly, h2a isn't even a new game, its just a bad version of the original for the new kids. there's nothing wrong with being new but don't play h2a and compare it to h2c by remaking maps...etc When you have the option to play the original on the same damn disc.
  7. H2A is the noob version of H2C and all the H2A kids want all the H2C maps remade for H2A because they're bad at H2C LOL
  8. Got this in my email 2 days ago https://twitter.com/gamespot/status/565194639825965056?cn=cmVjb3NfbmV0d29ya19kaWdlc3RfYWN0aXZl
  9. seriously. its not even a joke at this point we realistically can't trust 343
  10. http://youtu.be/jTlapVqx0hs http://youtu.be/DippdllaxnI
  11. Actually they killed it and did something else and just used the title "Halo" for their game
  12. Are people still playing H3 on 360 or Reach MLG playlist. Im going back to 360 since MCC is dumb
  13. They just want to make it look like they have support for their shitty design. You know how much of the halo population uses forums? LOL like 20 maybe 30% and majority of them are fucking children who collect the toys and shit.
  14. This is fucking awesome hahaha! In your face 343. IN YOUR FACE!
  15. Funny how they corner the vote into a community of people who want it instead of putting the vote on maybe... the actual MCC game itself... you can't make an argument when you turn it into an arbitrary vote, thats the biggest scumbag move you can pull. way to go 343 you tricked your selfs into winning an argument against the 11% of a social forum instead of putting the poll on the actual current game. fucking scumbags, your results mean nothing when you pull shit like that
  16. At this point casuals buy the game even if they don't like it so why not just fucking make a good competitive game. Who cares if the casuals don't like it, obviously they themselves don't if they're just gonna buy it anyway. It's not like we're in a time where game developers need to over sell games and make them noob as fuck for people to buy them, like i said before, casuals buy it no matter what. Like 343 puts out a commercial for like what?... a week or 2 before the game comes out and honestly that's the only money they spend on selling the game, the rest of it goes where? obviously not into making the game better. They spend more time on the game going full derp mode and adding every drunk thought that comes into their head then actually planning out how to make a good game. 343 is a joke guys
  17. We need more guys like him, i love the part where he said function needs to trump form and how graphic designers don't like it when you tell them gameplay is more important than graphics (cough cough 343).
  18. Collecting Music, focusing on work, being healthy. Too be honest i stopped caring about Halo a few years ago so I'm used to this.
  19. I know don't you love it, the competitive community is the only actual community that has been consistent in halo since the first game. The casuals aren't even a community, they are just casual people who play the game for a few months, they don't even care what the game is and yet those are the people the developers cater too. It's hilarious
  20. for h3? i made an octagon but i don't have the modded game type
  21. Who cares anymore, i don't even use my xbox unless its for netflix anymore and the only reason i got a xbone was for halo
  22. If you like Ambient or Black Metal. One of my favorite albums of 2014 http://youtu.be/ZR5KiiMzgDw
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