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  1. Then do it bro! Stop talkin and start makin moves! Stop bein a little bitch, grab it by the balls and you download that bitch!
  2. I just got a 360 thumb stick on the Xbox one controller after shaving it's life away and I actually like the controller now
  3. LOL it's 2015 it's time for the bad kids to shine
  4. I don't respect people just because their good at halo. Crazy right?!?! They're actually people out there who play competitively and don't slob all over pro's dicks.
  5. Totally off topic but I literally feel like I'm losing iq points reading the things on this forum. Maybe it's because I'm not Internet hip but what the fuck is up with everyone spelling like their in second grade it's really fucking annoying. Hey can I you me haz this that on over there with it. It's that bad, I feel like I'm getting a brain disorder.
  6. Oh yes talk dirty to me sweetheart
  7. Anyone know if you can put the 360 thumbsticks on the xbox one controller?
  8. I loved loved loved Reach MLG v7. So many good times, the last of the MLG era <3
  9. Seriously bro, it fucking B L O W S M Y M I N D ! How bad 343 is
  10. Did you wanna help? I'm doing this all out of my head cus I don't have a 360 anymore, and I forgot how to lower an object more than half way into and object because it stops at half way and that flag box is half way. My gt is SeaVomit, if you know how to forge in h3 I'll really appreciate some help.
  11. I just want to be hated <3
  12. I will when i get home from work. and as for the statement above it looks more like for people to enjoy the players who play halo and not halo itself. I don't really care about the person behind the controller or what their real name is, we don't play halo to stalk and creep on the good players. we play for the love of the game itself, the strategies of plays, the 4 shot, the double shot, winning 10 games in a row to win the tournament. not what these fuckers do on their down time. next time just jump straight into the point, i shouldn't have to open youtube and scroll the timelines to find a small portion out of the entire video that i like.
  13. Yeah i stopped watching after you summarized in the beginning of both the videos would be about how they grew up. You didn't really hint that you guys would be talking about anything interesting. It's cool that you're doing something like this but it doesn't mean anything to players that want to be productive in the scene. (not that the scene is even still productive). After i saw both the pros do their little arrogant but trying to hide it blushing giggle (like we really care how any of them grew up) and then talk about like they're life is so important. It made me want to throw up, all you did was make them feel way more important than they actually are instead of actually making a productive video. If you put me in the same position as them and asked me about my life instead of why I'm a good player, i would feel like hot arrogant shit and giggle like a little humble school girl too. A good video jumps right into the point and gets shit started right, not about how these losers (all gamers are losers including me. Thats all gamers are honestly, just losers sitting at home for days not showering pressing colorful buttons) grew up and sat at home playing video games all day.
  14. Not gonna read all that, you could've explained your reason in less than 5 sentences and still gotten the same point across. If you can't explain your reasoning in less than 5-7 sentences it's probably not a productive reason to begin with. My advice: If you're gonna interview pro's. Interview them about close games on stage or tournaments and have them talk about the strategies, put up a gameplay from each person and have them commentate over it and define they're reasoning for they're play style. Honestly i don't really give a fuck how these people grew up, or who got them into video games. That doesn't mean shit to me. Sorry but not sorry for being so blunt and direct i just don't beat around the bush.
  15. More progress, should be done in about a month or less if i work on it everyday. (this is just after 2 days) Edit: I know the flag box on the base is a little high, ill lower it, I'm doing all this out of my head I'm also gonna try to improve it a bit from the 360 version like cleaner forging, better proportions...etc just little things xboxdvr.com/SeaVomit/6be164b4-1da4-4c93-93cc-a51f2b7080da
  16. omgaawww pretty please interview more pros like omg i just love them so much 8======D
  17. ...............................i like halo..............lol you know there's other things in competitive halo than just d riding pros
  18. Anyone that's familiar with Halo 3 forging is welcome to help. Rite now i have A and B Towers done. and red and blue base layout done. i just have to do all the bridges, top mid, put up the walls on A side, finish the bases. and a bunch of little things like dumpsters...etc I don't have a 360 so I'm doing this all out of my head, and sometimes looking at videos, if i really need too basically it's just the basic layout because well i just started this yesterday, My Halo 3 forging is really clean btw, here's a screenshot. The boxes in the middle are just tools for measurement to center the map.
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